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Three Water Companies to End Hosepipe Bans

Hosepipe bans by three water companies are to be lifted this week during what forecasters have predicted will have been the wettest June on record. Restrictions will be lifted on Thursday by Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water.

Most reservoirs are now at least 75% full and rivers have returned to normal for the time of year, the Environment Agency said last week. However, groundwater levels are still below normal and some areas still need heavy rainfall this winter to recover fully.

The Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, said: “We’ve always been clear that temporary restrictions should only be in place for as long as necessary.”

South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Veolia Water Central and Veolia Water Southeast have confirmed that their hosepipe bans will remain in place. The companies say their supplies are dependent on ground water resources, which remain too low.

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I hope that the water companies will now realise that we already have an effective water supply network in the UK … They’re called clouds 😉

What recession? Companies closing everywhere but Water companies reap huge profits and fat bonuses to fat cats.

We muppets sit around wondering if we can or cannot water our plants if it does not rain!!
Industries waste more water then residents who are out hard at work to pay the huge water bills!!!

Water companies act like gods. We should be eternally greatfull or else we die!

The BigWigs do not invest what they should back into companies. Instead we see flooding, old drainage systems, reservoirs that are not sustainable. Perhaps the reason why they do not invest is to try and make Water seem “rare” and therefore more “costly”!

Shame on people who control our world at our expense. I am not a muppet and never will be!! But one day, the scam by water bosses will be revealed !

Oh come on for god’s sake – maintaining a hosepipe ban now is a joke. People will not be watering their gardens – probably pumping the water out!

Lets have some sense. Lift the ban now and let homeowners do the essential outdoor cleaning that requires a hose.

water , water , everywhere and not a drop to ..hose.. pretty pathetic really , just a viewpoint from one of your customers . no excuses .

I live in Eastbourne. A hard water area. The quality of the water is very poor.
I have bought and installed a water softener. My washing machine and shower and kettle and my central heating boiler should all last longer now. The limescale is a big problem here. It’s a lot to pay for poor quality water. You should see inside my pipes.
South east water charge me the same as people that don’t get hard water and the resulting problems that go with it.

Finally. How come we have to pay the same wether there is a hosepipe ban in place or not ?

Joe, I like your style. Sadly your irony is lost on most of the posters. Rehydrating water-now that is an interesting idea!

Hello there I would like to know if i can use the hose pipe now in Tottenham London, I have email but did not receive a reply. I believe the ban has been lifted but want to be sure.

Hosepipe bans have been lifted in areas covered by companies featured at the top of this page.

I’m sure people have taken ‘JOE’s joke reply far too seriously, he’s just another member of the public, not an authority on the water issue.

Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to install very large water butts and create more water collecting surfaces in the local communities. People could then use this collected rain water for washing cars and watering gardens. All that this requires is a large roof area and some guttering, pipes, and large water tanks or butts. I also have an end of terrace house, and the wall at the end is wasted space. It could easily be fitted with a very large slim radiator type tank and used for storing water. I’d be willing to let my neighbours share some of it by attaching their hoses. There’s lots of end houses like mine that could be utilised. Just costs money to implement it that’s all.

i think we should partition the government to get the owners who can’t manage the water companies out. Mind you the government are probably getting a back hander anyway.

Message for South East Water
Get your act into gear and build some reservoirs if ground water not enough to keep your customers satisfied. It seems golf clubs have the wherewithall to do this but the South east water company cannot. Is it possible to change water companies as I would rather support one that looks aftermy interests rather the themselves

no because he thinks your a prick like everyone else after your comment

what makes me laugh is pressure washers that use 80 PERCENT LESS WATER are banned as they connect to a hose, unfortunately VEOLIA have not updated thier technology or handbook of practice since 1965 so are not privvy of all these technological advancements, futuristic new fangled pressure washers hey, i use more water with my watering can so jsut makes me cringe how retarded this all is…

jim why have reservoirs been sold of for profit to build houses on? im afraid i dont agree with you your talking rubbish. Tell that to all the households that have been flooded since the hosepipe ban mate im sure they would like to meet you face to face

disscusting BAD MANAGEMENT and all you idiots who report people should be ashamed.The govenment sold all our fersilities off to other countries and all they want to do is make a profit. They dont give a toss about us.What about all the leeks all over the SE. Why cant they take water out the bloody medway the amount of times that floods? because they are all owned by different counties istead of our own.


