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Swimming and Paddling Pools (Updated)

We’ve been receiving a LOT of questions regarding the filling of domestic swimming and paddling pools (or the topping up of). It also appears that certain water companies have shifted their stance on this. Therefore we’ll now try to explain the situation as it stands today 28/05/2012 and we’ll update in the future.

No water company that currently has a ban in place allows you to use a hosepipe to fill, top up or maintain a swimming or paddling pool.

The following water companies allow you to fill, top up or maintain a swimming or paddling pool using a hand held container directly from a tap (not filled by a hosepipe):

  • Anglian Water
  • Southern Water
  • South East Water
  • Sutton and East Surrey Water
  • Thames Water
  • Veolia Water Southeast
  • Veolia Water Central


109 replies on “Swimming and Paddling Pools (Updated)”

IT’S A ‘HOSEPIPE BAN’. Use anything else to fill or water what you want. Any form of pipe or guttering will do as long as it’s not a hosepipe. Simples.

Ok so you can use a hosepipe that is being fed from a water container (bucket) and you’re allowed to fill a bucket from a tap so here is a easy solution:

Get a standard 5L bucket from b&Q along with a DIY water butt tap and fix it to the side of the bucket properly for future use and prevent leaking and now you can attach a hosepipe with no trouble.
The next stage is to hang the bucket from the tap (gravity will pull the water through the hose) fill the bucket with the tap – which is allowed and when nearly full open the tap on the bucket you made to allow water to flow – that’s how to legally use a hosepipe from mains as you’re not using the pipe directly on mains and your still filling a bucket to use the water which apparently is all allowed.

Tell me if I am wrong please? From what I can see this is fine as you are doing what the water company want. plus there will be no hosepipe attachment on the tap.

The reason they let buckets and not a hose is that it’s a limiter of how big a pool (and how deep) you will fill it. Clearly unless you have an old fashioned human chain buckets will only be good for a little pool – kind of equivalent to a bath anyway….
Its good news and common sense, you’re only a toddler once! Besides its not looking like too many people will need a paddling pool this summer anyway!!

Surely by now the reservoirs are full? Can we please remove the stupid hose pipe ban, if the water companies are worried about the aquifers still being low, surely the water being used to fill up pools and water plants goes back into them eventually!

Let’s be honest. The water companies wast millions of litres of water per day through leakages etc.
This is because paying fatcat managers and shareholders is far more important to them than spending money on the water infrastructure.

The amount used by domestic hosepipes is insignificant in comparison to the amount they waste.

We live in the Thames water area, and as a blue badge holder we are apparently exempt. We have a large 8 foot pool which is usually up all summer long as we use chlorine and chemicals to maintain it. Unfortunately we can not fill up using buckets (virtually impossible with disability!) so how do we fill? several of the children in the area would use the pool therefore saving water on a number of paddling pools being used instead. After chatting to an elderly resident she told me if you are disabled the fire brigade would come and fill for you, is this true or is she just pulling my leg? any info with regards to filling without bucket or hose would be a big help, thanks :O)

I wouldn’t have thought the fire brigade would do anything like that these days. The best I can come up with is for you to contact Thames Water and ask if they are willing to help you under the circumstances.

If, as you say, all the children in the neighbourhood will use it, why not ask them to come help fill it? I filled mine (12 ft) by bucket with the help of some neighbours and their outside taps.
The irony of it is, it’s rained so much the last week or so that it is now actually overflowing… I left 3 inches out the top to allow doe displacement. I should have just let the weather fill it up for me!

Don’t know if Hose will mind me stating this on here but if he wants to remove the comment I don’t mind at all…. Whilst waiting for Hose to get back to me I thought I would give the Water Company a quick ring to confirm about the paddling pools. A very helpful chap called Gary listened by my query and confirmed that YES I could fill my paddling pool with buckets which I have now done. I also chlorinate it so that there is no emptying and the pool stays clean.

Gary took my name, address and phone number. I asked him if the call was going to be logged and he said that it would be, which quite frankly I am pleased about because then there is a record that you have checked that you are acting within the law.

I think the only problem with the ban is that some people will be reported maliciously without anything unlawful going on at all. My advice would be that if you are worried about doing anything I would check with them first. The call will be logged and then if the neighbourhood busybody rings them to cause trouble then all is well.

Thank you.

Many thanks for sharing that as I’m sure it will help others.

