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For details of the hosepipe ban 2012 please go to this page: Veolia Water Southeast Hosepipe Ban 2012


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I live in Berkhamsted is the hosepipe ban still in affect? If so after all the rain we have had why?

hi i see that from some of your answers we are allowed to use jet wash to clean dog mess & wee, from our patios,is this definatly correct,as we have neighbours who would report us?

Utterly ridiculous now. Time to lobby your MP for supplier competition, as we have for gas and electricity.

Its still the same water and resevoirs! If there were an energy crisis it wouldn’t matter who you bought your electricity from. You would still be turned off!!

Can I use a hosepipe to fill my water butts. We come under Veolia South East and my water is running out for watering my veg plot.

No you’re not allowed to use a hosepipe to fill a water butt during a hosepipe ban.

I see furthe rainfall forecast over the next few days and yet apparently nothing about the hosepipe ban being lifted. Discraceful .

John Redwood please step in and help.

I live in a small village near Windsor, I am surrounded by Gravel Pits and Reservoirs, all filled to capacity. Three weeks ago I had a warning from the Environment Agency advising me to prepare for flooding from the Thames (as happened in 2003). I am still told the ban is in force although other companies have lifted it and its illegal to wash my car.

I don’t need the ban lifted for garden watering, mother nature is doing that quite adequately, but it would be nice to be able to wash the mud from my car and drive !!

This is madness Veolia, lift this stupid ban as soon as possible like other sensible water companies have done – or give us the opportunity to change our water company.

Still a hose pipe ban in place despite daily rain – I spoke to someone at Veolia who was quite rude about the ban, he said they would review the situation in July but even then it was unlikely that the ban would be lifted, amazing here in London a ban on hosepipes on one side of the street but not on the other! Must be down to poor management.

The wettest 3 months on record and yet Violia still have a hosepipe ban! How can you possibly justify this when most other water companies have lifted their ban – obviously you’re doing something wrong if you can’t preserve the horrendous amount of water we get! When are you going to lift this stupid ban so that I can clean my green and slimy patio (caused by the excessive rain we’ve had)?

I think Joe Public would now like to see you lift the hosepipe ban and concentrate your efforts on reducing leaks – it is bad enough to endure the ressesion than to also have this ban when the other main water companies have recognized this.

I am disabled with a Blue Badge suffering from M S, I have big parts of my patio area which is the only part my property the i can get to unaided but find slippery, can I get someone to jet wash this so I can still enloy the outdoors.

I’m in process to run my own jet wash company ,I will have full equipment Van with water tank 1000L,can I use my house hold tab to fill my tank for business purpose??
If there is other way to fill my tank with water please welcome for any suggestion

pop down to margate and fill up with seawater – cheap as chips and nothing will grow on any drives you spray!!

Hi, My house backs onto woods and we have a lot of bird poo in our garden. Can i use a jet washer to clean this away as my 17 month old daughter plays in the garden?

My garden paving has got very slippery am I allowed to hire a contractor to clean it with a power washer so it can be sealed and not have to worry about slipping?

I understand that we are unable to use a jet washer beacause it draws water from a hose pipe. My question is . . . My jet washer can still operate by drawing water from a bucket, can I still use it??
Thank you for you help with this matter

please could you tell me whether the hosepipe ban is likely to be lifted at all this summer…..or how long this ban is likely to remain in place……kind regards

I understand that we are unable to use a jet washer beacause it draws water from a hose pipe. My question is . . . My jet washer can still operate by drawing water from a bucket, can I still use it??
Thank you for you help with this matter.

Could you please advise if you are permitted to fill a children’s paddling pool with buckets?

I have a few tomato plants in a greenhoues at the bottom of my garden, is possible to water these with a hose??. as i am very disabled and have parkingsons . and walk with a stick.

People who have a blue badge and/or are registered as disabled are exempt from the ban. If you do not have this status you can still contact your local water company and ask for an exemption.

Hi our current supplier is Viola, now we have just started to pay 2012 water bill for the entire year, this has been calculated on our entire yearly usage. As the company has now unforced a strict ban, this year we will use a huge reduction in water, do we get a rebate and if not why, please explain for us to understand, regards

It’s a good question. The answer being given by water companies is that we pay our bills for the supply of water for drinking and washing. They say that strictly speaking, the water bill we pay doesn’t cover water that can be used (for instance) on watering gardens.

We are required in Hertford to put our food waste into a brown wheelie bin.
In the heat some food waste starts to decompose and produces maggots and unpleasant smells
In the past I have used the hose to clean the bin out as it is so deep you cannot get to the bottom of it.
As we are now (apparently) coming into a hot spell I will nee to clean out the bin – is it ok to use the hose as usual

Are we allowed to fill watertrays in a primary school with a hosepipe?They are part of our curriculum

I run a small company that services sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations, we would normally use customer/local taps to run a hose to our pressure washer to clear debris, and wash down the systems to allow continued reliable operation. Are we allowed to use for example a domestic customers hose supply/to our pressure washer to do this, as keeping these systems working correctly, is part of keeping the environment clean from pollution/flooding out etc.

There’s nothing in rules for hosepipe bans that stop you using a hosepipe for such reasons. Wouldn’t matter if you were connected to a domestic supply or not.

Did I see that if you are 65 or disabled you could still use your hosepipe to water your plants, I have a big garden and using a watering can would be difficult, I would not water the lawn as it greens up again with the rain.

We are a school (4 yo to 18 yo) and regularly get pigeon droppings and foxes waste on our playground. In the past we have hosed this away. What is the current ruling please?

Nothing in the rules to say you couldn’t but worth checking with your local water company to make sure.

Ms hall

Please tell us why you hAve not lifted the ban. Is it because you sold off the reservoir come on lift the ban my dads 82 and watering the garden is really difficult.

Occassionally I have to clear my foul water manhole. I am at the start of a run and it can get clogged.

I have to use a hose to clear it is this ok ?

There are currently no hosepipe bans anywhere in the UK and it’s very unlikely there will be any at all in 2011.

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