If there is a hosepipe ban, are you allowed to water your garden with a watering can?


Under previous hosepipe and sprinkler bans the use of watering cans, buckets and other water carrying devices has been perfectly acceptable for watering the garden, or for instance washing your car. During a ban you should always check with your local water company to see the specific rules they have in place of course.

It has also been generally accepted by the water companies in the past that a short piece of hose connected to a tap can be used to fill the watering can/bucket. Hence you’re actually using a hosepipe during a hosepipe ban!

The whole point of banning hosepipes and sprinklers is that they will tend to be left on for long periods of time and use up large amounts of water. Forcing you to use a watering can or bucket reduces the risk of using too much water.

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So – it seems to be acceptable to fill buckets and cans from a tap and use the water in the garden.
I have just done a calculation: let’s say I fill 2 buckets of 10 litres and carry them the few metres from the tap to my paddle pool and pour the water in, then return to the tap. This takes 1.5 minutes. If my pool takes 3,500 litres I’d need 175 runs. I could fill my pool in under 5 hours! Or get my other half to help and if we are well syncronized, we’ll do it in half the time.
Good work-out, too! Can we get the NHS or Weight-Watchers to support the idea as a fitness scheme?

I am thinking of using an old plastic WC cistern (with Hozelock hose
fitting) to hang on wall near veg bed. Dual flush will allow 1 or 2g
filling of watering can. While cistern filling I can empty the can. Will move
the unit to other parts of garden as needed. Easy to drain for winter. Would
it contravene a hose-pipe ban?

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