I agree that speaking to the water company directly is always a good idea. Personally I’d also try to gather photographic evidence to support my case if I suspected I might be reported for doing something I was in fact allowed to do.

i’m querry if I can fill my paddling pool that i bought from ARGOS yesterday.I started filling it when my neighbour stopped me and he told me if I continue they will report me to the Water Authority.I told him that i will used my buckets but he told me that i should not carry on.I read the latest updated from the that South East Water allow his clients to used the buckets.Please could you confirm it back to me because I need to speak to my neighbour and the two Crimewatch lady in my area about this issue.Looking forward to received the answer because my four kids really want to enjoy their time in this pool every afternoon after school.Many Thanks.

A millionaire banker-neighbour of mine is having his patio cleaned by a company using a power hose. I don’t see why this is allowed (I read it under the ‘exemptions’) while I, who conserves water fastidiously can’t water my tiny garden. Water meters should be compulsory so that we can use our water as we please with a cap per household. How do you police those with indoor pools? How do you know that they don’t top them up? Water meters for every household!

I am on a water meter and don’t see why I can’t fill up my paddling pool considering that I pay for every penny of water I use.

I just want to clarify something here…. From reading this very helpful information my understanding is that I can fill a paddling pool for my child with a handheld container… I just want to be sure on this before any neighbourhood busybodies start wasting everyone’s time by reporting me for something it appears I am now allowed to do.

Just to say, fantastic site… watching it daily..

Yes you’re correct – paddling pools can be filled with a hand held container that’s been filled directly from the tap.

Glad you like the site 🙂

I am blue badge holder/registered disabled
I use my jacuzzi especially in this heat when all my joints are very swollen.
This assists with pain and my ability to walk.
I need to clean the top and replenish the water.
Am I able to use my hosepipe for this purpose please.
Please advise
Thank you

I understand the need to conserve water, but surely if we are using less the water companies will be worse off financially unless they really hike the price up. Surely putting all houses on a water meter would help as people without a meter do use much more.

Any financial losses incurred by the hosepipe ban will be nothing compared to the cost to these companies of running out of drinking water. The water restrictions are in place because, in some areas, there is a real risk to future supplies if consumption is not reduced (or more water made available of course, but that won’t happen overnight.) The water companies are not making this stuff up, honest.

As for water meters, I agree entirely. People on meters do not waste water – leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth is the obvious example – around 6 litres per minute, 2.5 minutes per scrub, twice per day = 30 litres per day per person.

If all properties were metered we’d have a much more accurate picture of how much water is really lost through leakage. In my experience most people are better off on a meter – the only ones who may be worse off are some of the poor people (and they don’t really count).

I will say nothing as they are using this as a research to see what we do and feel, and will probably re write the law against us by saying we cant fill a pool at all with water, don’t give them the brains ppl stay private

Just because they haven’t banned using a bucket to fill up a non essential luxury like a pool doesn’t mean you should do it. I think people need to remember that if they continue waisting water then the chances are we will all end up having to collect our water from standpipes in the street when the water is turned off!

all they can say is u have more controll with a bucket but they dont think of the splash n spillige do they

This is crazy, if you are filling a paddling pool, you will using the same amount of water however you fill it whether its by hose or by hand!!

did you know that anglian water cant give a good exaple between a hose pipe and a bucket for filling up a swimming pool and there thinking of having a water band so quickly fill your pools

pluss if they dont have good everdince that your using a hose the cant fine you as it wont stand up in the court of law

why can we not use a hose to fill a pool but can use hand containers surely we are using the same amount of water ? seems silly

Only a few people will have the persistance to fill a swimming pool with a bucket…. so the saving is big…The real trouble is with profit oriented companies involved there no way of knowing if the cause of the shortage is lack of rain or lack of investment . Or even too much planning permision for urban sprawl covering the south of england

if ur tap is higher than the side of the pool then jus prop up a pice of guttering n make a chanell and FATHER TIME back in the days you could go down the river but to maney people litter things in there now and the rivers dont get draged anymore so it is to dangeros so if that got done then there would be a good argument for the water bord to have with respect of our kids cooling down or should i just put them in a cool shower witch in the end would use more water (yestorday we had about 15 kids playing in our pool witch get them off the street n out of trouble plus it stop others needing to fill there pools up

Rob mentioned above about using guttering to fill a pool but this wasn’t addressed afterwards. Is this banned also? I have enough spare guttering to make a Roman style aquaduct!

i agree dave! do wonder what we are paying for sometimes! yesterday it said that you couldnt even fill pools with buckets if your supplier was south east or southern water, also i bet i end up using more water filling with buckets than if i used a hose, seems totally rediculous!

