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That would be about 20000 litres if you fill it 4 foot deep or 15000 if you fill it 3 foot deep, so work it out from that with how much you get billed per litre.

Says it all really disabled and owns a boat! How disabled can you be to own a boat? And the worrying thing is, hes worried about some bird mess!!! What about everyone else?
Absolute joke

I would like to know what sort of impression we must have on people visiting our geen and pleasant land, and they hear we are on a hose pipe ban. Especially when some of them come from countries that suffer from terrible drought conditions. What a joke we must be The countries population has grown bigger over the years, and its about time the water companies take this into consideration, and invest the money we pay them and modernize the system

Dear Sirs I am disabled and moor my boat at Beccles can i wash the bird muck of my boat with hose with a triger operated nozel after washing with bucket and broom and boat wash this way is more economical then buckets thrown over bird poo is very dodgy reguards John

Why do us gardeners seem to be the target of scorn with water. In the past 40 years many houses have been built all with Washing machines , Dish washers, poower showers and ordinary house hold Hygiene all earning money for the water companies and yet not one new resivior just a half hearted attempt at a disselination plant, was it not the idea that we could expect better service when water was robed from the people, Come on live up to lies that we were told or renationalise.

E & S don’t currently have a hosepipe ban at the moment, is that correct? If so I can use my pressure washer tomorrow, as they use 80% less water than a hosepipe, without fear of the water company banging on my door?

Correct about E & S. If you did have a ban in your area you wouldn’t be allowed to use a pressure washer.

I live in SS6 and have heard that because we draw water from Hannigfield and that reservoir is full, we are not subject to the ban. Is this correct?

You’d need to check with your local water company but just because a reservoir is full doesn’t mean hosepipe ban rules don’t apply.

is it true that the hosepipe ban has been lifted for 4 weeks ? i live in basildon is there still a ban here as the reserviour in haningfield looks full to the brim

Hi, I remember the 1975/76 drought. Promises were made by governments of all colours and the water authorities that steps (investment) would be made to create a grid system of supply so that this problem would not happen in the future – water in plentiful supply in one part of the country would be used in other drought areas. 36 years later nothing has been done. Where has all the money gone earmarked for this? To the shareholders?

I’ve been at Hanningfield Reservoir this afternoon (Saturday 28th April). The reservoir is currently 98% (that is ninety eight percent) full and it was pouring with rain. I don’t anticipate a hosepipe ban anytime soon. (The level of the reservoir was given by an employee in the Visitor Centre).

me and my daughter have a bath in the morning . i leave the bath water in but uses a hose to drain the water to my plants can i do that?

I think that you should put a ban in force now otherwise selfish people will take liberties like filling their childrens large paddling pools that take thousands of litres of water and there will be nothing to stop them as there will not be a ban. Also stop these hand car washes as washing your car is not a priority in such times. We may not have a ban now but if these dry times continue then we will need to put standpipes on the streets and no-one wants to see this happen, but it will, if you do not put this ban into force now to stop the selfish few.

People that are criticizing disabled people for being able to use hosepipes, could help. If they know of any disabled person, they could offer their help. They would make new friends and help make someone happy. It might help them understand what the word ‘disabled’ means. Not envy them, because they can us a hosepipe!!!!!!!

We are normal. Get a blue badge. Could be Heart problems ect,. Use your watering can and enjoy your garden, sit in it and read a book on who can have a blue badge. aquire knowledge on a subject, that way you will not make yourself look like an idiot. If you do not wish to do this, buy skates and stop moaning.

I’m disabled and I intend NOT to use any hose pipe and follow the ban..I don’t have a blue badge and refuse to have one, they are useless anyway, I could never find a parking spot for disabled when out and about shopping, they were always full by people who are suppose to disabled and mow me down because I’m slow.

Any how if I remember rightly disabled people quite a few years ago used to cry out they wanted to be treated like every one else (normal people?) So yes why are disabled people with a blue badge exempt from the ban ? disabled people are normal IMO

when are they going to repair all the water leaks, we have one not far away has been running into the road for months …….

BLUE BADGE ………… so if you have one you can water your garden …. o yer if your disable you can sit looking at the nice flowers while we watch what has cost us a lot of money die …… no i cant watering can my garden … lots of people cant .. but i would love to know why a blue badge means you can when over 65s cant, its a farce

if we are to use less water do we get a reduction in our water bill, as you don’t pay for something you don’t get?

Cannot carry the watering cans. Lifting is difficult. Walking ect,. But we still love our gardens. In some cases it is everything to us. Get the picture?

My water is supplied by E & S. My fishpond is registered with E & S and with Anglian Water (sewage). Am I allowed to use a hose to top up the pond? If so, what proof do I need to respond to a possible prosecution?


We are with E&S Water for incoming water and Anglian Water outgoing/sewage. Anglian have a hosepipe ban and E&S dont. What do we do. Which Company do we follow?

I have just received a text message on my mobile to say that “a hosepipe ban is not being enforced in E and S area.”

Two points arise, both fairly minor:-

[1] how did you get my mobile number and

[2] Wouldn’t it be a good idea to bring the ban in now alongside the south east region in general to show somw general support for the WHOLE situation.

We didn’t send it. We have nothing to do with Essex & Suffolk Water. Please contact them.

Are you 100% sure that as a registered blue badge holder you can still use a hosepipe, I am in the E & S area, and am finding it hard going using a watering can to water my veg, I do not have plants and flowers.

I am 74 years old , disabled and a blue badge holder . I live in Harlow and am wondering if I can still use a hose on the odd occasion ( not stupidly ) to water my garden . I don’t want to break any laws and would appreciate any advice you can offer . Many thanks.

Like Valerie I will not be using the hosepipe any more than I have to. I have bought plants that tolerate drought. Disabled old/young alike, find their gardens relaxing. Some sit, weather permitting, for hours in them. What I would like to say, to all those that are not disabled, is that we are normal, just have problems that you as able boded people do not. Think yourself lucky.

hi there Hose

reading on the eswater website, I am confused as they basically arenot having a ban at the moment
is that right?

How the being disabled have anything to do with using excess water they should be still in the ban you want to be treated equal, I tell ya what lets just feel up swimming pools cos I’m a blue card holder , what a joke don’t pitty me because a blue card holder I’m getting a swimming pool and just gonns feel the mother and d get all my other wheelies friends too or just leave hose pipes running make a huge koi pond that what I’m getting done to

Hi, I’m a self employed Mobile car valeter and I carry a 400l tank that I fill from home using a hose pipe, how ill this ban affect myself.



Says a lot for the common public. Hi pressure wash machines not only use shed loads of water, but are not good for cars. Takes off paint and fills panels with water… Would not let one of those wash gangs near my car… ps… but what about the garden sprinklers :o)

How are you going to enforce private car wash gangs. They abuse the hose piope ban by using high pressure wash without any restrictions.

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