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Hosepipe Ban in 2023 Almost Certain

There is already a hosepipe ban in place in England in 2023 throughout Cornwall and North Devon which has continued since August of last year.

Here we consider the prospects of a hosepipe ban and drought in England and Wales during 2023.

Rainfall during the autumn and winter months has been fairly average, but since the end of January it’s been very dry. This comes off the back of last year which saw the driest summer for nearly 30 years.

We rely very heavily on good levels of rainfall throughout colder months as this rainfall replenishes rivers, reservoirs and underground stocks of water. During warmer months rainfall is mostly sucked up by vegetation rather than supplementing struggling stock levels.

One especially worrying indicator comes from the northern Yorkshire Water region. Over at least the last 20 years we’ve seen the highly populated and drier south and south east of England hit with almost yearly drought concerns. But at the moment, the Yorkshire region is really struggling.

Until 2022 we had to go back to the dry summer of 1995 to see a hosepipe ban put in place by Yorkshire Water. They are currently preparing for another dry summer with news that they may need to pump more water from rivers to supplement domestic water supplies.

If a traditionally wetter region such as Yorkshire is have such problems, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of England and Wales – especially in the south.

Currently it’s looking very likely that many parts of England and Wales will again face hosepipe bans in 2023, unless we have a very damp early spring.

3 replies on “Hosepipe Ban in 2023 Almost Certain”

I’m no left-winger, but surely it’s time that our government considered re-nationalising the water companies? The current model clearly isn’t working – not just the constant threat of a hosepipe ban every summer, but also the mishandling of sewage into rivers that’s becoming very clear now.

They could sort this if they wanted to, we are an island surrounded by water and are in gardening zone 7/8 mainly with lush green pastures and many riverways and lakes. I have concluded that they are trying to undermine us as a nation, rob us of our agricultural and green heritage for their god of globalism and riches for the elite predator class and their minions. We have the minds and resources to find technological solutions as well as ancient ones, but people no longer have the desire to save our nation.

I agree that this problem could be sorted technically (or technologically if people prefer) – if we looked back to the days of the industrial revolution, they knew how to sort it alright. They used their brains. Part of the problem is that a lot of the waterways, pipeways etc from that era, which balanced out the countrywide water stores has fallen into disrepair, so is hardly a system that can be relied on anymore. I’m told it wouldn’t actually be that difficult (or expensive) to repair/replace it, but that requires someone in higher places than me to ‘brain’ that.

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