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Hosepipe Ban Enforced in Northern Ireland

A Hosepipe Ban was put in place in Northern Ireland starting from 6pm on Friday 29 June 2018. It’s the first in Northern Ireland since 1995.

Northern Ireland Water have prohibited the following activities during the Hosepipe Ban:

  • Watering a garden using a hosepipe;
  • Watering outdoor plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe;
  • Drawing water, using a hosepipe for domestic recreational use;
  • Filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool using a hosepipe;
  • Filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe;
  • Cleaning a private leisure boat using a hosepipe;
  • Cleaning a private motor vehicle using a hosepipe;
  • Cleaning walls or windows of domestic premises using a hosepipe;
  • Cleaning paths or patios of domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe.

CEO Sara Venning said, “We have maximised our water production and need customers’ help to reduce demand. We are asking customers to take heed of the hose pipe ban and stop non-essential water use – using hoses and sprinklers is causing demand to exceed the capacity to supply.

“I would like to pay tribute to our staff who have been working over recent days and through the night to ensure water treatment works are running at full capacity. In addition, tankers have been deployed to assist with topping up service reservoirs. However, we also need the help of the public and businesses to reduce the level of demand. In recent days our treatment works have been operating at near maximum levels with over 700 million litres of water being put into the network which is some 25% more than normal for this time of the year. Despite these steps, demand continues to outstrip supply.

“The hose pipe ban is in place to protect the public against the increased threat of supply interruptions. During this time, it is essential that we all work together to reduce the unprecedented levels of demand on our network.”

Northern Ireland has also been plagued with moorland wildfires during the dry period, placing further strain on water resources.

The Hosepipe Ban applies to domestic users in Northern Ireland and business users are currently exempt.

For more information, see the Northern Ireland Water Hosepipe Ban information page.

5 replies on “Hosepipe Ban Enforced in Northern Ireland”

Why are people so selfish? Just reduce your water consumption as advised and help everyone through this dry spell.

Can I use a watering can on plants? Can I fill a watering can with a hose pipe to water pot plants?

Yes you can use a watering can. Technically you can’t use a hosepipe at all if it’s connected to a mains supply. You’d need to fill your watering can directly from the tap.

under what legislation are NI Water enacting? surely any legislation will relate to water shortage due to drought, not over capacity due to NI Water failing to do their job and plan for a future with increased capacity! what action have NI Water taken to close down the plethora of illegal car washes all over the country who are not only failing to pay rates nor for the vast amounts of water they use every hour!

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