Hosepipe Ban Restrictions 2012

To view details of hosepipe ban water use restrictions for each water company involved, click the links below. These are the most up-to-date listings for 2012 (updated 30/03/12)

Listed below is the government legislation used to determine what water companies can and must do when introducing temporary hosepipe bans.

Section 76 of the Water Industry Act 1991 (temporary hosepipe bans) (Flood and Water Management Act 2010)

76     Temporary bans on use

(1)     A water undertaker may prohibit one or more specified uses of water supplied by it if it thinks that it is experiencing, or may experience, a serious shortage of water for distribution.
(2)     Only the following uses of water may be prohibited
(a)     watering a garden using a hosepipe;
(b)     cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe;
(c)     watering plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe;
(d)     cleaning a private leisure boat using a hosepipe;
(e)     filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool;
(f)     drawing water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use;
(g)     filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe;
(h)     filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain;
(i)     cleaning walls, or windows, of domestic premises using a hosepipe;
(j)     cleaning paths or patios using a hosepipe;
(k)     cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe.
(3)     The Minister may by order
(a)     add a non-domestic purpose to the list in subsection (2);
(b)     remove a purpose from the list in subsection (2).
(4)     A prohibition must specify
(a)     the date from which it applies, and
(b)     the area to which it applies (which may be all or part of the undertaker’s area).
(5)     A person who contravenes a prohibition
(a)     is guilty of an offence, and
(b)     is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.
(6)     A water undertaker which issues a prohibition must make arrangements for a reasonable reduction of charges which are made in respect of prohibited uses (including arrangements for repayment or credit where charges are paid in advance).
(7)     A water undertaker may vary or revoke a prohibition.

76A     Temporary bans: supplemental

(1)     A prohibition may
(a)     apply to one or more specified uses of water generally or only in specified cases or circumstances (which may be specified by reference to classes of user, timing or in any other way);
(b)     be subject to exceptions (which may be absolute or conditional, and may be specified by reference to classes of user, timing or in any other way).
(2)     The Minister may by order
(a)     provide for exceptions to a category of use in section 76(2) (whether or not added under section 76(3));
(b)     provide that a specified activity, or an activity undertaken in specified circumstances, is to be or not to be treated as falling within a category of use in section 76(2) (whether or not added under section 76(3));
(c)     define a word or phrase used in section 76(2) (whether or not added under section 76(3)).
(3)     In particular, an order may
(a)     restrict a category of use by reference to how water is drawn;
(b)     frame an exception by reference to ownership of land by a specified person or class of person;
(c)     provide for a process that involves the use of a hosepipe at any point to be included in the meaning of using a hosepipe;
(d)     provide for a reference to a thing to include a reference to something that is or may be used in connection with it (such as, for example, for a reference to a vehicle to include a reference to a trailer).
(4)     In this section and section 76 “the Minister” means
(a)     the Secretary of State in relation to prohibitions which may be issued by water undertakers whose areas are wholly or mainly in England, and
(b)     the Welsh Ministers in relation to prohibitions which may be issued by water undertakers whose areas are wholly or mainly in Wales.
(5)     Subject to provision under subsection (2), a reference to a hosepipe in section 76 includes a reference to anything designed, adapted or used to serve the same purpose as a hosepipe.

76B     Temporary bans: procedure

(1)     A prohibition takes effect only if this section is complied with.
(2)     Before the period for which a prohibition is to apply the water undertaker must give notice of the prohibition and its terms
(a)     in at least two newspapers circulating in the area to which it is to apply, and
(b)     on the water undertaker’s internet website.
(3)     The notice must give details of how to make representations about the proposed prohibition.
(4)     The variation of a prohibition is to be treated as a prohibition for the purposes of this section.
(5)     A water undertaker must give notice of a revocation of a prohibition
(a)     in at least two newspapers circulating in the area to which it is to apply, and
(b)     on the water undertaker’s internet website.
(6)     The revocation may not take effect until at least one notice under subsection (5) has been given.

76C     Orders under sections 76 and 76A

(1)     Section 213 applies to orders under section 76(3) or 76A(2) as it applies to regulations.
(2)     But
(a)     an order made by the Secretary of State under section 76(3) may not be made unless a draft has been laid before and approved by resolution of each House of Parliament,
(b)     an order made by the Welsh Ministers under section 76(3) may not be made unless a draft has been laid before and approved by resolution of the National Assembly for Wales, and
(c)     an order made by the Welsh Ministers under section 76A(2) shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the National Assembly for Wales.

