Hosepipe Ban 2016

Hosepipe Ban 2016

December 2015 produced record rainfall and widespread flooding with the highest river levels ever seen in England. So what are the prospects for a drought or hosepipe ban in 2016?

The Environment Agency has stated that rainfall has been above average for five consecutive months to the end of March. March 2016 itself was relatively wet, having rainfall at 127% of the long term March average.

River levels have dropped in most areas, but the majority remain classed as normal or high. Groundwater levels increased during March and month-end water levels were mostly normal or higher for the time of year.

Overall reservoir storage stands at 93% with variations between the regions of 91% and 99%.

What does this all mean?

The last four years haven’t had prolonged dry periods. Adding the latest results above we can confidently predict there will be no hosepipe bans in the UK during 2016.

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  1. Given the almost knife-edge situation of will it, won’t it rain I’m amazed that there is so little public awareness of the fact that we cannot and must mot take our use of water for granted. There are so many car-washing facilities everywhere you turn and offers on Karcher gadgets abound. I used to work in a school where children often left the taps on – if this is happening in every school in the land … what a shame. What should we do? Just ignore it like our ever growing litter problem? I don’t know what to suggest, but I do think it’s a shame.

    • We completely agree with you Nina. When you look at the growing population in the UK, this problem is magnified. Water isn’t an infinite resource, even if we do live in a relatively wet country.

  2. what is the punishment if caught using a hoespipe?

  3. Don’t worry. If you look in the sky you will see cemtrails almost every two days keep watching the trails an hour later are sky’s turn white. This is called gio engineering or weather modification.

  4. Is the Hose pipe ban still in place?
    If yes, can I not water my allotment.

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