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Hosepipe Ban 2022 – Very Unlikely

Summary: The prospect of a hosepipe ban in 2022 in the UK is very unlikely.

How do we know?

The Environment Agency provides comprehensive data on current underground water levels, reservoir levels and river levels. Looking at this data we can see that the country’s water stocks are currently at healthy levels for this time of year.

Water companies are now very proactive in issuing warnings to their customers about any impending issues surrounding water shortages. It can be seen very quickly that there is no such problem or worries about hosepipe bans or water shortages in 2022.

Often the best way to judge the likelihood of a hosepipe ban in summer is to judge the winter that goes before it. Met Office data for the winter of 2021/2022 in the UK shows that although it was warmer than the long-term average, rainfall was about what we normally expect.

Average winter rainfall is generally a good rule of thumb that we can use to predict a summer that shouldn’t need a hosepipe ban. Added to that is the fact that the weather since then hasn’t been particularly dry or hot.

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