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Drought officially declared across parts of England

Large areas of the south east, south west and central England have been announced as being under drought.

The National Drought Group have stated that 2022 is the driest summer for fifty years.

The National Drought Group consists of key figures from the Environment Agency, government and water companies.

The Environment Agency has confirmed drought status in eight of its 14 areas:

  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Solent and South Downs
  • Kent and South London
  • Herts and North London
  • East Anglia
  • Thames
  • Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire
  • East Midlands

Declaring drought status simply escalates actions already being taken by the Environment Agency and water companies. This may include the implementation of more Temporary Use Bans – hosepipe bans.

2 replies on “Drought officially declared across parts of England”

How long have we had a “National Drought Group”? Never heard of it before and have to say it sounds dubious if it includes water companies who are plainly all about profit.

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