really pleased at the comments cant wait to fill up the paddling pool for those warm summer nights 😉 (winky face) xx

lets all go to the major supermarkets and have our cars washed with hose pipes presure washers, thats ok ,i suppose they class this as industrial use, they run all day ,competing with the mains leaks in the roads ,never mind ,just putting the washing through an old fashioned mangle and catching the water to make a cup of tea.

dont understand this hose pipe ban just seems to be more a pain in the arse than anything. if i used my hose pipe to water my garden i would use far less water because of the sprinkler action. where as im now up and down with 10 liters every time spilling most of it as i walk and using double the amount of water.

Are we having to save our water for the Xbillion number of visitors to the Olympics so they can drink, shower and flush to their hearts’ content at our cost?
Like Ken above, we look forward to receiving our rebate for being unable to use the supply as normal, for which we are still paying the same rate.

What a great oppertunity for Southeaster Water. Hosepipe ban means less water to treat for the same income from householders = more profit for the shareholders. Let us not think that extra income will be spent on improving the system. We all know who comes first in the pipeline and it is not us.

They stilll say than can cope with the proposed building expansion in Kent maybe because that means more revenue for no extra effort just further restrictions.( Did not receive a rebate for sub standard delivery service?????)

With the amount of new homes being built within our area, I feel it is inevitable that the household water and wast water will be afected. This compounded with the lack of rain at the right times of the year will result in hose pipe bans and alike.
What I would like to know is what (if anything) is being done about this, if nothing is in place, what is going to be put in place? Another aspect is who is going to pay for it, as I don’t think it should be the people living in these areas as many do not want the extra homes built,as it puts a strain on all services, encluding shops, schools and transport.
I look forward to recieving your reply.


Let me assure you we are doing everything we can to minimise the risk of this occurring in the future. However, as the amount of rainfall per capita in the south east is amongst the lowest in the World, this is not something we are able to cure overnight.

We have considered desalination, creating new surface reservoirs, building man-made aquifers, and even importing dehydrated water from China – but all of these have options have their own difficulties. Currently we are investigating the feasibility of moving the entire south east of England to Wales where it always rains. This would be a simple way to resolve the problem, but unfortunately we are encountering some stubborn resistance from the Welsh.

We will of course keep you up to date with any developments.

joe wtf are you on? moving the southeast to wales? jog on with your patronising sarcasm.

jim has a valid point and you unfortunately do not, if it rains more in other parts of the coutry then you should be taking water from them not relying on the South East to fill up with water, you look at other countries but not at your own? you have far too much time on your hands if you can look far a field but not look within the country for a solution, half the water companies have why cant you?

also the southeast is the most affluent so more of the homes are built down here to meet the demand, whether there is more or less rain all these new amenities and housing estates pull on the resources of the driest part of england as you call it, so why have you planned thousands more in east anglia and kent the area that is already not able to cope with the demand of water? oh yeah, money from new housing is more important then maintaining the existing infrastructure adequetly.

and to think where i am in saffron walden the neighbouring towns and cities have all been lifted as we are intersected by suffolk, cambridgeshire and hertfordshire and none of them had to carry on the ban, but 16 miles down the road and saffron walden still is…hmmm…georgraphy come into, who owns what does…which goes back to the point of, why dont you get water from the north to serve the south or get water from wales to serve the south, better then a joke to move half the country there…or maybe its not a joke, because you dont present anything viable instead anyway and thats why we are in this situation.

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