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South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to 2.1 million customers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Each day we supply 565 million litres of drinking water from our water treatment works along more than 14,500 kilometres of water mains to our customers’ taps. Our supply area covers 5,657 square kilometres.

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yes peter, it is a precious resource which the water companies should start protecting it a damn site more than they are and stop prioritising the shareholders and charging the householder billions for a measly drop of water which ALL LIFE needs

Wrong Bob. Shareholders are nothing to do with Public Sector workers. Public Sector workers pensions comes out of our taxes ultimately. I am a shareholder and have had nothing but losses. It is a risky business. You invest and maybe win or lose. Businesses need a bit of investment. If it’s government or council then no risk. The tax payer and council tax people have to cough up regardless.

How ridiculous. It has rained consistently for weeks. My garden is flooded, as is the surrounding farmland and most of my local roads. You pump effluent into the sea, prevent customers from using water. What exactly are you for? You should rename yourselves the south east no water company. Disgraceful.

Hi there is some confusion as to which areas are affected by a hosepipe ban. Is the GU33 area Liss Hants in the restriction areas?

You would think people would all back a hosepipe ban to save our precious resource. But no, all we want to do is moan or make up stories whinging about being old or incompetence of water companies. Why is it such an issue to not use a hosepipe for this worrying time, one day you might have something really to moan about and maybe you might then realise how stupid your actions were

You are so right.Will not be using my hosepipe as of now. No ban in my area as yet butstill feel its the right thing to do.

I Agree I have not used my hose for weeks I do not throw away I put air used water into bowls and buckets and water my pots

I agree. We use old washing up water and I have a couple of buts that still have quite a bit of rainwater in them. Good exercise.

Go on to supplier website eg South East Water. Under temporary ban click on “find out more” then “ how does it affect me”. Put in your postcode, then select your address, it will tell you how you are affected

Day 5 of no running water in Challock Kent 20/07/22. SEW providing rations of 6 x 2 litres drinking water. A tanker puts water in around midday, but its empty in 1-2hrs.
Not enough water to wash ourselves, cloths, utensils.
No water to flush the toilet.

Can you confirm if there is a hose pipe ban in Tunbridge Wells Kent? I had my entire garden planter with £15k of plants and trees which are all set to die if I can’t water them. Any information would be greatly received

There’s not a hosepipe ban in Tunbridge Wells. Even if there was, water companies will normally make allowances for circumstances like yours. The classic scenario has happened in the past where people have had new lawns laid and they have been allowed under the rules to keep watering in the new turf.

Thank you I really appreciate your quick response. South East water have sent a letter out saying stop, think, act and next to stop they have hose pipe and sprinkler. Maybe it’s just a cleverly constructed letter to try to dissuade people. Should I call them to check or are you certain there’s no ban.

Here we are surrounded by floods because the ground is so sodden and the water table so high it can’t take anymore rain and yet we still have a hosepipe ban! Absolutely ridiculous, I can’t help wonder whether we are being lied to. And how much water is being wasted by SE water due to leakage. Perhaps you would like to invest some of your huge profits in resolving this issue and perhaps building some reservoirs.

Please ask South East Water. We are an independent website reporting on the hosepipe ban as and when news comes out.

This country is absolutly ridiculous. June has seen the wettest weather since records began. Today there are 150 flood alerts up and down the country. Yet South East Water stil have a hosepipe ban!

We give answers to questions about specific problems (where they’ve not been answered many times before). If you have a question about how the hosepipe ban affects you we’d be happy to try and answer.

Gordon, it’s not just they are not replying to posts, they are now getting selective about what posts they are displaying on the board!

I agree. I wash my cars weekly hosepipe ban or not. With watering cans I use a lot more water. I can tell by the length of the wet running down the hill. Why are we paying for a service we can’t use? I expect the managers/directors are still getting a massive bonus! Come on now,enough is enough, we have all played the game long enough.

I started power washing our patio in march, I then stopped when the ban came in. Since then it’s almost been wet all the time, it’s covered in algae, it’s slippery and my wife of 65 has already had a fall. This ban I am sure was necessary but surely after months of rain it can be lifted, even on a temporary basis perhaps. I am sure they will lift it so they can water during the Olympics. I just want 30 minutes to make safe a patio, without the threat of a hefty fine.

Bloody ridiculous!
Hose pipe ban – Bah Humbug!
If water stocks are not at over flow levels now then SE water needs to rethink is strategy!
I don’t need a hose pipe to water the garden – its bloody wet already. But just to wash the car and hose off the decking and patio slabs would be nice, even if occasionally its too wet to have a BBQ or sit out!

Come on SE Water get your finger out and lift the ban NOW.

This is now getting past the ridiculous, we have had almost continuous rain ever since the hosepipe ban was introduced yet Southeast water will still not lift the ban.
lets think about it ! nobody needs to water there garden as the ground is sodden, Washing the car with buckets uses a lot more water than spraying with hose. Also me being a pensioner its hard work as i have to carry the buckets to my hard standing.
Come on South East water think of your customers who are paying good money to you and not getting full service in the wettest summer or record.

