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Saltaire Water Limited

About Yorkshire Water:

Yorkshire Water supplies a population of 4.5 million in the Yorkshire region.

Watch this space! We will have more information about Yorkshire Water over the coming months. If you have any comments about Yorkshire Water, please use the comments box below.

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Hi, just wondering if there is a hosepipe ban and you are not allowed to wash your car will these hand wash car sites and auto car washes have to close


Picking up a new car on Saturday, living in Sheffield, any ban to be concerned about currently in this area?

Many thanks šŸ™‚

Im im Huddersfield and wanting use a hose to wash my car. Am i affected by a ban at all? Or am i ok to still use a hose?

Everyone should have a water meter, we pay for electric , gas for what we use, if they had to pay for water the same way they would think

it’s a bit confusing! can i water my veg with a hosepipe? we live off our veg, but i dont want to get into trouble. please reply.

Not if you’re in an area with a hosepipe ban, but Yorkshire Water doesn’t have one.

Just a comment to all above, and any future viewers:

Although, obviously, there is no hosepipe ban anywhere in West Yorkshire, or other parts of Yorkshire, that does not mean we should go mad with our use of hosepipes. The more that we restrict our use of them to essential requirements, the more likely it is that our water reserves will survive. So, please think and switch off when no longer needed.

Cheers, MTL

I can see that South Yorkshire is now part of the drought but there are no hosepipe bans yet in place. What sort of notice are we likely to be given if one is to be enforced and is Yorkshire Water legally obliged to contact it’s customers directly to inform them?

Many Thanks

The notice period is up to them. The current bans were announced about three weeks before they started.

Water companies are not legally obliged to contact customers directly. They are obliged to announce restrictions in two local newspapers and on their website.

Hi There, whilst I appreciate that the is currently no hosepipe ban in West Yorkshire, landscape gardeners plan to turf my entire back garden this Friday. Should a hosepipe ban come into force, do you know if there would be exclusions for newly laid turf?

Well you don’t need to worry about a hosepipe ban in West Yorkshire for a while if at all this year. Assuming one came into force there would most probably be no allowances for newly laid turf.

Thank you, I thought as much, I can’ believe that they are advertising hosepipes and power washers on TV at the moment

When or if a hosepipe ban comes into place, does this include the use of power washers as I have just seen an advert saying they use less water than a hosepipe? This surprised me.

If there was a hosepaipe ban, how would you notify people.
I assume, unless people have been notified officially via recorded delivery, then you have no proof that they actually know about it, so legally un-enforcable.

Ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the law i’m afraid. You aren’t notified about any other changes to the law officially by mail. This is no different.

Hi I live I’n Pontefract, its all over the new
About hose pipe bans. Do we have one I’n our
Area. I have a few garden ducks can I re fill
My pond and tubs they swim I’n. They are ducks
That need access to water all day every day.

If a hosepipe ban does come into effect, is it literally just hosepipes that are banned? This year I have started growing lots of fruit and veg in my garden and I obviously don’t want it all to wilt and die. Can I just use a watering can instead?

Hi Kathy

No hosepipe bans planned for anywhere in Yorkshire at the moment, though the drought is supposed to be heading towards East Yorkshire. Keep an eye on the news in the next few months.

Hi I’ve just started my owne drainage compney in west yourkshire and use hose pipe to fill my jetter for unblocking drains will hose pipe ban affect me thanks mark.

Hi Mark

No hosepipe bans on the horizon West Yorkshire so you’ve nothing to worry about right now.

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