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Hosepipe Ban News Round-up

Due to the UK’s current heatwave it’s natural that many people are wondering about a hosepipe ban in 2013. Here we have a quick run-down of what the water companies are saying about this. For up-to-date information, see our Current Situation page.

UK Water, said “People should carry on with their lives and continue to water their plants and fill their paddling pools, but as always we would ask people to be mindful about how they use their water.”

Anglian Water said: “Hosepipe bans are not a response to short term weather, they are a response to long-term climate change. The dry weather would have to continue until at least next summer for a ban to be introduced.”

Southern Water said: “We are grateful that our customers are using water wisely. They are taking advantage of lots of water-saving tips on our website for gardens and elsewhere in the home. This helps them not only save water but also money off both their water and energy bills. We also remind customers the importance of keeping hydrated in the hot weather and encourage people to keep a jug of water in the fridge for a cooling drink.”

Affinity Water said: “While our water resources for this year are fine, we need to plan in detail for a more challenging future with increasing population growth and where increasingly erratic weather patterns could lead to more frequent periods of drought.” And: “Due to the heavy rainfall period from April 2012 and into the winter, our groundwater sources remain above average for this time of year. There are no plans to introduce temporary use bans for 2013.”

Thames Water said: “While we are currently a million miles away from a drought, our treatment works are being cranked up a notch to keep pace with the spikes in demand.”

Northumbrian Water stated the level of its reservoirs was about average for the time of year. The company said it was “highly unlikely” a hosepipe ban would be introduced.

Yorkshire Water said: “With the recent hot weather that has been a more intense operation as demand has increased. There is a massive operation to make sure we are managing and balancing our water stocks. That is what we are doing, but there is also a call to action to our customers to use water wisely, especially when warm weather puts extra stresses and strains on resources.”

United Utilities said: “The water levels in our reservoirs are at a level that we expect for this time of year, and there are no problems with the water supply at this time. Even if the weather continues as it is, we do not think that there will be a problem. There are no plans at the moment to introduce a hosepipe ban in East Lancashire, but we would ask people to use water responsibly. and not waste it. If people do not do this. then they run the risk of using too much and we then might have to, but it’s always difficult to look into the future.”

South East Water said: “We are pleased to say our water resources are in a good position this summer. We have, unsurprisingly, seen water use increase in the hot weather, but our teams are working hard to make sure we keep up with demand.”

All statements have been made in the last few days.

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