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For details of the hosepipe ban 2012 please go to this page: Sutton and East Surrey Water Hosepipe Ban 2012


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Sutton and East Surrey Water serves a population of 650,000 people.

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Surely Sutton and East Surrey Water plc theres enough water now!!! Please lift this hosepipe ban!!!!!!!

After monsoon like weather and other companies lifting the ban, Sutton and East Surrey Water are showing their incompentance at not lifting the hosepipe ban. The forecast is for yet more rain so the pressure on the supplies is off. We understood the reasons for wanting to replenish underground water supplies but the pressure point has passed. With new homes being built all the time in their area, they must look at ways of bosting their supply capacity with more resevoirs etc or this will happen every year.

we have white doves that live in a dovecote in our garden… are we allowed to use a hose pipe to clean this out…
also areas where the doves sit during the daytime – we get a build up of excrement…
are we allowed to hose down those areas?

I have a small pond in my back garden, which I understand I am allowed to top up with a hosepipe during this restriction.
Late each spring I normally clean the pond out after the winter..get rid of all leaf debris etc. and then fill the pond again. Whilst I do this the fish are housed in large buckets filled with half tap water and half pond water. This year I have not cleaned the pond out yet as I was worried about the water restrictions. I have already lost several large fish as even with chemicals and cleaning of pumps and filters the water quality in the pond is the worst it has ever been.
I am allowed to empty the pond, clean it (by hand and bucket) and then refill it ?

You can do as you wish as animal welfare is at issue, thereby exempting you from using a hosepipe.

Please could you tell me when the hose pipe ban will ever be lifted given the wettest may, june and july since records began. Is there any plans to reverse the policy of storing water thats currently used that was driven by selling off of all the reservoirs to make way for building developments like the water gardens etc

I am a 77yearold disabled lady,recently had hand surgery(one week ago) and have severe arthritic gout making it extremely difficult to water as I cannot hold the Jug or bucket or watering can. I have planted two raised beds and several grow bags of vegetables which will be shared among my neighbours in these 16 sheltered bungalows. Isd it possible to get an exemption to use my hose-on-wheels as none of us is really fit to water any other way at present
Ihave been using a jug and a bucket on a wheeled trolley,but due to my Operation and painful feet I cannot manage it that way any more and do not want all my work to have been wasted. Please reply ASAP as the plants desperately need water. Thank you Barbara Burrows

I’d advise you contact the water company directly and ask if they are willing to exempt you, given your circumstances.

Maidenhead is surrounded by Thames water but unluckily is in South east water region – i’d like to know where se water is storing all the water thats coming out of the skies. The Thames is currently at a dangerously high level – are there no sE water resevoirs or do they all belong to Thames water??

It is criminal if not fraudulent to charge for a service or goods you do not provide. Will you be refunding us and recalculating our bills?

With other companies lifting the ban and the wetttest summer since records began what on earth are you doing with the water. Anyone in countries with a real drought must be totally incredulous. The time to lift the ban has come!

Will Sutton and East Surrey Water allow allotment holders to use the hosepipe? I hope they do this to encourage people to grow their own vegetables. It is extremely harder to use the bucket to water the 5 rods allotment during heatwaves.

Hello, my question is about the use of a pressure washer whilst the hosepipe ban is in force. I have just watched the ideal channel on tv, selling karcher pressure washers with a separate hose to draw water from a water butt or any other water container, filled with rain and/or mains water, to supply water to the pressure washer. Is this legal under the present watefr restrictions, for use at private home premises and/or private club premises?

As the water companies make so much in profits would it not be beneficial for them to make IBC water tanks more accessible as water butts to save rain water in sufficient quantities for use at home. These also give sufficient pressure at the tap to use a hose as they hold 1000 litres.

We have a pond which is 2ft by 3ft and 1 ft deep, we have koi, newts, frogs, which is all in the kids garden which is about 100ft away. Is it acceptable to fill the pond with a hose as we have lost about 2inches all round.


