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hi can you tell me when the band is being taken off as i would like lay my lawn
i know its raining most of the time but i bet as soon as i lay it the rain will stop so if you got some idea when you are lifting the band

If my out side water supply starts leaking and waters the garden if the cost to repair this is high, More than the cost of cleaning the water do I need too repair the leak?


“If my out side water supply starts leaking and waters the garden if the cost to repair this is high, More than the cost of cleaning the water do I need too repair the leak?”

I’ll pretend this was a serious question, and answer accordingly.

Legally? Yes, you need to repair the leak. In reality, however, it depends on the water company.

Some stick to the law and insist you carry out repairs, others are more interested in reducing leakage than paying lawyers, and they will repair the leak for you providing it isn’t under a building. Some companies, if the cost of repairing the leak is high (and as long as the leak is doing no damage), may simply offer an allowance on your water bill to offset the value of the water lost.

Keep in mind though, leaks cause the ground to subside, and leaks near buildings can cause structural damage. It’s usually sensible to fix them.

I don’t know Veolia’s policy because I’ve never done any work for them.

My husband and I are both pensioners. Are we allowed to pressure wash our patio as it has gone very green with all the rain and dead leaves falling from the trees. My husband suffers with his back and we would like to know if we can clean this. Thanks

This is allowed if it’s dangerous not to clean it, for instance if it is slippery underfoot.

Is it true that your company is losing more water through leakage (reported elsewhere at 21%) than the hosepipe ban is saving (reported at approx 5%) if so what is Veolia Water doing about the leaks and will customers water bill be reduced to compensate for the loss of services that the hosepipe ban has caused.

This is an independent website, and the chap who runs it doesn’t work for Veolia or any other water company. I’ll have a go at answering some of your question though – I’m a leakage technician by trade (for an independent company, not a water utility).

I don’t know where the figure of 21% came from, but it sounds about right – as does the saving from the hosepipe restrictions.

What is Veolia doing about the leaks? The same as all the other water companies – they’re repairing them as quick as they can within the rules laid down by Ofwat. The no.1 rule is: “We require the water companies to fix leaks, as long as the cost of doing so is less than the cost of not fixing the leak.” (from the Ofwat website: That rule is the ‘economic level of leakage’ rule, and is the basic foundation of leak management worldwide. A more detailed explanation can be found here:

This method of leakage management only makes sense if there is enough water available to be able to ‘write off’ a significant percentage of treated water because of leaks. These days I’m not sure we still have that luxury.

The cost of reducing leakage is high, and as leakage is reduced the cost of reducing it further increases exponentially – it costs the same amount of money to fix a little leak as it does a big one (on average), and the same amount to fix a tiny leak. Where do you stop? It’s theoretically possible to reduce leakage to zero – but I promise you that if that was done using technology currently available then none of us would be able to afford the water.

As for compensation, that’s not my department, fortunately.

I am 77 with an arthritic spine and hypertension,my wife is76 and has a severely arthritic ankle and has to use most of the time. We can manage without. Afar badge and do not need financial help, nevertheless keeping our large garden with quite valuable mature shrubs
Alive is proving a real hardship.
Whilst we appreciate the water supply problem veolia have I cannot understand why you could not allow attended hosepipe use -this would probably be more efficient than watering cans and much less likely to induce a heart attack.

It has been announced that thames valley and a few other water companies are lifting the ban as of tomorrow. When will veolia lift their ban?

I am having my lawn re-turfed next week, will i be allowed to water it with a hose pipe/sprinkler until it’s established?

If it’s being laid by professionals you can water it with hosepipe/sprinkler for 28 days.


I have an outdoor run for my two indoor cats. Am I allowed to hose it out to keep clean and stop any infections?



my kids managed to spill oil all over the patio near the exit to the garden, now no one can really go outside and it is getting dangerous with the rain.

can i use a jet wash to clean it up?


Hi, the Veolia advise states ‘…except by persons who are registered disabled and/or are of extreme frailty…’

To my knowledge there’s no such thing as being ‘registered disabled’ as that would be discriminatory? Registered blind, yes. Eligible disabled, yes. Proof of receipt of certain disabillity benefits, yes. But registered disabled? Is there also a register for black/brown/yellow or white people? Gay, straight, ginger orĀ¦

I think the wording of the statement is wrong, clumsy, mis-leading and offensive.

Please could you clarify how a person with a disability should prove their eligibility to Veolia? Other water companies simple state that a person with a Blue Badge parking permit is allowed to use a hosepipe.

Thank you for your time

Hi, I use a hand pump to get the bath water flow from the upstairs bathroom window through a house pipe and therefore water the garden with the bath water using gravity. I suppose that the ban is for using mains water though this is not clear. Can I carry on doing this?

In the paper earlier this week, there was an article saying washing pets with a hose was allowed. Is this true?

I look after and care for wild hedgehogs through the winter and this is the few weeks where I begin to release them by way of ‘soft release’ meaning they are each in a run for 10 days or so before they are set free. I have feeding areas set up all over my patio and this area gets very messy needing hosing every day so as not to spread illness etc. the run areas also need hosing. Am I allowed to use the hosepipe for this? I hope so as I have a bad back and the number of watering cans I would need to fill and carry around would be impossible for me. The local hedgehog population are dependant on me and they are struggling to survive as it is.
Please could I have a reply as I know the ban begins tomorrow.

My wife is 81 and has a blue badge. I am 86. We have a metered supply. We have an irrigation system. Our garden remains one of the few pleasures we can enjoy.

How can we contact Veolia Central to gain exemption?

please tell me why I have to allow my pond pets die as as far as I can see I may not top my pond up in Hertfordshire, but if I was with Anglian water I would be able to top the pond up.

Hi Linda

Please contact Veolia directly and clarify it with them as I believe you are allowed to top up your pond as it is an animal welfare issue.

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