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Hosepipe Ban 2021 – Predictions

Most of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are very unlikely to experience hosepipe bans in 2021.

This can be predicted by looking at rainfall over the last 6 months as well as the last 12 months for a longer view. Current reservoir and underground (aquifer) levels are normal for this time of the year in most regions.

However, the South East of the country continues to cause concern and cannot be predicted as easily. A hosepipe ban for 2021 in the following counties cannot be ruled out:

Greater London, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, West Sussex, East Sussex, Isle of Wight.

This is based on the recently lower levels of rainfall and lower than average water levels in both reservoirs and aquifers.

The other issue this year is going to be the huge number of ‘staycationers’ taking their holidays in this country. Last year also saw an increase in paddling pool sales and a general shift to gardening, all of which raise water consumtion.

All data is taken from the Environment Agency. Please return regular for further updates and see our Hosepipe Ban: Current Situation page for the latest developments.

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