I was walking the dog on Epsom Downs, just after the housepipeban ban was introduced, and there were sprinklers, going like there was no tomorrow, watering the racecourse. How can that be classed as ‘essential use’? Someone’s take the michael.

What’s to stop me removing the outside tap, extending the copper pipe by 10 metres to the pool welding a U joint at the side of the pool adding a straight piece1.5 metres high and placing the tap over the lip of the pool?

Morally wrong I know but legally okay.

“Hosepipe” is used to mean any piping that extends from a property in an “uncommon” way and would cover the method you suggest.

i am with anglian water and am constructing a 12ft pool. i need to fill with water to stop sides collapsing. i am also on a meter so will be paying for any water used. can i use a hose pipe?


How does anyone find out you are breaking the hosepipe ban, my neighbour has had his hose on the past week just leaving it on his grass. Who will ever know about this no action will be given, what to do?

Surely the point is not to waste water into the ground. Are there any cheap and easy ways to siphon paddling pool water down the drain and thereby back to the water company?

I’m still using my hose pipe to entertain my children in my garden for water that I’m paying for so I suggest you all do the same. Rebel people. In the words of rage against the machine ‘**** you I wont do what you tell me’.

I’d love to say I’m amazed at the selfishness of people on these pages who are so concerned about not being able to do such trivial things like fill a paddling pool, but sadly I know this is the kind of modern society we live in.

OK, I know the water companies and government are to blame to some extent, but is it such a big thing to ask you to be careful with water for a few months, due to the dry winters we’ve had?

Another fundamental point you all seem to miss is that the water provided to you is for drinking/cooking and personal hygiene. Water companies are not legally obliged to provide water for anything else.

Let’s say we went back a few hundred years and the only source of water was a village well. How do you think the other villagers would feel about you drying it up in summer to fill your swimming pool? OK, it’s a daft example, but hopefully illustrates how lucky we are these days and also how selfish.

Try seeing the bigger picture sometimes and not just your own immediate ‘needs’.

Nice point, but rather pointless to make.
With such things as solar maximums and grand solar maximums being known for years and their effects.

That’s not including global warming or as I prefer “global weriding”, being known about for the past 40-50 years…..
Topped off with water companies taking their sweet time to fix leaks.

That’s a good 80-90% of blame placed on government and water companies, so I can’t blame people who dislike the hosepipe ban….

we need a housing ban in the southeast, not a hosepipe ban! until the water companies can secure enough water for the occasional paddling pool.

SO is it an actual law? Is it illegal to use hosepipes? Will we fill our prisons with everyday hard working, tax paying folk who just want to let their kids cool down in the sweltering sun whilst the real criminals roam free? Wouldn’t surprise me with this country

there aint a leg to stand realy is there if u get took to court as water is payed for n the pool wil take same amount with bucket or hose so wot the point in the band as it make no differnts ????? water bords r *****!!!! i have the whole neibouor hood coming round for my pool so do that make it a public poolif so i can use hose pipe on it?

Will i be getting a cheque for paying my water rates which is 65 pounds a month can you explain why I’m paying for water that i can’t use?????

Hi Hose

Is this ban still in effect, we had the wettest April ever, whats going on, I pay £50+ a month and cant get the use from it . Can I claim money back?

Well judging by the comments from the water company they rely on people telling them who’s using a hose… so the ultimate question is…

Such a contradiction. This weekend folk jump into their cars and were driving to the coast stuck in traffic producing unnecessary amounts of CO2. Would it not of been better to allow them to conservatively fill paddling pools and stay at home in an effort to keep the children cool.

