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Kent and Sussex Hosepipe Ban 2022

Update 30/11/2022 – This hosepipe ban has now ended.

South East Water will be enforcing a hosepipe ban on Kent and Sussex from Friday 12th of August.

The water company says it has had no choice but to introduce restrictions following the driest July on record.

Although the company is relying on customers to do the right thing and observe the ban themselves, they are also asking that people report their neighbours if they are spotted breaking the rules.

Those who are caught not sticking to the hosepipe ban can be fined up to £1000.

The wording of hosepipe bans differs from water company to water company, even though they are following the same legislation that creates Temporary Use Bans.

This is a list of South East Water’s restrictions from August 12th:

Whilst the temporary use ban is in place, you must not:

  • Water a garden using a hosepipe
  • Clean a private motor-vehicle (or a trailer for such a vehicle) using a hosepipe
  • Water plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe
  • Clean a private leisure boat using a hosepipe
  • Fill or maintain a domestic swimming or paddling pool
  • Draw water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use
  • Fill or maintain a domestic pond (manmade or natural) using a hosepipe
  • Fill or maintain an ornamental fountain (including a cascade or any other display of moving water, and includes filling by permanent plumbing)
  • Clean walls, or windows, of domestic premises using a hosepipe
  • Clean paths or patios using a hosepipe
  • Clean other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe

Generally speaking, businesses may carry out some of these listed items if they are done as part of their usual business. Companies should contact the water company directly if in doubt.

We will update our Latest News section when any changes to this hosepipe ban occurs.

7 replies on “Kent and Sussex Hosepipe Ban 2022”

Please note its ONLY SOUTH EAST WATER customers that are having a hose pipe ban.
Southern water and Affinity water don’t – both of which cover a large area of Kent

It would be useful if you could clarify that NOT all of Kent is affected by the hosepipe ban. Most of the Kent coast, particularly customers of Affinity Water and Southern Water will not be banned. Thank you.

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