Dwr Cymru Welsh Water


Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
P.O. Box 690
CF23 5WL



0800 052 0130

Parent Company:

Glas Cymru

About Dwr Cymru Welsh Water:

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water provides water for over 3 million people in Wales.

Watch this space! We will have more information about Dwr Cymru Welsh Water over the coming months. If you have any comments about Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, please use the comments box below.

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been trying to get my lead pipe replaced for over a year. because it is a common supply i have been told i have no chance of getting it altered unless i pay for front and back connections. It’s 2011 but myself and several of my neighbours are using lead pipe over a hundred years old, just like the ancient romans did. So much for dwr cymru’s hype

Welsh Water is the only water company run ‘not for profit’.
It has no shareholders and returns financial surpluses to customers in the form of a customer dividend (£21 this year). There hasn’t been a hosepipe ban in the company’s area since about 1990.

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