So I am confused like probably most people on here. Again…we can’t use a hosepipe but can fill a paddling pool with any other way necessary using the same amount of water? Is this a joke? The same amount of water will be used, it doesn’t change the consumption of water used because it comes through a hose pipe and not a tap.
Are people deluded? I’m sorry, if my child wants a paddling pool out in the garden I’m not spending a ridiculous amount of time filling buckets ect filling up the paddling pool. I pay for my water, I’m not, not using it because we are being careful with what we are using because of the 10% increase in London when the Olympics are being held. RIDICULOUS!

im currently heavily pregnant too and have a small child with a pool so you want me to dAMAGE MY SELF AND MY BABY CARRYING BUCKETS PATHETIC . ARE YOU GOING TO BE REDUCING MY BILL I THINK NOT I WONT BE PAYING MY BILL

So, on average, 20% of treated water available in this country is lost through leaks not maintained by the private water companies, but my daughter can’t use a paddling pool in 28 degree heat? Incredible. How is it that privatised companies managing our essential amenities continue to get away with high charges and poor service?

Cinq… We are on a water meter but we are still not allowed to use a hose to fill a pool !

I have a massive big swimming pool so how am i supposed to fill that up without a hosepipe? anyy ides?

To those moaning about paying for water and not being able to fill a paddling pool- go on to a water meter and jut pay for what you use.
As for no paddling pools, it’s not really that huge a deal is it? My children are all under 9 and ‘get it’ that we have a water shortage so they can’t have a paddling pool. They are still able to have fun.

You are allowed to do so with buckets filled directly from the tap, no hosepipe filling allowed.

The Nations of the Middle East, Countries which have thousands of square Miles of Hot, dry deserts, have got water preservation to a tea, they have desalination Plants which keep the Water flowing as it were as opposed to this Country which is surrounded by Water, (according to ‘Experts’ our Sea levels will rise as our Planet heats up,) and we can’t tap into that most precious resource for what reason???? The Water Companies tell and dictate to us ‘not to waste water’, well I’m sorry but it’s the Companies which waste the Water by dumping fresh Water back into the Sea. And another thing to think about is when we have our torrential floods, now this is something I could be wrong on,………..where does it go?

Well just logged on to check hosepipe restrictions as thought I would put the little ones paddling pool up. Southeast Water can’ t even fill it with a bucket!

On the subject of inept water companies & their pragmatic commitment my immediate neighbour had a problem with water pressure and needed a valve to reduce. The water company wouldn’t do anything about it even despite several phone calls from both of us. Although the water comapny acknowledged they turned up the pressure (no max pressure only minimum apparently).

Anyway till my neighbour got it fixed 18 month later!!!. The result of this was that water peed out of their overflow like Niagra. Flooding the small area between our two houses. on a regular basis. This was so bad and usually happened at night that their only way of temporarily sorting it so I had a good night sleep (noise and worry about my foundations) was to turn on their taps and let the water pee down the drain all night.

Water company said they had to observe this (overflow) happening and had 6 hour call out window. Well if they thought I was going to let water pee under my house for 6 hours at a time till they got someone out they could forget it, so complained to neighbour constantly and water was diverted down in the drains. I asked water company could I take a photo and send it they, said no! I know strictly speaking this was my neighbours problem but a pragmatic view in turning down the pressure slightly and fitting the £70 quid value for them (neighbours were broke) would have saved thousands of gallons and many sleepless nights for me wondering whether my house, built on sandy soil, was going to float away like the ark!

This country’s water companies needs to forget about it shareholders, we are it shareholders, we pay the bills and we want the service that they should be providing. I wouldn’t be fussing about paying the bills and helping to save water if they put their money in the long term infrascructure and stop relying so heavily on the poor old Victorians. Its a pity as the Victorian engineers and people in charge did have such vision!

Just moved back to the uk again after spending a few years in germany due to hubby is in the Army .Can’t believe this hose pipe ban ….in germany you have outdoor pools so you don’t need a pool in the garden ….even we still had one up in the garden.My son is really unhappy now as he got none of it. It doesn’t surprise me that so many people leave this country …

That’s a joke!! Whether filling using a bucket or hose pipe it’s still going to use the same amount in the end isn’t it!! Well tough cookies cos the house we’ve just moved has a huge hot tub which I WILL be filling with a hose pipe as A it would take weeks to fill by bucket and B my kitchen is at the front and were mid terrace so I’m not trudging through my carpeted lounge with buckets!!! I should of took the lid off when we had that month of rain shouldn’t I! Itd be over full by now after that lot!!

My hosepipe fits directly onto my Kitchen tap via a proper hozelock system as I don’t have an out-side tap, how is filling up using buckets etc different from using my hosepipe.???? Apart from being safer than lifting liters upon liters of water in containers, ( 1ltr = 1KG roughly) ¦.

if I put the baby bath outside and fill it with the bucket I guess that would technically be ok as its a bath not a pool. They don’t say the bath HAS to be in the house do they?

