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Isle of Man Hosepipe Ban 2022

Manx Utilities have imposed a hosepipe ban on the Isle of Man from Friday 29th of July 2022. This is ongoing and will continue “until further notice”.

The ban prohibits the use of garden hosepipes, sprinklers and pressure washers. They state that a maximum fine of £2000 can be imposed for those breaking the rules.

Businesses on the island may continue to use such devices if they are “directly linked to the use of water for your commercial purposes. Some examples of this would be commercial car washes, gardeners, window cleaners etc.”

Update: The hosepipe ban on the Isle of Man officially ends on Wednesday 7th of September 2022.

2 replies on “Isle of Man Hosepipe Ban 2022”

Hello I live on a boat and need to get water into my drinking tanks. Can a hose be used for this.

Also if I am sucking water straight from the sea and it runs off boat back into the sea can I use the saltwater hose .



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