We live in North Hampshire. Its about time the hosepipe ban was lifted ! I have looked on Southern Waters website/map to find that Winchester has had the hosepipe ban lifted. We only live approx; 15 miles away & we are still restricted. I am fed up using a bucket & cloth on the car.
We have tried to conserve water as much as possible, + water butts for the garden, so we have done our bit to help !!
So come on South East Water, we have had our ‘FAIR SHARE HEAVY RAIN ‘

South-east Water is not providing a 100% service to its customers because of its continuing hose-pipe ban.

South-East Water having so failed must reduce customers’ bills by reducing its water reduction charges.

We have had enough of condescending comments from the SE Water website.

Can someone tell me why the water companies are allowed to initiate a ban without informing us each individually. They could offer an e-mail service to which we could all sign up.
OK, I could check their website every week to see if they have made or removed a ban but then I cannot spend every day looking through all different web sites to see if any utility company etc have imposed regulations on me.
They should be made to inform EVERY household just where they stand.

I want to know why I am served water by South-east water which has a ban whereas I live in north hampshire where surrounding Thames Water customers are having their ban lifted.

Beware all whistleblowers …. check your fact before reporting people. Not all houses in your village are served by the same supplier.

Considering all the rain that we have had in the past few months I think it is ridiculous that we are still in hose pipe ban. People have abided by this rule and are still being restricted, how about some reduction in our bills for using less and thus helping South East Water. The silly thing is that washing anything with a bucket of water uses far more than a quick spray with the hose or pressure washer.
Come on South East Water do the right thing and lift the ban now!

This maybe a daft question but can I use hosepipe to clean out my rabbit hutch? I seem to use far more with a watering can. I feel its not hygenic to not have my rabbits hutch cleaned out properly!!! Are we lifted tomoz or not?

I am a customer of both those companies. Southern Water is our waste water company and they have lifted their ban. But, South East Water, our water usage company, have not lifted their ban. I checked out both company websites and because it wasn’t obvious on either site, I emailed South East Water about 2 weeks ago and they said that for the time being they are not lifting their hosepipe ban, even though we’ve had considerable rain – the ban will stay in place for now.

The owners of south east water justified the purchase because it was stable (captive Market), high yield (they can screw the captive market) and has potential for growth (the captive Market can be screwed further through water metering).

There are two main issues. Firstly, water can be recycled an infinite number of times without degradation and secondly, with population growth unless large amounts of relatively clean water are flushed down our sewers the potential for serious blockages and the likelihood of diseases such as cholera may increase.

With the widespread use of payment by usage through meters, people will send less water down the sewers.

Why are our rulers allowing this when other countries rulers do not?

Unless this Market is opened to competition in the same way as electricity, gas and telephones, we will continue to pay more for less, and this money will go overseas.

Time to vote for those who promise to return utilities to public ownership

Being a law abiding person I would not use my hosepipe during a ban – but really South East Water? I have received a letter about the ban and how I can help plan for future water demand ……..

This is NOT a new issue. How can South East water suddenly, at the 11th hour ask how to plan their water issues. These issues have been around for as long as I have been a customer of South East Water which is 24 years. If South East Water had planned for future expansion 24 years ago, we would not have a hosepipe ban now when we are practically swimming to get to work because of unseasonably high rainfall.

It’s a joke – get on with it and stop asking inane questions that you already know the answer to.

Has anyone out there noticed – we are an island (Surrounded by the wet stuff) wE have been offered supplies of water, which water companies have refused. Instead of paying such vast amounts of money on people that run(or try to) manage the system, the money hould be used to mend the ailing and failing undergound storage to help keep the reservoirs full. Too many leaks. Have you seen the palatial water Building on the River Thames? It is immoral! Also, why do certain people have concessions.At the end of the day. A BAN is a BAN. if you are that immobile, you can’t use a hose anyway, and if anyone else does it for you, they would be committing a crime! For every 1 person that is genuinely entitled to the bluebadge, there are a vast number that jump on the bandwagon and aren’t. I have friends in my area that have blue badges, but they wouldn’t dream of using the hosepipe. Its rubbing everyones noses in it. EGYPT is a hot country, they don’t have this problem and they taught us irrigation!

How very interesting – hosepipe ban in force yet again Yet across the river Thames water – no ban. How about fixing some of the underground leks that are wasting away millions of litres each DAY? How about salination plant ? Blooming hell mates we are a island, surrounded by the blooming stuff! Greta Khan

PS And there has been a visible leak in Bower Place, Maidstone for over a week, running aimlessly down the road, day in, day out; how about getting someone round to fix that? It has been reported enough times. And you can’t miss it – follow the stream of water to source …….. A very disgruntled gardender –

Why was Thanet Council watering with a hose pipe the gardens outside Albion Place Ramsgate at about 2pm today the 30th May 2012 ?