I am hugely pregnant with a toddler who wants to run about the garden. All I want is to collapse into a paddling pool to keep cool. Is there no health and safety basis for pregnant women. Also it would help hugely with my back ache. Not trying to be cheeky.but we are 2 degrees warmer when pregnant.

It’s a shame we cant have a paddling pool this weekend. I agree with the above comments and wonder, is the hose pipe ban going to be for the whole summer even if we have more rain in weeks to come? I am on a water meter so am always careful with the amount of water I use.

Hot and missing the paddling pool!

so how is filling a pool with a bucket less wasteful than using a hose pipe surely you spill more using a bucket and who is going to know how i filled it up anyway ?

i would just fill it sharon, the people who live over the back to us have left a hosepipe running for three hours and flooded our garden.

I’ve filled mine up for my girls with a great big mixing bowl, works well enough. Though I just read a previous comment about them watching from helicopters- i’m terrified now.

This really makes me laugh, silly to say you can use buckets, but not a hose, as some have said your still using the same amount of water. My dogs have two thick double coats and need the pool, so I will and have filled it up, we pay for it, so i’ll use it!!! Would they pay for the vet bills should my dogs get heatstroke?? NOPE didn’t think so!!!!

Its a total joke for a country that has so much rainfall!!! Using a bucket uses the same amount of water wake up!!!! Australia never goes through this and they don’t have much rainfall! We pay for our water so why not use it! Maybe the government needs to review how this country stores their water! Total joke and embarrassing to be part of it !!!

Hey is there anyone who can fix the water pipe oozing fresh water down the road into the storm drain outside the L n D hospital in Luton.Its been 3 days now!!!

Well it’s a gloriously sunny weekend (unusually) my granddaughter would have a lot of fun in her paddling pool. How about a trade off ? If I don’t shower or use my washing machine for 3 days could we fill her paddling pool, with a bucket of course ?

Under Southern Water: If you have a pool say above ground pool, you can fill this pool using a hose pipe. It falls under:

1/filling or maintaining a pool where necessary in the course of its construction;

This is due to the fact that the pool reqires the water to complete contruction to make the side walls rigid and the outer poles secure. No difference between a £50k pool or a £200 above ground one. Please note I have contacted the company to confirm this statement.


Liner swimming pools can dry out and crack if left too long in a dry state. Filling pool by hand, 10,000 gallons, would take all year!! Surely there’s some leeway in this situation???

Yes if you have a special reason to use a hosepipe you should speak to your local water company and ask for an exemption.

I say don’t bother paying your water bill what’s the point can’t even use it in this weather to put up a pool too cool us down it’s rediculous im so against this makes me so angry! I say either let money off when it comes to water cause we ain’t using it grrrrr

I agree with all the above comments.
Does this have anything to do with the Olympics?
All the millions of people who’ll be in the London area and using our resources we paid for?
Why not tax our visitors like other countries do?

It was reported a long time ago that water consumption is expected to rise by about 10% when the Olympics are on (in London). That’s a lot of water.

Honestly what is this, im just a child and i understand the current situation and think it’s ridiculous. So we can fill up pools with buckets, not hosepipes. This is much more time consuming yet uses the same amount of water. So my parents are paying for water supplies? More like no water. Fix the pipes and get on with. Are these people braindead.

i was thinking of popping out to the car wash, but now am thinking of filling the pool for the girls, can any body tell me where I can send the fiver I would have to pay the car wash men as that is obviously the going rate for 60 ltrs of water in the commercial enviroment, or should i run the risk of a grand fine which is clearly the going rate to the retail customer,

I’m 38 weeks pregnant and currently drinking about as much water each day as it would take to fill a paddling pool! I wonder if they’ll fine me for that?!

We get so little sunshine in the UK and the kids have SO much fun with a paddling pool that its absolutely tragic that the water authorities would want to stop this. On top of all our other day to day challenges, we now have yet another liberty taking away from us.

Why dont they just tax the sunshine and have done with it.

I am sure the kids will not find it fun if we end up with standpipes down the line which will really cause disruption. Go to a public swimming pool and get some perspective. This is not “tragic”. There is no God-given right to have a paddling pool.

