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For details of the hosepipe ban 2012 please go to this page: Southern Water Hosepipe Ban 2012


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No 3 shooting field are disregarding the hosepipe ban. Slip and slide out in the front garden hose pipe on. Not their problem

We are an island. How can we run out of water? Also there is no less water in the earths system than there was a million years ago. Rain, evaporation, rain.

well i think that we seriously need to think about how we use water as it could affect the world when our kids kids grow up its not about what is happening now its about what it will cause in the future! Thanks for reading.!!!!!!

i agree with what people say about the Earth and how we should be careful with water. DON’T JUST IGNORE IT BECAUSE IT IS TRUE AND YOU CAN HELP!!! Listen to Leakyguy 123 because he knows what he’s talking about!

i have a koi pond it holds 8000 lt ineed to change about half the water as the nitrat & nitrite is getting high is it possable to change that mutch water

We can’t afford to invest, – all the money goes to immigrants and those too lazy to find work. Translation services for immigrants who can’t be bothered to learn the language of their chosen Country of residence is at an all time high – mainly in Court or at social security offices!

Can I pump my bath water out on my garden using a submersible pump with a length of hose attached. When will we wake up to reducing immigration thus reduce house building thus a reduction of concrete covering the land allowing more water to be be soaked into the ground finding its way to our reservoirs.

its softies like you that have helped the decline in this nation with there left wing views…. well said Dougal

I have watched my neighbour across the road from me washing his 4×4 vehicle for aprox 2hrs continusly throwing buckets of water over it to remove the soap suds, is this quite legal.
also i am a registered disabled with a blue badge would myself or my wife who has a long term arm injury be allowed to use a hosepipe to water our garden plants and clean our car.
we are in the ME3 postcode area

He’s allowed to use as many buckets as he wishes. The ban only involves hosepipes and pressure washers.

As a blue badge holder you are allowed to use your hosepipe, but not your wife.

I am told that as a blue bade holder I can use a hose pipe to water my garden is this a fact please advise.

My neighbour is using a hosepipe to add water to his cement mixer for building his patio.
we are in the southern water area, please could you confirm if this is allowed?

We have a badly blocked gutter at the rear of our poperty (moss/leaves etc) which overflows very badly with heavy rain (ironicaly!) which may need a pressure washer to clear the downpipe etc.
Is it alowed under the hosepipe ban for a domestic user to use a pressure washer/hosepipe to clear the problem or will i have to pay to get a contractor to clear the blockage doing exactly the same thing using ‘our water supply’ that i would be doing to sort the problem ?
Need a quick answer as we had a complete torrent coming down yesterday in a thunderstorm soaking the foundations near the house!
Don Carman.

Few weeks ago our grass started growing after seeding the garden cost around 100 pounds, too big area to use watering can, if we don’t water the grass it will die, can we use hose pipe.

Professionally laid or sown lawns can be watered for 28 days with a hosepipe ban or sprinkler.

Can we use a hosepipe for building a self build house, and a mobile home on site which is being lived in whilst the build is going up?

If we see neighbours using a hosepipe where do we report this? I know it sounds a little meely mouthed but if we all stop it will help the overall situation.


Regarding my private garden. We pay for a company to come and treat our lawns, am I allowed to use a hose pipe to water in these chemicals that are sprayed on our lawns ?

No you’re not allowed to do that. You could use a watering can or an irrigation system.

I am registered disabled with a blue badge, I have just been told I can use my hosepipe limited, is this true please.

Dear Sir,

Can you please tell me, can I top-up/fill-up my Hot Tub with my watering can?
Is there a limit on how many times you can use a watering can to water my plants?
Thank you

Hot tubs are exempt so you can do what you want in terms of filling or topping up. There’s no limit on how many times you can use your watering can.

Legally. may I use a hose pipe connected to my domestic water supply to fill my water butt and then transfer water from this butt to a watering can and then apply this water to my garden.

My wife believes I am allowed to do this, but I find it difficult to accept this as we have a hose pipe ban in place.

Do please advise me.

Yours simcerely

David Barrett

Definitely not allowed under hosepipe ban rules/laws if the water company chooses to enforce that part of the law, which they all currently do.

