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Little Chance of Hosepipe Ban in 2015

Despite a fairly dry April and months of below-average rainfall, Britain is unlikely to see any hosepipe ban or water restrictions during 2015.

Only a third of the average rainfall for April has fallen so far and the Met Office has reduced its rain forecast.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sillitoe said: “We are over half-way through the month but we’ve had around a third of the rainfall we get on average.”

Data for weather this year shows rain fall has been lower than average every month except January which was 20 per cent higher. The Met Office have said drought conditions are a long way off and conditions would need to be much drier for much longer before hosepipe ban conditions arose.

The Environment Agency has said water levels are good. A spokesperson said: “River and groundwater levels across England are healthy. We monitor closely throughout the year and always advise people to use water wisely.”

Britain’s last major hosepipe ban was imposed in 2012 following two unusually dry winters. Occasional heatwaves do prompt fears of drought during the summer months but as long as the winter months are normal, water levels tend to remain good.

2 replies on “Little Chance of Hosepipe Ban in 2015”

I don’t understand your post at all. Is this a dry pipe or is it attached to your mains water supply? How are you “clipping” your hosepipe to a buried pipe? Where is the other end of the hosepipe? Basically, during a hosepipe ban you can’t use a hosepipe attached to the main water supply.

Thanks for the above post.

I have moved house and am sorting out garden structure with future hosepipe bans in mind. I am thinking of laying a buried pipe up to a green house ending in a tap. The pipe will not be able to go to the house so I plan a hosepipe of 7 metres to clip to the house end of the buried pipe when I need to use it to fill a watering can at the greenhouse. Is this likely to be permissible please?


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