Veolia Water East


Veolia Water East
Mill Hill
C011 2AZ



0845 1489288

Parent Company:

Veolia Water UK


7 replies on “Veolia Water East”

Are you able to tell us which areas are covered by Veolia Water East? Your answer is vague. IS Mill Hill under the Veolia Water East?

So we are alright no ban viola east.only one person says there is and another there it has been lifted

Is the hope pipe ban lifted for the Mill Hill Area?

We have had rain since the day the ban was announced, is heaven sending us the ‘wrong rain’?

We can’t speak for specific areas, but there is no hosepipe ban for customers under Veolia Water East.

Has Veolia East got a hose pipe ban or not? . You manage not to mention it on your website.
In my case I am over 75 My wife has a blue bage, am on a meter, have angina. So i know i am exempt anyway but what do i say to my parishioners.
Frating PC

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