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Severn Trent Warning over Hosepipe Bans

The Severn Trent water company has warned that water restrictions are under review, following the second driest spring since records began.

The GMB union has been told that a hosepipe ban was likely in two weeks, though Severn Trent have not confirmed this.

The company has 8 million customers and covers various parts of the midlands, including Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Read Severn Trent’s statement about the current situation:

Severn Trent today confirmed that there is an increasing likelihood of water restrictions in some parts of the region, unless we see a return to seasonal average rainfall within the near future.
The situation is under constant review and no decision has been taken.  Our first priority is always to maintain continuity of water supply to our customers and we will open up a dialogue with them and our stakeholders before any restrictions are proposed.
Parts of the Midlands have seen the second driest Spring since records began and, although key reservoirs were full at the end of February, (99% by 7th March) the combination of the long dry spell and increased customer demand has put pressure on supply resources.
We are looking at every option to conserve supplies and are continuing to focus on leakage after one of the coldest Decembers for over 100 years.  Our leakages are now back on target thanks to the hard work and dedication of our people and at least 50% of all leaks fixed within our 3 day target.

10 replies on “Severn Trent Warning over Hosepipe Bans”

who said that all the rainfall belongs to them and that if we want to collect it ourselves
that we have to pay them first for the right to free rain
i am just waiting for some one to ask us to pay for air next

I love my garden and creating habitat for our wild animal friends as well as growing plants and veg.
I get very annoyed with all water companies water falls in copious amounts on this island of ours there cost is storing and purifying used water. Where is their investment besides to their shareholders?
Other countries use dirty water ie water from baths showers for household use as gardening car washing patio cleaning. Why cant we do this I don’t want drinking water for my plants or car washing or patio cleaning. What do you think?

Suzy, you are asking why can’t we use dirty water from baths and showers as gardening water in this country. You can! No-one’s stopping you. It isn’t up to the water company how you manage water on your property. Just try it out!

Maybe you should have acted more responsibly when closing down several water supply sites in the Gloucestershire area. This stupid decision had resulted in the loss of several megalitres each day.
Remember ‘I told you so’ many years ago!

Well if you pasted the water round the pipes better this would not happen. Be we pay muppets to do a muppet job so why would they care its not like we pay for this water…
P.S The (Its not like we pay for this water is a joke)

Hose pipe ban? What about closing down all the car washes that have sprung up, that would probably save a lot of water…..

I tried ringing the 0800 number but it said ’emergency number ‘ when I listened to the message.
This is a bit of a worry.
Perhaps you have to WRITE a LETTER?
In this day and age? No-one is reading our emails, are they?

I am a window cleaner and due to the Governments new health & safety laws, I stopped using my ladders and went to a waterfed pole system. Paid out £2k for the privalige. Now, if this ban comes out, am I going to lose my livlihood? Are water fed pole systems banned too?

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