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Parent Company:

United Utilities PLC

About United Utilities:

United Utilities serves around 7 million customers in the north west of England.

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In response to Howard Osborn (7th July). Would you believe United Utilities sold our reservoir to a property developer and are at present building 9 x 2 storey dwellings on the area. I haven`t got space to transcribe the diatribe I got as a reply when I dared to question their decision.

so we pay hundreds of pounds a year to be told sorry you cannot use ur water for that
i understand why but if your paying for it it should not be the case and how long is this going to last. very dissapointed this refunding is in order or lower bill next year as the fat cats at the top still licking the cream and laughing

I live in North Staffs. How the hell are we supposed to find out whether the ban applies to this area?

What do we do with our vegetable plots that the government has encouraged us to grow? Do we lose the whole years’ crop because we cannot get enough water to them? Leave us look after our responsibilities and let United Utilities look after theirs – namely colossal, inexcusable water leaks!!! Surely United Utilities should be fined for pouring needless amounts of water away? At least watering veg is essential.

Will still be using the hosepipe!!, why is the south not having a hosepipe ban when its hotter down there, JOKE!! see you in court aswell united utilities!

This is a disgrace, how can you justify this situation?
we pay you a private firm to provide water…
you sell off underground storage resevoirs for building land, do not bother to fix leaks.
Why is it our problem you have no water?
Are you going to reduce oure bills
….see you in court dudes – i intend to continue using the water i pay for

It is scandalous that a hosepipe ban should affect our region. We have had floods and snow. The reason is no money ploughed back into re-investment. Why is the South not in the same position? We have a contract with you to supply water you should deliver or refund customer monies. We are in this position because of decades of insufficient investment, money creamed off at the top. How do you think countries with six month droughts continue to deliver water? Why when millions of gallons of water are lost on leakes every day. This tells the story of poor maintainance. I expect the water I pay for just as you expect us to pay. Everyone in the north of england should be complaining bitterly to you.DELIVER WATER YOU ARE PAID FOR not expect customers to pay for your lack of management and incompetance.

It is shameful that you should be imposing a hosepipe ban in an area of normally high rainfall. Invest in more storage facilities – this must not be allowed to occur again.

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