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Hosepipe Ban Will Last All Summer

The drought affecting the UK will continue at least into the autumn and possibly longer.

Any rainfall that does appear before then is very unlikely to replenish water stocks enough to be able to lift the hosepipe bans. Although rainfall would be welcome, most of any that comes will evaporate due to normal summer heat or be taken by summer vegetation.

Ideally water stocks are replenished during the colder months but two very dry winters have stopped this happening.

The situation isn’t getting better. March saw less than half the average rainfall for the month and unseasonably high temperatures made matters worse.

South East Water today warned “if the situation does not significantly improve, it may have to remove existing concessions, and introduce even wider restrictions, to protect both customers’ water supplies and the water environment.”

Several water companies have said that the hosepipe bans will be in place for at least the summer and that restrictions may become tighter.

The official drought zone – as decided by the Environment Agency – is slowly moving up the country and now extends to Teeside.

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Ok you moaning goons do realise that it isn’t just resovoirs that supply us with water but aquifers too right?
Our aquifers are empty.
To put it in simple language, our savings accounts (aquifers) are next to empty, and the current accounts (resovoirs) don’t provide a buffer to any shortfall or high demand.

It takes a long time for an aquifer to fill, and a lot of this heavy rain washes down to rivers eventually rather than seeping into the ground water system.

But yeah the water companies could help by fixing the damn leaks.

we should ban foreign ownership of our utility companies: spanish railways own our BAA airports (thats why we spend more in airport shops due to delays), German EON owns our British high priced gas, French EDF was given our nuclear power stations for £1 and now overcharges us for electricity,and our water companies are owned by the Australians, the French, the Saudis, the Dutch and the Canadians, and their shareholders voted dividends worth £200 million to leave the country when by corporate law it should be kept to repair the 100yr old pipes that lose 30% of our refined purified water to the rivers and sea. we must be mad, or just asleep at the steering wheel of Britain…

P,s Mr Hose, perhaps you should have pointed this out to all of us on meters!!! Miss information as usual !!!

Most people aren’t on a meter and we’re giving general advice. I should also point out all water companies having different exemptions for different things. Always worth checking with them.

Hi after reading ur comments about paddling pools i was under the impression i could not fill it either with a hose or a bucket, however after calling up my water supplier because i am on a meter and prepared to pay for the water i use as long as i used a bucket i can fill it. So guys all those with meters you may fill ur pools!!!!!!!

I think this hose pipe ban is out of order all over the news at the moment is all about the warnings of fluding so why have they not lifted the hose pipe ban they charge us so much money for the water but we are not allowed to use it but its ok for the Olympic sites to use it why are they not being told if the use a hose pipe they will be fined and why are we not getting a reduction in our water bills and with all the big profits these water company’s are making why are they not fixing the leaking problems the water company’s ae the ones who are wasteing most of our water and i read in the paper that all these company’s that have put the ban on are not even English company’s also will the ban apply to mps and the royal family not happy as i am disabled and can’t take my children away in the summer holidays as i am not allowed to travel alone so before the ban i got them a big swimming pool but not allowed to fill it so my kids will miss out on something nice again

We the undersigned, wish for Parliment to look further into these temporary restrictions of set by the water companies. The companies should be penalised for any water they waste through leaking pipes etc etc.. As current my ara has been under major flooding following an apparent sever drought, aint seen where my local lake, pond has not seemed to lose any water. And in fact in 2 days of rain alone a man made pond has gone from bone dry to 7 meters deep. this is situated 50 meters from my house. Impositions like taking child hood pleasures such as filling a paddling pool is obsurbed.I could understand if someone let it run all day. But to fill my paddling pool i use the tap for 30 mins approx and that water stays in for a week and is used to water my plants. The water companys should therefore lift the ridiculous bans or provide thoses less forunate with conseccionary travel and entrance fees to swimming pools etc..

LIFT THE BAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What exactly is being classified as the kind of “summer heat” needed to evaporate off rain? It hasn’t failed over the last week to rain at least once a day, and I can’t say the weather at other times has been spectacular. Yes it’s been windy, which will help evaporation, but I’d be intrigued to know whether reservoirs are currently filling up or not.

In reading all these posts, it occurs to me that the restrictions are unbelievably ambiguous, when it comes to conserving water and educating us to not be wasteful of the resources! Surely there are more practical measures that could be used? Water meters fitted to every home would be a good start, & maybe making stop valves a compulsary piece of kit that must be fitted to any hosepipe? Or how about fitting rain water butts ‘as standard’ to every home & ‘obliging’ folk to use them? I mean, that idea worked out okay for the recycling boxes that we’ve all learned to fill, didn’t it? Pardon the awful pun, but the current restrictions hold about as much water as a veggie colander!!…..when it comes to raising public awareness, this ban isn’t doing the underlying problem any favours at all!! Personally, I think the Environmental Agencies need to be doing far more to rethink this water issue PDQ!!

Hi, can I plumb a 15mm copper or plastic pipe down the length of my garden (100ft) with a tap on the end that pours directly in to the top of my 15ft above ground pool?

I have just spoken with thames water who said “I am allowed to fill the pool with water from my main supply as I am on a meter and pay for what I use” however I would have to do this via buckets or as stated above directly from the tap which pours directly in my pool. please confirm this with Thames water on 0845 641 0060 stating Ref: 20423845865 “ok to fill pool with tap at bottom of garden.

stuff the ban, im going to keep using the hosepipe and anyone that grasses on me best get ready!!! and who the hell is the guy on here “hose” with his pic on, seems to know it all glad i dont live next to him lol

Water butts are a great idea. We bought one just before the hose pipe ban as our one had broken. 310 litres collected from half a roof in 1 day – today, when it poured with rain. Not rocket science, but that’s a lot of water! We can all do our bit. OK, so I’m not planning on jumping in the water butt and bathing in freezing cold water off the roof (!), but it will come in handy to water the plants once the pouring rain has stopped and I used water butt water to wash the car the other day – perfect!