365 Comments on Hosepipe Ban Restrictions 2012

  1. Is Lowestoft part of the hose pipe ban? thankyou

    • Hi Carla

      I believe Lowestoft is covered by Anglian Water so yes, it will be under the hosepipe bans when they start.

  2. So its fine to clean my “Company car” as its not “private”?

  3. Can I use a pressure washer in a hosepipe ban area

    • Hi Dave

      As long as it’s not connected to a mains water supply. For instance connected to a rainwater source or recycled water source you’re fine.

  4. hi im a mobile car valeter, how will this ban effect me?

    • Hi Jay

      As long as you don’t connect a hosepipe or pressure washer to a domestic property’s mains water supply you can carry on as normal.

  5. Regarding the hose pipe ban, I have 900 L of water butt storage and use these for gardening, washing cars and household chores outside. I use a hose and gravity feed. Is this still permissible post the 5th of April in Anglian water area.

    • Hi Ian

      Depends where the water butt gets its water from. If rainwater or recycled water from your house its OK. If it’s fed from your mains water supply it’s not OK.

  6. HI there.

    Can i use my hose pipe to lay my newly laid lawn pls? i have 100m2 just laid.

    we live in steyning area. thanks.

    • Guys – a few answers:

      Pressure washers = no, dont use ull get prosecuted

      Ponds = save up your grey water from your kitchen sink. your pond life and pond plants will fiilter out any rubbish – siive any crap out tho 🙂

      Lawns – DO NOT WATER WITH HOSES/SPRINKLERS even if your lawn is brand new. The water companies will send patrols out to monitor. Sorry but your lawn will just have to go brown 🙁

      Hope this clarifys a few things

      • I’m not sure about sink water for your pond. Detergent destroys the mucus layer which protects fish from bacteria and parasites, and it can cause severe gill damage.

        Fish will start dying when detergent levels reach 10 parts per million, and your fish will probably all be dead at around 15 parts per million.

      • “The water companies will send patrols out to monitor”

        Sounds like something from Germany 1943

        I have many water butts which have pumps attached to them and will be using the hose a lot. I suspect I’ll get many funny speaking people with clipboards knocking on my door….

    • Hi Caroline

      It appears exceptions are being put in place for the laying of new lawns where you will be allowed to water with a hosepipe for 28 days. Please check with your local water company though.

  7. Can a car valeter come to my home and use my hosepipe? He says he can as he is running a business, Im not so sure

    • Hi Gail

      Not if the hosepipe is connected to your mains water supply as I imagine he means. He could use buckets though or bring his own water supply and use a hose/pressure washer from that.

  8. can i use a pressure washer in my area?
    As my decking needs to be treated and the weather needs to be right conditions to do this and if I dont do this someone will get hurt due to wood will get weak and mouldy. Its directly out by my back door and only route out I have 2 dogs and a kid.

    • Hi Natasha

      Not if the pressure washer gets its supply from mains water. OK if for instance if it’s connected to a rainwater filled butt or using recycled bath water.

  9. Hi,
    I am a window cleaner and I also pressure wash customers patios and paths, can I use their water supply and hose to carry out this commercial activity?


    • Hi Matthew

      No, you could connect at commercial premises, but not domestic, even if your are a business. The only way to do this is for instance to take your own water supply to your customers’ residencies.

  10. I have a small pond with fish. Can I fill my watering cans from my outside tap with a hose and top up my pond. If the pond runs dry and the fish die I could be accused of crulty to fish.

  11. Please can you define what constitutes an actual hosepipe.

  12. With hold your water payment until hosepipe
    ban is lifted what are doing with our money
    stick togeather ofwat are for the water com
    NOT for us dont forget keep them waiting for
    there ££££££££££

  13. So we can use pressure washers but not hosepipes? Is that not ridiculous?

    • Hi Kin

      Pressure washers themselves are not banned, what is banned is what you can use mains water supplies for. So a pressure washer cannot be used to do any of the things that you’re not allowed to use a hosepipe for.

  14. You can always use a water butt if you need to use your pressure washers. As long as it is suitable.

  15. Patricia greening // March 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm // Reply

    I have heard that people over 65 may use a hosepipe to water their garden as they will not be able to use full watering cans. Is this correct?

    • Hi Patricia

      Most water companies haven’t mentioned this, though South East Water have said over 65s and blue badge holders are exempt in that area. There’s no special rule for over 65s and the disabled to be exempt from a ban by law, but please contact your local water company to ask if they are making this exception. It’s their choice.

