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Thames Water Implement Hosepipe Ban

Update 22/11/2022 – This hosepipe ban has now ended.

Thames Water have said they will start a hosepipe ban across London and the Thames Valley from Wednesday the 24th of August.

This hosepipe ban will affect around 10 million customers across the region.

The company cite months of below average rainfall and the extreme temperatures during July and Augusts as the main reasons to introduce a hosepipe ban.

Thames Water state that July was the driest since 1885, the river Thames is at its lowest since 2005 and that a hosepipe ban will save an extra 10% of water.

They suggest customer demand is at “unprecedented levels” and a hosepipe ban will future proof supplies moving forward.

“Domestic customers should not use hosepipes for cleaning cars, watering gardens or allotments, filling paddling pools and swimming pools and cleaning windows.”

12 replies on “Thames Water Implement Hosepipe Ban”

I make my own beer in my garage and have a feed from our house to the garage by using a food safe hose pipe for the water. Will I now have to move all my brewing into the house?

No — you’re fine. That’s not really a hose pipe, in the normal sense of the noun. It is in effect like an admittedly jury-rigged spur from your mains to another ‘part of the house’.

Just my professional opinion, of course, and the water company could test that in court but they won’t. The supporting, underlying, common sense principle is that you aren’t using the supply in an open-ended format, like a hose pipe that you might leave on — accidentally or deliberately — overnight or sthg in a way that might use several tonnes of water. In your brewing enterprise, you would be unlikely — and certainly ill-advised — to deliver several tonnes of water to your garage in one mindless hit 🙂

H Truth

does this thames water ban apply to Merton as it is not shown on the map if not why not it is still London

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