South West Water


South West Water
PO Box 4



0800 169 1144

Parent Company:

Pennon Group

About South West Water:

South West Water serves a population of 1.6 million people.

Watch this space! We will have more information about South West Water over the coming months. If you have any comments about South West Water, please use the comments box below.

3 replies on “South West Water”

Since the wonderful Margaret Thatcher privitizied utilities. shareholders expect a profit. This should never have happened. I understand( France being one) as shareholders want bigger profits, Let this be a lesson to the British people, the whole situation is herrendous. We do not matter, we own nothing. The UK is a complete shambles. The result as always in life. A privileged few reap rewards, the rest of us suffering silence. Shame on the government who supported this fracus

I am amazed that the simple question ” Is there an hose pipie ban in South West Water” has no answer on the SWW website

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