Is there still a hosepipe ban in the TW5 area, nd if there is why has it been lifted in lots of other area and not this area?

I have a hoselock drip and leaky hose system, fitted with a timer. This system is connected to an outside tap via a hose. Am I allowed to use this system on my garden. (not needed to worry about this till now – more rain than we could cope with!!)

Can you tell me how we are supposed to find out whether our area has a ban or not? The dedicated website page just refers to Southern Water it doesn’t say anything about the various areas within that catchment. I suppose I could phone the company at my expense and be kept on hold for ages, but why can’t you simply state what areas are covered and what aren’t?

Omg this is crazy, first we have lock down and being controlled by the goverment, now we have a hose pipe ban ,are they going to reduce our water bills NO they won’t. Look we all have to be mindful of this but this is taking the the piss now. (Controlled by goverment) also for reporting people really be kind to 1 another don’t grass what will people achieve. Let people live there lives and not interfere with other people’s affairs.


The outside of our house needs re-painting due to building work and we need to hose it down before we can start the actual painting.

I am not sure if we have a hose pipe ban in our area – some neighbours say yes while others say no, the postcode is GU35 9LT ?

If we do have a hosepipe ban can we still hose down the outside before we paint please?

Thanking you in advance


We don’t provide a postcode checking facility I’m afraid so please contact your local water company.

Wouldn’t have thought they’d allow you to use your hosepipe for that so best to clarify with them.

shoreham port. e.stobart,woodchip plant .26/04/2012.= is still useing 2 high powered hoses of fresh water 8 hrs,a day,that billions of gallons of water a keep dust down when the lorry tips woodchip on to ground. but managing director,of e stobart,paul davenport says it not dangerous. he has told the environment agency and environment health,that it NOT dangerous, so why are thay aloud to waste fresh,it dose not come under health and safety,act,it just a waste,of water,SOUTHERN WATER PLEASE LOOK IN TO IT, WE WILL BE BUYING BOTTLE WATER THANKS TO E.STOBART,

There always one, this one is called Audi Man lives in a quiet area of Herne Bay, Kent, thinks he is above all rules, moral standards and that we should all tip our hats to him, he must have the best car’s and biggest house in the road or else, it seems his only pleasure in life is to drive fast on the M2 to work and back and to clean his black Audi TT, his wife’s black Audi TT and on a good day his sons black Seat, which are then left on display for most of the day, this happens two or three times a week, the cars often show no sighs of needing cleaning, on the 6th April the first day after the start of the hose pipe ban, out came the jet spray started cleaning his car, aware he had been photographed stopped leaving all the tools and jet spray in full view for hours properly looking for a loop hole in the rules, but returned late in the day and continued cleaning, now to Sunday 15th out came the jet spray and both his and his wife’s car were cleaned ( note the tap is only 4 steps from cars ), when challenged by a neighbour that said is that not now illegal he abruptly responded technically yes but technically your are wrong offended the neighbour walked on, how did I here this well I was hand cleaning my smaller car having just returned from the water recycling carwash with our main car, having left them both for some weeks, but now with lots of blossom stuck to them had to find time to clean them, we are also doing our bit to help having now got 6 rain water butts, one new one with filters just for washing off the cars, to add to his insult when building a new independent accommodation between us in which a elderly gentleman lived until last year when he passed on ??, while it has its own gas and electric meter the water comes across his front garden from his water supply, good reason for him not to go on a water meter? having been told not to say or do anything by the wife because he will just pick on us again, I just felt I had to get it off my chest to-day.


If you feel he should make more effort to help reduce water usage, it may help to email your views and recommendation to him.

Email [contact details removed]

We have a young toddler and dogs which I need to clean up after and jays fluid the garden. Can we still do this as health and safety issue?

If you can prove it’s a health and safety issue and can’t be done any other way then you can continue.

I have 10 chickens and usually power wash the 4m x 10m patio and steps in the spring due to chicken droppings. I have been away for a week so unable to clean it before the ban came in. Hoped to use the bank holiday weekend for this.
I have looked at chemical alternatives to scrub the area today, but they seem to be harmful to animals and likely to kill the grass and plants the patio drains onto, as well as being a costly option. A one off jet wash seems to be the greener and safer option. Do you think this was a valid use of a hose?

