Wessex Water


Wessex Water Services Limited
Wessex Water Operations Centre
Claverton Down Road
Claverton Down



0845 600 4 600

Parent Company:

YTL Power International

About Wessex Water:

“We are a regional water and sewerage business serving 2.8 million customers across the south west of England including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

The Bristol and Bath area in the north west has a population of around 750,000 and in the south east the Bournemouth and Poole area has about 300,000 residents.”

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Is there a hose pipe ban in somerton, Somerset. We have not had rain in n a long time or in the next few days. There are some selfish people using hosepipe (WATER) to do their gardens, cars, swimming pool, etc. That is not important, LIFE is – humans and animals. While water is getting short/low every where should have a hose BAN. Thank you for reading.

If a hose pipe ban comes into effect – I have a newly laid lawn (turf) laid on 3rd August can I continue to use a sprinkler for 28 days before 8am and after 6pm?!

There are usually exemptions in place for this so you should be fine to keep watering it at any time of day. Just check with your particular water company to make sure.

I have diverted my bath and shower drain to large muck buckets, I then transfer the water to my water buts. I then use pump and hose pipe to water my garden. Am I able to continue this if a ban is enforced in my area.

I am sure we have no hose pipe ban in Frome but I am a child minder and wondered if I am able to top up a paddling pool with a hose pipe if a ban comes in, My understanding is that if child related your able to use one.

Can you tell me if we have a hosepipe ban in Taunton? I want to fill my children’s paddling pool?

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