I feel that South East Water are handling the way alleged reports of breaches of the hosepipe ban badly. If a member of the public report someone then South East Water send the person a threatening letter a sort of yellow card, warning them of dire consequences if they are caught again.
There is no independent check by an water company official before issuing the yellow card warning. This can obviously lead to innocent people receiving one due to false allegations by people out of spite and Malice.
Also Pevensey Bay allotment holders should have been warned that they are in breach if they fill their water containers.
I feel that the Water company should have informed the allotment Secretary and insisted that allotment holders receive notification of the rule change as it was the case before the hosepipe ban to fill water containers by hose.

I’ve personally witnessed the hose pipe ban being flouted in the local area both at the allotment and elsewhere.

is there a hose pipe ban on and if there is how do you report it if some one is useing it for watering their garden

Just seen one of my neighbours watering their garden with a hosepipe – I thought the ban was still in place. Has it been lifted?

i have a dog and when she gets to hot we have to fill a pool up for her to go in can we still do this otherwise she gets really hot she has a lot of hair 2 thx plx reply asap

We have 3 dogs who love to roll in badger/fox poo and the like. They are exempt from being tethered on health grounds due to a condition known as ‘canine dislikusbeingtiedupus’ but of course when we hose them down (I believe this is permitted) they run around the garden. This gives the neighbours the quite erroneous impression that we are sneakily watering the garden and they have reported us. Where do we stand legally?

You’ve no problem if you have only done as you say. It would be up to the authorities to prove otherwise.

I have noticed the air has become very dry during this spell of sunshine. Is it permissable to moisten the atmosphere above my garden by means of a hosepipe and fine sprinkler? I think this could be justifiable on health grounds as the dry atmosphere makes me cough.

Hi I have been told the hosepipe ban has been lifted for 1 month in my area. I live in GU30
(East Hants) Is this true or is it just ‘gossip’

Is that mean, hose ban including all kind of jetwash or high pressure cleaner…whatever. Is that right?

My dragon occasionally breaths fire when sleeping and sets light to my thatched roof. Can i use a hosepipe to extinguish?

Tricky one and you may wish you clarify with your local water company, but I’d say you can use a hosepipe under health and safety exemptions. I was tempted to say it’s an animal welfare issue but dragons really fall under ‘mythical creatures’ and are not mentioned in the rules.

Have you thought of moving to a house with tiles, or trying one of those anti-snoring strips on its nose?

I am a 79 year old widow living alone& have a steep upward sloping back garden. Am I allowed to spray my plants using a hosepipe?

No, unless you are a Blue Badge holder or if the water company have given you an exemption personally.

i have two timed dripper systems to water pot plants on my patio, run from large water butts. can i top up the butts if and when necessary using a hose? and, if the answer to this is ‘NO’ please explain why, as i read that i would be allowed to use a timed dripper system connected to an outdoor tap.

The answer to your question is no. You’d need to ask your local water company about the reasoning behind this.


We are a Hotel, can we use housepipe to water our plants and grass, it’s in Reading Berkshire.

You should be able to as a business though you’d be best off contacting your local water company to make sure of rules in your area.

Same question as Suzy re paddling pools. My son is 9 months and has a suitably small pool. Am I able to let him use it if I use old bath water and fill it with a bucket?

i am not a blue badge holder but i have fibromyalgia which causes me great pain if i carry any weight such as watering cans. last year i was able to use one of those hoses with a gun thing on it which was a great help.i enjoy my garden. would i be exempt?
looking forward to your reply

I am 79. I cannot reach two hanging baskets at the front of the house to water them with a hand held container without climbing up steps perilously placed on a soft flower bed which would be very dangerous. Can I use the hosepipe with a spray on the end to reach up to the hanging baskets from ground level?

Technically no. However, you could try contacting your local water company directly and ask for an exemption given your circumstances,

I need to flush a couple of central heating radiators, can I use a hose for this purpose under the current ban?

My cottage frequently gets marooned in heavy rains by water flowing off fields opposite. When it drains away I’m left with a muddy residue on the path leading to my front door which can be very slippy. I usually use a hosepipe and broom to wash the mud away. Can I still do this?

I have employed a contractor to refurbish a house including cleaning the roof of a build up of moss and debris. He had put up scaffolding prior to the ban, as this is part of his business can he continue and jet wash the roof? It would be very difficult to do this again at a later date once the house is let out. Thank you

We have a number of butts which fill with rainwater from the downpipes. Could you please confirm whether it is permitted to use an electric pump in the butt connected to a hose in order to water to our vegetables? All sources of info refer to the use of hosepipes being banned but surely it’s the use of mains water which needs to be restricted? Thank you

I am a blue badge holder with a spinal injery unable to carry heavy things can i use a hose pipe to water my plants I am 81 years of age

I am not a blue badge holder but may I use the hose to fill the watering can so that I do not have to carry it up the garden?

Where can I find a definitive statement of which areas (postcodes?) are affected by the SE Water ban, as I understand that not all their regions are included? I heard on the local news that “Alton and Petersfield” were specifically included, which implies that certain area are NOT.

Hi there, is it allowed to use a hosepipe for building works, for example mixing concrete/mortar or for rendering?