Allowed if you can defend it as a health and safety issue and/or animal welfare issue.

Putting the house on the market on Tuesday, can I jetwash the conservatory roof as this uses less water than continous bucket loads of water thrown through the window to wash it?

Hi I am a dissabled pensioner and I have a new lawn being layed in the next few weeks,the assistant in B&Q advised me that you can water newly layed turf with a hose pipe for a number of weeks to establish it,I want to check that this information is correct ,I am in TN31 area.
Yours truly Jackie

If we are so short of water why do we allow companies to rape the ground water and
sell it back to us in a bottle, these companies should be forced to reduce production during drought conditions.

Reading the exemptions it sounds as though we are allowed to use a hosepipe to water plants in pots. Is this correct? Thanks.

We’re all missing the point here…in the first place forget the dry winters, why have we got a hosepipe ban when we’re an island surrounded by water? As consumers we should get together and force the idiots in Whitehall to come down like a ton of bricks on the mainly “foreign owned” water boards that are holding us all to ransom in order to make large profits. Firstly they should be stopped from wasting water by actually repairing leaks and not just paying lip service. Secondly if it’s correct about global warming they and the government should be making provision by providing us with more reservoirs (particularly in the South) to take advantage of the rainfall when it does come. Thirdly, untill sufficient infastructure is in place to service the existing population properly, any further development in the South should be put on hold.

It doesn’t rain much in Spain but you can’t walk without treading on hosepipes!!!!

Well said, Chris C!!! You have hit all the nails on their heads!!
I think that you should be our water czar as you seem to have a good grasp of the problems which is more than can be said for the incompetent people running the show at the moment!!

Does the hose pipe ban apply to washing down walls to a 5 storey residential property after external building works are completed. A large scaffold was erected before the ban was announced. The repairs include renewing a vertical roof which will leave dirt & dust to the substantial area of white rendered walls. Although hand washing will be done, the substantial surface will need hosing down ready to paint afterwards. The property is also a Listed Grade 2.
The alternative might be to use substantially more water by washing down with individual buckets of water which is not only time consuming but also impractical trying to save water.

Is SO21 in Hampshire included in the hosepipe ban starting tomorrow? The media coverage has just mentioned “parts of Hampshire” and we’ve heard nothing from Southern Water.

We have a very small back garden/yard that our dog occasionally
Does his business in. I always use a hose and jeyes fluid to clean up the surface
After picking up the mess as we have children.
Can I carry on using the hose in this instance as a health and safety measure?

I am disabled and have a Blue Badge and also am in receipt of the maximum component parts of DLA. May I use my hose just to water my raised flower beds?

We live in SO45 and there is so much ambiguity over where is and where isn’t a ban. Can you Please direct us to an online map or other easy to view idicator of where the ban applies?
Is there no web site where one can enter a post code to confirm status?

This is a very intelligent question and I too would appreciate the answer to Chris C’s comment!
I have been searching for this very information for about half an hour but there doesn’t appear to be anywhere that has this information!
Perhaps they are happy to keep us in the dark so that we are all too scared to use our hoses- just in cases!!!!!

Sirs – I have a hosepipe with trigger controlled outlet fitted 18 months ago outside back door. Its sole use is cleaning down small yard 14’X5′ servicing our back entrance and ditto front slightly larger area. We have a major problem with pidgeons. I am 74 and a partially invalid (angina, diabetes and osteomalacia) Our local paper implies I am excempt however it seems from your website I can only clean our yards if I hire someone to do it
and than I cannot afford to do.
John R Kemp Flat 1 (Basement) 31 Warrior square TN37 6BG

I have a garden well and a submersible pump with a hose, can I use the water to water the garden & fill my pool?


We have recently laid turf and need to keep it watered so that it does not die. We use a hosepipe to do this. We are also metered water users and pay for any water that we use.

Why then should Southern Water dictate as to when and how we can use water which we regularly pay for ?

As an aside – The Explantory Note to The Water Use (Temporary Bans) Order 2010 – 2010 No: 2231 (footnote 6 ) says:

“…for metered customers there will be an offsetting saving on water bills because water is not used.”

Well whoopee-doo – I’m so glad they have been so patronising and informative – as metered customers we would never have realised that we could save money if we don’t use our water!!

