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Bookmakers Slash Odds of Hosepipe Ban

Bookmaker Coral has shortened the odds of a hosepipe ban anywhere in the UK from 8/1 to 4/1 . This follows on from the current heatwave affecting Britain. Hospital admissions have soared due to relatively high temperatures and pink skin can be seen everywhere. Only Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win managed to keep us indoors for a few hours this weekend.

A hosepipe ban this year still remains extremely unlikely though as both water companies and the Environment Agency have repeatedly stated this in 2013. Any shortage of rain this summer would need to be followed by a dry winter to raise the possibility of a hosepipe ban next year, but currently water stocks are average for this time of year.

One reply on “Bookmakers Slash Odds of Hosepipe Ban”

I think the hose pipes should not be used
1. save water
2. no floods
3. save plastic on making them
4. save money

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