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Hosepipe Ban Cancelled by United Utilities

A hosepipe ban due to start on the 5th of August has been called off due to recent heavy rain.

United Utilities said that recent rainfall and cooler temperatures have eased demand for water.

They also said that water saving efforts by customers had helped but didn’t rule out future water restrictions.

Dr Martin Padley, water services director at United Utilities, said: Given the improved position, helped by recent rainfall, we do not want to inconvenience customers unnecessarily at this time.

“However, the long range forecast from the Met Office is one of relatively dry weather into the autumn, so future restrictions are still a possibility if more rain doesn’t arrive.

“We would like to thank all of our customers who have helped in recent weeks by saving water wherever they can around the home and in the garden.”

This follows widespread public criticism aimed at water companies not fixing leaks which means thousands of litres of water being lost every day.

United Utilities’ leakage record was criticised after it was revealed the company loses the equivalent of 175 Olympic-sized swimming pools every day.

Dr Padley claims the issues at United Utilities are being brought under control: “Our leakage teams are working 24 hours a day to find and repair as many leaks as possible and we have been moving water around our network.”

“We have also been making operational interventions such as installation of new pumping stations, pumping between reservoirs, bringing ground water sources into use and prioritising maintenance to help ensure supplies have not been interrupted during the prolonged hot spell.

“In the meantime, we are continuing to step up our own response and over the coming weeks you will see our teams out and about, bringing additional water supplies on line and fixing even more leaks.

“We are working closely with the Environment Agency in monitoring the water resources situation and we still urge our customers to please help us by using water wisely where they can.”

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