Will there be a hosepipe ban in 2007?

Well, this is the answer we all want to know but as an independent organisation not connected to water companies or the government we can only speculate.

Based on the press releases/statements handed out by water companies, the government, and various watchdogs, the answer to the question should be “no, there will be no hosepipe bans or water restrictions during 2007”. But as we’ve recently been writing in our news section, this answer is becoming less clear-cut as the summer approaches.

We think there won’t be any restrictions this year, but who really knows – we certainly can’t make that statement with 100% conviction? It really depends on how much rain falls. At the time of writing reservoir levels are high in southern England, but the picture is less clear in Wales due to a very dry April and a dryer than normal March. Watch this space!

Last updated: 26/04/07

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