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Heatwave Leads to Water Restriction Warnings

Britain is currently experiencing a heatwave at levels not seen since 1995. Although wetter weather is expected, extra pressure has been put on water suppliers to keep up with customer demand.

Affinity Water supplies 3.6 million homes in and around London and they have reported an increase in demand of up to 50%. They are asking customers “to continue to keep using water wisely”. At certain points in the last few days many residents in their region have experienced a drop in water pressure as the network struggles to cope.

Hosepipe bans and water restrictions are still not being discussed publicly by water companies, though further dry spells may change this.

The Met Office have issued a Level 3 Heatwave Action Warning. This is known as an amber warning and is just one less than the Level 4 red warning. More information and safety advice about heatwaves can be found on the Met Office website.

Keep an eye on our Hosepipe Ban: Current Situation page for regular updates.

One reply on “Heatwave Leads to Water Restriction Warnings”

I have to use water for my business as a window cleaner . Very little water in fact. A few hundred litres a day. Every time there’s a drought (approx. Every 5 years) I get threatened with not being able to work. It makes me sick that nothing ever seems to get done about the situation. I’ve read reports by hydrologists from 2006 detailing what needs to be done by 2017. Nothing has happened apart from about a million more houses have been built to further worsen the situation. There is no public awareness of the problem. The water companies do very little to ensure that the generals public understand how little water there is. It annoys me when you see people with unattended sprinklers watering there grass that’s not even brown or companies in parks setting up plastic slides for kids to slide down on when they are wetting the slides with hosepipes on continually for hours over a whole weekend . No wonder there is no water

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