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About Cambridge Water

Cambridge Water supplies excellent quality, underground water that is pumped from boreholes. A total of 97 per cent comes from chalk and three per cent comes from greensand aquifers. The water meets the standards of quality set in the European Community Directive 80/778/EEC and incorporated into legislation in England and Wales by the Water Act.

Under the Water Industry Act 1991 we are appointed by the Secretary of State as the Water Undertaker for an area which includes Cambridge and extends to Ramsey in the north, Gamlingay in the west, Balsham in the east and Melbourn in the south (see map). We cover a population of 315,000 and have 130,000 customers.

The company’s household customers have the second lowest bills in England and Wales, while benefiting from the highest levels of customer service, as measured by our regulator Ofwat.

All this is achieved against a backdrop of operating in of the driest and fastest-growing areas of the UK and demonstrates the company’s ability to plan for the future, while maintaining affordable prices.

Hosepipe Ban

There is a  medium risk that a Temporary Usage Ban may need to be introduced if rainfall continues at below-average levels, but at the present time, no formal restrictions are necessary (updated 20 March 2012).

Further information about the drought and the measures customers can take to help out, are available on the Cambridge Water website


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Hi, i live in Melbourn and was wondering if we will be affected by the hosepipe ban, as far as i know we come under Cambridge Water and by looking on the website it appears that the ban wont affect us.

just need this clarifying


I think the issue and confusion that we have in Cambridgeshire is the fact that parts of Cambridgeshire are covered by Cambridge Water, which is not imposing a hosepipe ban, but other parts are covered by Anglian Water. In some areas, such as Longstanton for example, the switch to Anglian Water has only happened recently. Where can we find any information on this? Is there no definite list that covers all of the places in the whole of the UK affected by the ban?

Hi, Is there likely to be a ban in Cambridgeshire? If so are we to be officially told? Also is there somewhere on the net a detailed list of what’s allowed and what’s not? Obviously the use of a hosepipe is banned, but what about a installed watering system for hanging baskets? Also what about ponds? No hose to top up, but can I use a bucket? The ‘regulations’ that I have seen seem to be pretty ambiguous. I’m not trying to buck the system, I just don’t want a big fine! More information please.

Hi Mark

See above for Cambridge Water’s take on hosepipe bans in 2012.

They are obliged by law to inform two local newspapers and place notice on their website before bans are introduced.

Your questions have been answered in various parts of this site and Cambridge Water would publish exact restrictions if they choose to have a hosepipe ban.

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