I also have a theory that there must be a way that we can all collect, recycle and treat our own water … something for the future maybe. Then we wouldn’t need to rely on water companies at all.

i brought a nice big swimming pool just before the bad and now im getting it in the neck from my children all because the people at the water company couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. So can i now have the money i paid for it back from the water company.

hmm i am a car fanatic and have 4 cars based at the house and 1 of which gets washed regularly and this wont stop as im going to install a water butt attached to the drain pipes of the house and if anyone is going to rat me out and try to get me fined they got a BIG suprise coming 🙂 come on people its not hard to get a water butt for the garden ….this so called “drought” i mean our plants the other day were swimming in this “drought” load of bo**ocks if you ask me

I’m sorry but what a load of crap i washed my car today with a bucket of water and a watering can to rinse off. i filled the watering can up from a tap instead of using the hose to rinse off. I used at least 4x the amount of water filling up the can than i would of used rinsing the car with the hose.

i am a jetwasher.this ban is an absolute joke.there are tens of thousands of litres of water being lost via leaks etc and there imposing a hosepipe ban on the great british public.countrys gone mad!

I haven’t waded (oh, excuse pun!) through all the comments, so may be duplicating. Southern Water I think has a hosepipe ban, their website is not at all helpful, so I am asking if holders of a ‘blue badge’ can use a hose for private garden watering in the Southern Water area. And why can’t they give more information easily, without having to refer back to 2010 PDFs and the like, other companies have.

what gets me is you cab wash your car with a bucket but not a hose. i did this the other day and i think i mush have used more water than if i had used the hose. as 50% of the water out of the bucket didnt rinse the car off it just went on the floor.
it will be wet all summer so if they stopped moving it around we would be ok!

grow up, guys! please try not to be profligate in your use of this most valuable resource as that would be selfish and a tad anti social.

Penny you can fill your little lads paddling pool with a bucket just not the hose pipe.
will some one please tell me what areas the ban is in?
i live in north yorkshire do we have a ban?

So for those of not on a water metre are we going to see a reduction in our water bills – I bet not. So everyone on a metre is benefiting but not us! I have a 4 year old who has just a massive tantrum because I told him he is not allowed to play with water out the tap in the back garden. I am not looking forward to the summer at all when he asks if he can have his paddling pool out. Bottled water to fill it, or buy a gold fish to put in it?

NEWS FLASH.. When is a hose not a hose!

Definition of a hose: ‘A hose is a hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another. Hoses are also sometimes called pipes (the word pipe usually refers to a rigid tube, whereas a hose is usually a flexible one)’

Ok, there’s the answer..if you DIY’s can make a ‘rigid’ tube assembly with one of those ‘Flexible Hose Tap Connectors’ either end (this wouldn’t be classed as a hose because many households have them fitted to sink and bath taps already) then problems solved!

Well if MP’s can bend the rules sometimes (I refer to expenses claims) why can’t we?…and if anyone asks, just say, ‘sorry it was a ‘genuine error’. They got away with it using that phrase lol 🙂

I think it would depend on the length of your willy & if it could be classed as a hosepipe. Though perhaps if you could prove that you had not been drinking mains water (perhaps only beer?) you would be alright no matter how generously you are endowed.

thats jsut as much a waste as using the hose pipe. u dnt waste any water if u have a stop on the hose pipe.

Why should we be banned ,when the Olympic Game sites
are not exempt.!! Food before games ,
Lincolnshire farmers are struggling to put food on our tables
this is much more important then any games !!
I for one have never used Anglian Water on my garden or to wash my car .
I paid out for storage vessels to store rainwater .
But if the Olympics are allowed to flout the ban what intensive is there for
us to stop using a hose !!
Come on I am doing my bit & I love my garden but to allow the Olympic sites to carry on regardless is a step to far !!

will the water authorities still be allowed to charge the same but tell a great deal of bill payers they can’t use water

I guess a hosepipe ban is better than the water supplier just increasing the costs by 8.4% like the electricity suppliers do these days as there should be an end to the ban at some point.

Guess we will all just have to get clever about how we use this commodity and hope that the water companies can work on stemming the massive > 30% leakage between plan and user.

My son is disabled and his doctors suggest water exercises and activities to help him would I be able to use his outdoor swimming pool?

Not without a special exemption from your local water company – please contact them. I assume you wish to fill up the pool.

if my son ws disabled id use the swimmingpool, i dont think anyone would shop you for using it for your lad. well done and get it used

The customers of water companies are the shareholders not the people who use the commodity.
The issue here is there is no penalty for water companies not providing a service to us customers.
Normally if an energy provider cannot provide then it hits their bottom line and therefore they spend money to fix it and invest in the company.
Water companies charge us a flat rate (unless you have a meter) and therefore there is no threat in a loss of revenue and no point in investing in new infrastructure to support an environment and population that is changing. Its not changing rapidly this has been happening for years and it would be easy to adjust but for water companies what would be the point!?

You can water your garden with a watering can but must fill it via the tap, not the hosepipe.

I have a very short 6inch length of hose connected to my tap for filling watering cans, would this still be classed as ‘using’ a hose pipe??

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