  16. There is no statutory basis for most of these supposedly banned uses. All the law provides for is a ban against using a hosepipe to water a private garden and a private motor car (or other mechanically propelled vehicle). While the water companies might try to argue that you have a contractual duty to do cooperate, there is no criminal offence in using a hosepipe to wash the windows of your house, for example. See http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1991/56/section/76

  17. Ignore my comment above. It seems the law was changed a few months ago.


  18. They keep building houses all over the country but no extra resources to cater for them, all that extra money and no more reseviours.

    • So agree with you. I don’t understand how my water butts have been overflowing for months when there is a drought

    • Could not agree with you more on that one! huge blocks with 100+ people inside and no investment in supplies, could it be that these companies are run just to feed the shareholders?
      In the North there is plenty of water? and there are ways apparently of shifting water around? The Arab’s don’t seem to suffer with a lack of water? but they have de-salination plants and we are surrounded by the stuff…..

  19. Hello, we have a small holding and are with anglian water, in some cases a hose pipe is very important in giving water to some of our animals as its impossible to carry watering cans across acres of dence woodland to our pigs ? So can someone please enlighten me on how im ment to give water to my pigs in the same amount of time as im still in collage and i have to stick to a very tight time schedual and i already get up extreamly early to feed and water everything, we do live in colchester right in the town and i can understand not letting people clean there cars and watering the lawn but not being able to give water to my pigs ? Hope to hear from you


    • HI Josh
      As this is an issue of animal welfare you should have no problem justifying the use of a hosepipe. Best to clarify with Anglian Water though.

  20. Hi
    I’m a gardener based in London
    Are irrigation systems included in the ban?

  21. Hello there as of the last person.
    I also work out doors and would just like to check this out.
    On a lot of the gardens which we do they have irrigation systems run from the mains or pass a tank and pump.
    Is this ok as it is a domestic premises and not commercial

    • Hi John

      Yes irrigation systems are completely allowed this year including when connected to a domestic mains water supply.

  22. Hi,
    I currently use a hosepipe with a ‘lanse/gun’ on the end so that I can water tomatoes, peppers salads etc. in my polytunnel without doing my back in.
    I believe that this method of watering is less wasteful with water, as I can direct the flow directly to the roots of my plants.
    Is this an acceptable way of watering during a hosepipe ban? Surely it is!

    • Hi James

      I’m afraid that’s not allowed under a hosepipe ban if connected to your mains water. Alternatives would be irrigation systems or connecting your hose to rainwater supplies.

      • That seams insane. Imagine if I had an irrigation system with no timer. Water would just be flowing to waste.
        Thanks for the reply.

        • I tend to agree although the argument is that an irrigation system uses much less water per hour and is more targeted.

          Interestingly in previous years irrigation systems have also been banned.

  23. Can I fill a bucket with a hosepipe to clean bikes etc? or will I have to keep walking round the house to fill them using the same amount of water?

  24. Hi, Can we use our irrigation/sprinkler system to keep the greens on our golf course alive?

  25. I need to clean and disinfect a dog run regularly, can I still use a hosepipe to do this?

    • Hi Lynn

      Yes you can still use your hosepipe to do that.

      • Could you likewise use a hose to clean up any dog mess in your own garden? By that I mean localised “spots” on the lawn after you’ve picked up.

        • Hi Julian

          Tricky one that! I suspect a water company might suggest it’s a covert way of watering your lawn. Try asking your local water company.

  26. Hi, this is a very useful page, thank you. What is the situation regarding school swimming pools in areas subject to a ban? Can they be filled?

  27. My partener has his own car washing business is he going to be able to contine to work?

  28. Sorry another question, can my partener contine his mobile car washing business? he uses a jet wash is this still possible or would he need to fill a bucket up with water and do it that way?

    • Hi Sally

      If he’s working at domestic properties such as someone’s house, he can do anything except connect a hosepipe or pressure washer to their mains water supply. Bringing his own supply of water and connecting to that might be an option and buckets are fine too.

  29. Hi
    Where did you get the above comment from OFWAT?
    I cannot find it anywhere on their website and have also spoken to their customer service team. They said that OFWAT has nothing to do with the hosepipe ban and cannot comment on what is prohibited or not.

  30. The above regarding businesses/commercial use is simply untrue. Check legislation.gov…even if unconnected to a customer’s mains water, if you have used mains water to fill a tank/container that you then use for cleaning elsewhere, you are breaking the law. This is enforcable with a £1000 fine.

    • Hi Gabby

      Please point out exactly where you have seen that as we have not. As we understand it in this instance, water taken from business premises can be used. Also, the amount of fine for any breaches of a hosepipe ban is not necessarily £1000.

