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Use Water Wisely in 2013 say Water Companies

One year after hosepipe bans were introduced in many parts of the country water companies have urged customers to use water carefully, despite 2012 being the second wettest year on record.

Heavy rain beginning last April and continuing almost unabated through summer, autumn and winter means reservoir and underground aquifer stocks are well above average levels.

And although water companies have said there is very little prospect of a hosepipe ban this year, they are still urging people to “use water wisely”. Water conservation would help to keep stocks at a good level should the country experience drought conditions in the near future they say.

Such advice from the water companies does of course risk annoying customers who are facing yearly water bill rises.

South East Water, Thames Water and Anglian have all stated recently a similar message of “using water wisely”. All three companies were amongst the seven who imposed hosepipe bans last year.

Apart from a dry February, the long period of rain has meant that reservoir stocks in England and Wales are well above average, according to the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. The Met Office backs up the theory that water levels will stay high this year as they do not believe it will be an especially dry summer.

Meanwhile, many areas of the country continue to be affected by flooding or the threat of flooding which is seen to be an important long-term problem in the UK.

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Water compenises …?
this is January 2014 calling – what have you got planned in the PR department now the underground aquafers are all full?

The rain has been falling to the point of drowning the whole UK and you haven’t reported any new reservoirs to capture this excess… how about buying the Somerset levels and using that?

The rising population, use by businesses, washing millions of cars, and wasting water at every level. My local brook is currently dry and fish dying and some already dead, aquifers full!? I am feeding the brook with a watering can to keep fish alive. Environment agency say reason is excessive demand on ground water. And not forgetting lack of rain this year. We have to learn to be frugal, and not just us either, business as well and car proud people! I live in North east hampshire.

Wetest yeat 2012& 2013 starts pouring with rain. Where the **** are they putting all that water?

“using water wisely¬Ě this must be a joke, water comes from the skies free of charge as a blessing of God’s and Mother Nature, this companys charges a fortune almost like paying for gold, I WILL SAY USE THE MONEY WE PAY WISELY, don’t pay so much to the directors and shareholders, and wisely build more and more efficient water reserves.

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