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It could well be that using a hosepipe would use less water than a bucket … but with the vast majority of users this will not be true. Tap water use by hose cannot be for individual interpretation because of the scale of supply.
The ban is not the hose use but only the use of tap water in a hose. There is no rule against using a hose if rain or well water is used.
A more precise definition is needed.

can I pressure wash my deck and pathway that is now becoming very green and slippery and do I need to inform anyone as i am sure my neighbours are likely to lodge a complaint

Can you use a hosepipe to clean a commercial vehicle at own home or only at commercial premises?

I am with 2 different water companies, one for supply the other sewage. one has a ban the other doesn’t so do i have a hosepipe ban or not????

An article in Peterborough today website declare’s that there is No Hosepipe ban in Peterborough.

Is this correct?

My children have so far had water fights to cool off as we cannot fill the paddling pool, by the end of the summer this will have used upto a hundred times more water than filling the pool.

A lot of tosh is spoken about water conservation. The drought not withstanding, most of the current issues are due the the miss handling of the Water Industry after privatisation. The sell off of the small reservoirs and the draining of and the building on the wet lands being the main issue, not leakage.

The danger of lower water use is that the volumes in the sewers may drop below that necessary to transport waste, particularly in areas of high fog. This could also play havoc with microbe concentrations and affect the gas production, and hence the carbon negativity of waste water treatment.

can i fix a hose pipe to a water butt to drain water from to use a pressure washer water in te butt being that collected from the recent rain

I’m sure I use more water using buckets to clean my car than I would with a hosepipe. You only use the pipe to get it wet and rinse.Thoughts?

I have artificial grass and obviously it does not watering but our dog uses it as a toilet and we would normally throw disinfectant down then hose it down once a week to keep it hygineic for our children to play on. Is this still ok or will i have to stop?

The restriction on ornamental ponds and fountains does not mention use of a hosepipe specifically. Does this mean a fountain cannot legally be filled, even with a bucket under the drought order?

One of Anglian Water website pages it lists dos and donts regarding using a hosepipe,it says you cant use hosepipe on paths,patios etc,then when you scroll down to the list of dos of what you can use it for it clearly states you can use it on paths,patios etc !!
Which is right ???

Hi we have Solar Panels that need to washed down a couple of times a year – whilst the ban is on are we able to do that?

No, you’re not allowed to fill up a water tank to then use with a hosepipe or pressure washer.

I am a domestic landscape gardener – can I use hosepipes to water plants and gardens of my domestic customers?

I see a reply has been given to others on May 9th but I am still waiting to hear about my post regarding the slippery conditions on my deck. Dont want to do something that I will get in trouble for but feel my husbands’ welfare is in danger if I don’t . please could you advise – I thought this was the purpose of this forum?

You can use a hosepipe to clean any surfaces that may be a health hazard if they are not cleaned.

Once my small build is completed, can I use my “jet wash” to remove some concrete residue on my drive? Taking your guidelines literately, the builder could as it is his responsibility to make good any damage in the cause of his business.

Although I sympathise with the SUV drivers who need to keep their cars sparkly and the hot tub owners who are concerned for their home spa days, I am more than happy to accept the hose pipe ban. How can you not? But my question is, why has the hose pipe ban only come into effect this year? Even now the media is reporting the very real possibility of standpipes for next year if we suffer another dry winter- presumably the water companies/environmental agency have been aware of this situation for sometime, years most likely, and yet it is only now that the rule comes into effect. Is it not a case of closing the stable door after the horse dies from de-hydration?

Just phoned AWA, with these questions

Q1, I have chickens, and I wanted to know weither I am allowed to wash down the area where they poop, as it is a concrete slab. The answer I received was this a gray erea and they were not sure weither I can or not use a hosepipe.

Q2, I also have dogs that use my back concrete drive as a toilet, the area is a shaded area which does not dry out quickly, hence to say we get a lot of green alge/slime which gets onto the dogs feet and comes into the house alot, I had 1 dog die becouse of this alge on her feet. normally I would pressure wash the yard down 2/3 times a year to keep on top of it. It is very slippery under foot, But AWA have told me that I cannot use the hosepipe/pressure waher to clear the alge/slime away.

I belive that this is a health and hygine issue but AWA do not think so, can anybody help on this

Our understanding:

Q1 – This is allowed as an issue of animal welfare.
Q2 – This is allowed as and issue of health and safety for yourself if you have the possibility of slipping on the alge.

Hi. As a self-employed driving instructor, can I use a hosepipe to clean my privately owned but liveried driving school car, as it provides a service to customers? Thanks

We have applied for planning permission, will we be able to fill the cement mixer by a hose from the tap.

this is a statment taken from anglian water information,Cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe. can’t be done! but as a car cleaning enthusiast (detailing) can i still wash my car using bucket and watering can???

I would like to know the answers to the following two questions:

1) If I purchase a tank to collect rainwater from the roof can I use a hosepipe to move it on the garden and/or car washing etc..?

2) Can I use a standard hosepipe to supply the water from an outside tap to my trickle hose fitted with reducing valve and timing mechanism?

Where do I ask the questions?


Does this phrase “Drawing water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use” specifically permit or prohibit the use of a hose to fill the domestic water tank of a recreational vehicle / motor caravan / boat?