One of my neighbours seems to think that he can still wash cars with a high pressure washer despite the ban on the use of hosepipe use what action is appropriate?

He can’t use a pressure washer and if you wish to report him you should contact your local water company.

This response needs clarifying. Although it is likely that the pressure washer is being used off the mains it is not totally clear from the original post. Many types of pressure washer can be used off water butts and pressure washers typically draw less water than hosepipes (meaning you can do more with the contents of a water butt than people may assume). Surely you need to determine whether the pressure washer is being run off the mains supply before deciding if it flouts the hose pipe ban? I don’t believe you are right simply to say ˜he can’t use a pressure washer’.

At the time of writing my reply, the water company in question had a blanket ban on the use of pressure washers/hosepipes no matter what they were connected to. Some water companies simply ban the use of hosepipes and pressure washers completely. But some have more leeway and only specify connecting to a mains water supply.

For 28 days after laying you can water it with a hosepipe (only if professionally laid). After that period, watering cans only.

Please can you clarify am I able to clean mud etc. off of my Mountain Bike with a pressure
washer during the hose pipe ban ?

No, it’s classed as a vehicle and therefore can’t be done at home. You could take it to a commercial jet wash though.


with regards to washing a motor vehicle, i use much more water rinsing the car off with 4buckets , than using the hose for 30seconds.

if i filled up a water containor in the garden from tap water (not using the hose but buckets) then use that water out of the water container with my hose – As im still only using a certain amount of water by the bucket, but just a different means of distributing it?


After building work we have needed part of the lawn re-turfed. Can I water this section for a period until it is settled in or must I just let it die?

There is no standard exemption in place for this but you may wish to contact your local water company and see if they will give you one.

Can I use a hose pipe to water the 700 plants that belong to my sister and brother-in- law’s nursery business. They were moved to my back garden for safety and for me to water them till they return next year? I am a pensioner and have trouble trying to keep the plants alive using the watering can.

Thanks for the reply, but looking at your site ..I read it as being prohibited .Can they change it to conform to other water authorities rulings as they specifically say if there are fish involved there is an exemption. i think most people reading Sutton & east surrey would interprit it as banned.

Similar to the gents above, I too have a garden pond with Koi and other fish, and also similar, I am without cartlidges in my knees, what is the ruling please?

I have a 6′ x 4′ x 20″ deep garden pond with about 15 goldfish. I dont top it up very often but as I am 62 and have walking problems, trying to fill with buckets would cripple me and I have elbow problems as well.
I noticed you are one of the only water companies to not have ‘livestock ponds’ as an exemption.
Is it correct I cannot use a hosepipe to top up such a smallish pond when I have fish in it?

Last time there was a hosepipe ban an exception was put in place regarding cleaning motorbikes. My understanding was that because of the safety implications involved in a machine which is open to the elements (unlike cars, etc) and therefore had to be kept clear of mud, salt, and other debris both around the engine itself, the brakes and electrics, this exception was put in place. I would be grateful if you could clarify if such an exception is in place now, if not then could one be given. I should stress that this question arises from safety concerns only. Thank you.

We have just put in some new hedging around our garden. Are there any forms of pressure-reduced watering systems with timers that ARE permitted under the restrictions, for example either a buried leaky hose, or a pressure-reduced drip irrigation system?

Hi Satish

You will be able to use a hosepipe to do this as it is classed as an animal welfare issue.

I am a 72-year old pensioner and I live at [address removed] CR2 xxx.

I have eight gold fish in a pond that is 30 cm deep and 1.3×1.0 m maximum at the top, reducing to 1.0×1.0 m at the bottom. The pond is at the second level in my garden that rises up at the back of the house. It takes 20 ten litre buckets to refill the two-thirds of the volume, when I clean it once a month during the summer. I did this until the last year but I am unable to do it this year, unless I can use a water-pipe, because I have had arthroscopy on both knees.

I hope that it will be acceptable for me to use a water-pipe for maintaining the small pond.The fish may otherwise suffer and even die, which would indeed be very unfortunate.

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