However, it will cost us far much more money to replace the lawn if it dies, and as pensioners this is money we can ill afford .

Thus, again my question stands – why should Southern Water dictate as to when and how we can use the water which we regularly pay for?

South Eastern Water Company are being reasonable and are allowing a period of 28 days for hosepipe watering of newly laid turf – will Southern Water also revise their stance on this and become reasonable and allow the same?.

The Saturday Mail today published a map of effcted areas and showed Hampshire to be free of hosepipe restrictions, in spite of the fact that at least part of the county is serviced by Southern Water. However, the Soiuthern Water website does not differentiate across the are whole of the Southern Water area. Clarification might be welcomed by a large number of Hampshire residents!

I have a garden pond that the filters need cleaning about once every Six to eight weeks during summer months only.
If I take the sponge indoors to clean under the tap it will take a lot longer than a short blast
With the hose because the pressure washer fitted to the hose removes the waste in seconds
Where under a normal tap in the bath say will take 5 to ten minute each (3 sponges).
I leave the sponges as until they become blocked so not to waste water but if there not cleaned all summer the fish may not survive.
I have not topped up the water level in the pond for about three years preferring the rain to replenish may drop 6-10 inch in the summer but it comes back up quick enough and adding tdp water messes up the balance and causes weed which in turn blocks the filter.

I’m 70 and do all our garden watering. I have a dodgy hip and will not be able to carry watering cans. We are on Southern Water.

i am a disabled blue badge holder and i am wondering if i can you my hosepipe i come under southern water thank

Hi Lesley

You would need to contact Southern Water directly to confirm if they are giving such exemptions.

Please can you confirm when the hosepipe ban comes in, are the over 70`s allowed to carry on using a hose as most are unable to carry watering cans or buckets that are far too heavy ?

Being one of many horse owners how does the ban affect us around BN13 area.

How does
Watering and cleaning animals and animal areas (ie: yards and stables)effect us.

I thoughly agree with Paul Brett.

We had a severe water shortage back in 1976 and most years ever since and nothing has changed exept the massive rise in population, housing and of course the amount we have to pay each and every month.

Foresight never has and never will be this country’s strong point.

I am a keen gardner and have an allotment it is so disappointing and depressing to have these simple pleasures taken away year after year .

It is the same old story again! The Goverment and the Companies will not invest in bringing things upto date. As has been mentioned so many times by other people. Why keep building and populating the southeast without building sufficient resiviours to supply the needs. We live in a so called wealthy country yet we cannot get the basics wright because we won’t spend the money! A bit like the chaos when we get snow. Look we live in a country where the weather is very volatile and unstable. The weather can be so different day to day let alone any longer and the seasons are changing. It is not food enough for the authorities to say well we did not predict this weather or it has not been like it in recent years. Spain as we all know has a much hotter and drier climate and they do not have this problem because they have resiviours everywhere. I’m fed up with water companies and energy suppliers etc keep telling us that costs have to go up every year due to cost of supply etc yet they are still making huge profits and the managers getting paid excessively. They also know that no one will say enough is enough and vote with their feet as we all need it. SORT IT OUT!!

can you tell me WHY you allow thousand of properties to be built across the southeast region if there are insuffieicent water supplies to supply them… also why is it ok for thousands of immigrants to migrate to the southeast region using vital water supplies when demand is so tight?? What is the point in me saving water when these kind of factors are going on around us? Everytime another estate of say 10 houses is constructed 10 times the amount of water is needed to supply them…
If you were taking this matter seriously you would try & put in place some sort of measure to prevent the points ive raised from occurring…………….
Im certainly not saving any water this summer thats for certain…

to southern water,e.stobart woodchip plant at shoreham port. has 2 firemans hoses going 8 hrs.a day 5 days a week that must be billions or trillions of fresh water wastred.just to keep down the dust. apparently thay are not use salt not agricultural or farming it just a wast of water.if thay paying for it is not the point when frash water all gone we will have to buy bottle water thank to e.stobart.everybody you phone about it. wants to pass buck on to someone else just like the council no one wants to wants looking in to e. stobart dose not live here we do?????? or is evrebody frighten of E. STOBART.

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