      Again, this is all slightly up in the air anyway until water companies publish their final ban ‘rules’ and any exemptions that might be involved.

  31. I have a spring in my garden that I am routing into a small tank before draining away through the drainage system for my downpipes. I plan to drop a pump into the tank and use it to supply a hosepipe for car washing and lawn watering. I assume this is not affected by the ban as I am not drawing from my water main. Can you please confrim this is the case.

  32. Hi, I am an allotment holder in the Southern Water area and because we are not allowed buildings on the allotment I have a water butt which I fill from the mains water supply. If I continue to fill this water butt using my hosepipe will I be contravening the ban?

  33. Hello ‘Hose’

    I’m a professional car detailer/valeter who works from home.

    Am I still allowed to use the mains water for customers’ cars, seeing as it’s for commercial purposes?

    I assume I’d also be correct in thinking that, if I ‘can’ clean customers’ cars, I still won’t be able to clean my own?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sam

      I suppose it boils down to whether your home is classed as business premises. If not you might have problems. Cleaning your own car would be OK if it’s a company car.

      Hard to give a definite answer on this one so I suggest you speak to your local water company who should be happy to help.

  34. Hi Hose, I run a pressure washing business within the Anglian Water area. According to their website under “what am I still allowed to do” it states –
    “Use a hosepipe in the course of a business to clean a private motor vehicle, or for cleaning walls or windows of domestic premises, paths and patios or an artificial surface, where this is done as a service to customers”
    Doesn’t that equal business as usual for the time being?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Mark

      Business as usual until you look to connect a hosepipe to mains water at a domestic property. Anglian Water may exempt this too, it’s up to them. I’d clarify it with them if you can.

  35. I have a property with a swimming pool that I let out as a holiday cottage. It is classified as a business. Am I allowed to use a hosepipe to top up the pool each week? The water is metered mains water. Thank you..

    • Hi Sarah

      In theory as a business you should be able to as you wish. Probably best to contact your local water company to make sure.

  36. i breed dogs am i right in thinking i can still clean their runs with a pressure washer? and fill the water bowls with a hose also am i right in thinking we cas still fill ponds up if they have fish in them and can water our plants in pots if we use a watering can and not a hose to do this?
    Also to save myself grief should i inform the local water company that my grass is plastic not real as i have a feeling that if they send planes over to take pictures i will get a call.

    • Hi Mark

      What you say is correct. Personally I wouldn’t bother telling them about your grass. If they do call you’ve nothing to worry about. Whether they send planes is very debatable anyway.

  37. Hi Hose,
    We have a slight problem with the underground sewer/drains that become blocked a couple of times a year. When this happens we have to flush it out by rodding and use of a hose to flush out.
    Is this allowed during the ban.

  38. we are a business selling swimming pools in-ground kits will we still be able to fill our pools whilst being built

    • Hi Gemma

      As you are a business and based on the information we have now, yes you will. This might change before the hosepipe ban starts or even during the ban. Best advice we can give is check with your local water company.

  39. I see irrigation systems are allowed.

    “Yes irrigation systems are completely allowed this year including when connected to a domestic mains water supply.”

    Just top clarify we use a hosepipe fed soaker hose on our veg beds, the soaker hose also have very small spray heads to water specific areas, are spray heads on irrigation systems allowed?

    We use timers to reduce water usage.

    • Hi Alan

      What constitutes an allowed irrigation system is becoming quite complicated. We hope water companies will become very specific shortly. In the meantime you may wish to clarify with your water company directly.

  40. Hi,i have a camper van with a 100 litre water tank that supplies on board shower,sinks,and flush toilet.will i be able to fill the tank using a hose pipe.i have looked through all the water companies restrictions,but can find no mention of this scenario,so i assume i am ok to keep using a hosepipe to fill the tank.just to clarify a point,the tank is never completly full.any thoughts please.

    • Hi Neil

      We’re still awaiting clarification on this but we don’t see a good reason why you wouldn’t be exempt. Afraid we need to wait for a list of exemptions from water companies.

  41. Hi, Can we fill a small above ground swimming pool prior to 5th April and then top it up with buckets?

    • Hi Jacob

      It’s going to depend on your local water company’s final rules as to whether you can top it up with buckets.

  42. HI Can you let me know if the ban has been imposed yet or not….23/03/12…

  43. Hi,
    On the irrigation points…
    My garden irrigation consists of flower beds that have flexible soak pipes laid in the soil. So i connect the hose from the outside tap to a connector to the soak pipe in the soil (no sprinking)
    Is this banned under the current regs?