Im wondering, if its true that they are surveying peoples gardens and obtaining photos of pools from helicoptors, and they see a paddle pool and a garden hose in the garden are they going to be able to fine us.( My hose is connected in a rusted manner to outside tap )
How can I prove I struggled through the house tripping over the dog flattening the kids and spilling water over laminate flooring that now needs replacing carryng buckets while 9 months pregnant?

This is an urban myth created over many years. The water companies themselves have stated this year that they are relying almost entirely on the general public to inform on abusers of the ban.

As a plumber I get asked this question regularly, why are utility companies allowed to leave a full pressured leak for hours without anybody doing anything about it? aaammmhhh…….The amount of fresh water being wasted down the drain is unbeliever, and we are told on how to save water.
Regarding us public using the hose pipe, well I’m sure there’s may people out there today who have filled their paddling pools with a hose pipe.
Filling a paddling pool by a hose pipe or by a bucket, it uses the same amount of water…. So what’s the difference,?
Just make the most of the sun shine, coz next week the clouds will be filling those paddling pools.

I dont need to water my garden, them over the back have had theirs running for 3 hrs now and my lawn is flooded.

What part of we are an island are they struggling with how can we be in drought ?????????
Salination plant is what’s needed get the money out of our rates !!!!

While I appreciate we need to conserve our water supplies and reserves, can anyone please explain to me why no one has addressed or even been held accountable, for the loss of millions of gallons of water through old and broken pipes..? As a tax payer, why am I paying for water companies to simply waste millions of pounds lining their pockets, while the average man on the street suffers. Having just experienced the wettest January, Febuary, March and April I think those living in Veolia Water Central, feel I little bit hard done by, seeing as how most of the leaking mains are within the London area. Pipes laid in Victorian times were the best, but relying on them to be perfect in 2012 is stretching it a little to far in anyones imagine nation.
So my question is this, how long is this current hosepipe ban expected to continue? Is anyone planning to fix our old and leaking pipes, before the end of this millenium?
Isn’t funny how, if I was an immigrant coming to this country I could easerly open a car wash company no problem, which we currently have more than ten in the Hayes area, operating twelve hours a day, seven days a week… but those who live here can’t even enjoy a hot summers day with the sprinkler on so the kids can have some fun.
But hey as long as Veolia are making a prophet hey who cares right? You know what, I would love to get a reply, if anyone is listening? But we need to get our priorities straight, a hosepipe ban for everyone or not at all, Veolia Water Central boarders with Thames Water, so the person living in the Thames Valley area can spray me over my fence with their hosepipe, but I can’t even spray myself? That’s madness society gone crazy..!

Respectfully yours,

Neil Kemp (a hardworking tax payer, fed up paying for someone else’s lack of commitment, responsibility and long over due accountability, for not dealing with these leaks sooners).
I think a hundered years of repairing London’s plumbing is long enough, let’s start laying new pipes for the 21st century, it’s great to have history, but I’m not paying 1900’s prices so I’d like some modern pipework to go with my modern water bill…

So will you be reducing our water bills then seeing as we are not allowed to use water that we have paid for? no I didn’t think so!

I could fill a paddling pool easily on the amount of water I use on filling the bath, sink or washing machine or boiling my vegetables! Are you going to stop that too?

Like someone else has already said, why don’t you spend some of the extortionate amounts of money you charge us on fixing the pipes? Instead of issuing these ridiculous bans! or perhaps we should not have to pay for water at all seeing as we can’t actually use it as we please.
if you bought a sandwich from the shops and were then told, sorry mate you can’t eat the sandwich you paid for, what would you say?

So have I understood this correctly .. You can’t fill/top up a childs paddling pool using a hose, but you can do it buy using ‘hand held containers’, so buckets then? Is this not going to use the same amount of water anyway??

Now isn’t that logical….yup, same amount of water…..more actually as I’ve spilt a fair amount whilst carrying it back and forth to the pool…if you think it will deter people from filling pools you’re much mistaken. many people will think ah what the heck and fill up with hose pipe which is actually quicker and uses less water as I have proven over last three days. Also if you think people will deprive their kids from having fun in the sun whilst the water companies are so negligent with the water they waste. Hmm how much water was used to fill the olmpic water venues….diving pools, swimming pools, rapids…..they wouldn’t have stopped that now would they and I wouldn’t class that as essential either!

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