Are allotments exempt from hosepipe bans?

Updated March 2012

This page has just been updated as the hosepipe ban rules have changed for the drought this year.

It’s now very clear that the watering of allotments using a hosepipe during the 2012 hosepipe ban is not allowed.

However, all water companies are allowed to make exceptions to the rules so it may be worth contacting your local water company to clarify things. At the time of writing we are not aware of any such exceptions and will update this page if we find otherwise.


4 replies on “Are allotments exempt from hosepipe bans?”

What’s the issue of using/having a water butt at your allotment so that when there is a hosepipe ban you can begin to use the water that has been stored previously?

As the fine for using a hosepipe could be as much as £1000 I’m not sure that Adrian’s advice is sound. What I want to know is what exactly is the situation. I’ve tried to get info from United Utilities web site without success. I’m on a council owned allotment and they have told us no hose pipes but are they correct to do so.

A number of people seem to refr to the Water Act 1945, although I’m sure there is more recent legislation. In there it only mentions prohibitions on car washing and watering domestic gardens. On my Council allotment we have piped water and are allowed to use hand held hoses, but not sprinklers ( I suppose the reason for this is that you could go home and leave the thing running for hors) I would suggest that the production and maintenance of healthy organic food is something that very few politicians would wish to see compromised, after all farmers can irrigate their crops. So the bottom line for me is that I will continue to use the hose when necessary to ensure that my veg and fruit provide a reasonable return for my investment in time and money. The only thing I can see spoiling it is if the Council choose to turn the supply off.

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