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Hosepipe Ban Next Month For Southern Water Customers

Despite last weekend’s heavy rainfall, Southern Water is set to impose a hosepipe ban next month due to excessively dry conditions in the region.

As reported previously, the area has continuing problems with low river and underground water levels. This is especially the case on the River Test in Hampshire which provides vital supplies for Southern Water.

Due to new rules imposed by the Environment Agency this year, the company now needs a drought permit to continue extracting water from the River Test.

To comply with the rules of the drought permit the company says it has to introduce a phased hosepipe ban as part of wider plans to demonstrate it is doing everything possible to reduce water use. This includes the continuing fixing of leaks that the company says has been stepped up with extra teams and technology.

Southern Water says “We have also spent £2.4 million fixing leaks across our area, which save about five million litres a day from being wasted.”

Southern Water and other companies are now using the term Temporary Use Ban (TUB) in place of the more familiar Hosepipe Ban, though it’s exactly the same thing.

A hosepipe ban was last put in place by Southern Water in 2012 when much of the south eastern region of the UK was also under hosepipe ban restrictions.

Currently no other areas of the country have hosepipe bans in place, though the mainly dry summer in the south east obviously raises the threat of water restrictions being used in that part of the country in the next few months.

For the latest information on hosepipe bans in the rest of the UK, check out our Hosepipe Ban: Current Situation page.

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