Hi I have a grey water and rainwater recycling system which I use for watering my garden
The system feeds via a pump underground pipe work which has hosepipes and sprinklers on it ,the system also has a mains top up ,if I disconnect the mains top up can I still use my system as normal and when Anglian water come knocking on my door will I be ok as long as I can prove to them no mains water is being used ?

hi can i fill water butts up with a hose the water buts have my gold fish in them in the summer to promot breeding and groth ready for the winter

I’m severely disabled and hold a blue badge and can’t use a hose can I get someone to do it for me

I am an England athletic coach and am in the process of sorting out a couple of workshops.
In these workshops we are going to fill the water jump in the steeple cahse, so that the athletes can pratice as part of the workshop.
Is this going to be ok?
Thanks and Kind Regards

will I be able to wash my mobile caravan down with a hose, also as I have Dogs that toilet regularly on a paved area would washing this down with a hose be classed as hygiene?.

we’ve just moved to a new home and bought our koi fish with us, we have dug a pond for them and need to fill it, they are currently in a kids pool which is not big enough, how do we stand with the hosepipe ban? can we fill it?

in your ‘Anglian Water Hosepipe Ban 2012’ it says you are allowed to use a bucket to fill up a paddling pool but not a hosepipe, what i dont understand is that is uses the same amount of water???

Hi Paul, We are a Trailer Hire company can we still clean our trailers as we have Horse box and livestock trailers with a power washer

im ok with a hosepipe ban but if you want to save more water why do not stop those car cleaning people who charge a fiver a time and use water all day 7 days a weeks I know of at least 15 in and around northampton.
Nowadays we have waterless car cleaning products and they are very good, perhaps a bit of education is required to those who like wasting water.

Hi Paul

Should be fine as a business, but worth checking with your local water company to make sure.

I have a water system run by time clock to my hanging basket and flower pots that drip water on to them for approx 2 min a day I also have a disable blue badge for my car am I correct that it is safe for us to use it, OR WILL I BE FINED.


Hi Gary

If you can either do it without a hosepipe or you can persuade your local water company to let you use a hosepipe.

We’re not on mains water but have a borehole instead, will we still be affected by the hosepipe ban in april?

The village where I live in North Norfolk suffered a burst water main during the winter. It took 5 days for it to be repaired, despite many people reporting it. Then it happened again, and again it wasn’t tended to immediately. I can’t help thinking that had this bwm been repaired straight away, there would most likely have been sufficient water for the whole village to water its plants throughout the summer. I live alone, have showers and only use my washing machine about 2 or 3 times a week and I am on a water meter. My consumption is pretty low judging by the amount I pay for water. It seems very unfair that I will have to lug a heavy watering can to water a few pots, when I use very little water compared to the amount a family would use. Surely there must be a fairer way to limit the use of water? Everyone should be on a water meter and then the water companies will know the consumption of every household.

Hi Pauline

Water meters may well be a standard thing of the future and this has been mooted many times before. Time will tell, though it does seem to make sense.

Hi I have a jet ski and once out of the salt water needs it washed off, not a problem it’s only small I can use a bucket, but the sea water cools the engine when in use and this needs to be flushed out for 20seconds on a hose what can I do about this? If not done the salt hardens and seizes the engine, thanks very much Pete

Hi Peter

You wouldn’t be able to do that unless the activity was part of a business. This assumes you’re connecting the hose to a domestic mains water supply.

Am I correct in thinking that a hose pipe ban is not enforce till the 5th of April. If that is the case, why dont they make it immediate.
Everyone is going to be using all the water they can to jetwash their gardens and cars before it comes in. SURELY!!!!!!

Hi Dee

By law the water companies have to have a period of “consultation” before the proposed ban can come into effect.

Can you clarify use of hosepipes in a banned area in regards to horses? We use to fill field water supplies and for bathing [to aid against fly annoyance] Surely a welfare issue here?

I do not have a water meter, so I pay a lot of money for my water and we only have 3 people living here. Will I get a refund if you put a ban on in my area. PE11 3ET.

I realise that there are no bans in operation in the UK at this moment but we all have to be careful with iour water resources. Is Saxmundham included in the forthcoming ban due to begin 5th April please.

Hosepipe bans generally restrict the attachment of a hosepipe to a mains supply, so connecting to your well source or for instance water butts you will be fine.

Always wise to verify this with your local water company though.

I have a well in my garden which last year we had an electric pump put in which then goes to 3 stand-alone taps in the garden via underground plastic pipes. I understand we cannot draw more than several thousand litres a day(!) but can I still use a hose-pipe from this well in the event of a ban?

So … if there is a hosepipe ban am I right in thinking that it is not the hosepipe that is banned but the use of tap water to run the hose …. so … if the water comes from rainwater tanks using rainwater to run the hosepipe then all is ok when I have a visit from the Poice?

We have just moved to Barrow Upon Soar and were vehemently admonished for using a hosepipe to wash our home down(narrowboat). Is there a hosepipe ban here? LE12 8NB.

There’s no hosepipe ban in your region at the moment, but there is a chance of it happening this summer.

I Read with great Hilarity the other week on one page of a national newspaper about hosepipe bans coming into force! then on the next page the Headline was that in the event of anymore Riots the police would use water cannons! talk about double standards and stupidity.

I am Disabled, will my wife be able to use a hosepipe to fill our paddling pool for the Grandchildren when they visit us if there is a hosepipe ban.

Whats the difference, if we use a bucket to fill a paddling pool and using a hosepipe they will both use the same amount of water! not only that but you will probally spill more using a bucket.( Its not rocket science just common sense)

so i was a car with a bucket witch uses more water than a hosepipe that has a reducer on it there is no theory to what you say next there will be a bucket ban

My husband is disabled – our decking is right outside our backdoor and is of the older type with no grooves – over the winter it has got green and slippery – can I jet wash it under the health and Safety aspect to ensure he does not fall?

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