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Isle of Man Hosepipe Ban Starts Now

The Isle of Man is under its first hosepipe ban for 15 years.

Manx Utilities chairman Dr Alex Allinson said water restrictions were needed to guarantee the water supply: “We don’t have the hosepipe police but we’re sending out a message to conserve your water and take this seriously.”

The water company said reservoirs had fallen by up to 42% during a “once in 20-year heat wave”.

A £1000 fine is the maximum penalty for those ignoring the hosepipe ban.

Customers are being urged to save water by taking showers instead of baths and not using paddling pools, in addition to not using hosepipes.

Isle of Man weather forecaster Adrian Cowin said: “There is only a 40% probability of near normal rainfall for the next three months and a 35% probability of below normal rainfall.

“To be quite honest even normal rainfall would not cut the mustard to help us out in this situation.”

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