    Also just put in two 100Lr water butts, bit late but better late than never.
    Was only £39 from evengreener.com with tapes and diverters for both

    • Hi Simon

      Some differences in opinion from the water companies. It’s looking as though irrigation systems will need timers and be of specific types. Your local water company will be able to give you these exact details.

  44. …ment taps not tapes, DOH!! no edit button

  45. I can’t find any info about use of domestic water wells. Anyone know if we would be allowed to connect a hosepipe to a pump at the bottom of the well, and use the aquifer to water the garden?

    • Hi Darren

      You shouldn’t have any problem with this, but may wish to clarify with your local water company. They may have issues with the source of the well.

  46. Are we able to fill up wildlife ponds?

  47. Our golf centre uses hoses with sprinklers to irrigate our greens and pop-up sprinklers. Will it still be permitted to water this way as without this our greens will die!!

  48. Hi, we are planning a fund raising car wash over the Easter weekend only a couple of hours. We are using domestic water supply, I know we can’t use a hosepipe but is it OK if we use buckets?

  49. my wife has a greenhouse with a fine line irrigation system to grow food. but it attaches to an outside tap via a hose. will this now not be possible. only watering cans allowed?
    when we go away i could attach it to a water butt fed from rain water from the garage roof.
    this is now full and i intend to save it for this purpose is this ok.

    • Hi Mark

      Do anything you want when attached to the rainwater butt.

      Each water company has slightly different rules on irrigation systems and they’re not fully published yet. When we know more we’ll be doing a complete article on it. It’s likely they’ll need at least a timer on them.

  50. 2 Rhetorical Questions:

    1. Why are more reservoirs or other means of supplying water not being created?

    2. Should failure to supply a full service result in a discount or partial refund on bills?

  51. Hi

    I am living on the 1rst floor and I don’t have outdoor tap in the garden, can I connect hosepipe to my kitchen tap and fit another tap at the end of the hosepipe and then fill up watering can to water my small garden?

    • Hi Slawek

      I think you’d be fine with that but probably worth asking your local water company. Of course if you used some pipework to do it you’d be totally within the rules.

  52. good news! OUtdoors pots and containers are not included in the ban!!!!!!!

  53. enviromentalist // March 25, 2012 at 5:45 pm // Reply

    my neighbour is using a hose to water her plants in the garden right now how do I report this and is there a fine. thank you.

  54. I am a registered childminder, am I able to fill a paddling pool with a hose as I operate my business from my home? Also I have a dog and it is imperative for the children’s health that I can hose down where my dog has fouled on the grass.

    • Hi Lewisskim

      Unlikely on both counts but you’d need to clarify with your local water company to see if your business status exempts you.

  55. What about hot tubs which need to be emptied and refilled every 3-6 months?

  56. So we have to fill up a pool with a bucket???

  57. Thames Water state that I cannot fill or maintain my domestic fish pond using a hose pipe. I have thousands of pounds worth of Koi in it and am now confused after reading some of your other replies as you have said that things would be allowed if animal welfare will be at risk. Filters need to be maintained and pond water level topped up for the well being of my fish.

    Can you please clarify in this instance…..

    • Hi LM

      What they state is that this is banned: “filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe”. They don’t say you can’t do it with buckets.

      We believe they can’t stop you using a hosepipe where animal welfare is concerned and await their final word on this.

  58. I think what i shall do is fill my bath to the normal level with cold water. I shall then pump out the water into my waterbutt and use that to water the greenhouse/garden. I dont mind omiting a bath or two a week to keep my fruit and veg alive.

  59. This is ridiculous! I live in a house of 2 as I’m not allowed to wash our car. My neighbour has 5 people living there. All could be bathing everyday uses huge amounts of water that I wouldn’t. How is this fair?

    I could fill buckets of water from the outside tap and throw them over the car I guarantee I’ll use more water this way than a hose.

    Absolutely mind boggling.

  60. could u tell me if pots with fruit trees are allowed to be watered with hose thx

  61. It sounds daft but how long is a hosepipe? What about a length of 2 feet which I use to ensure I don’t spill any when filling a watering can? Is that “filling a container with a hosepipe?

    Any restrictions on the “banbeater” style of pump to empty bath water? Seems and awful shame to let it run down the plughole and it’s not practical in my house to carry it out in buckets.

    • Hi Chris

      In the past the length you could use was specified as 1m long, but there seems to be no reference to it this year. I think as long as it’s short enough to not reach the floor you’d be fine.

      Totally OK to use a pump to empty your bath water.

  62. I think you’re statement about washing company vehicles in Veolia covered areas is misleading, if you read the statement on the web site (see link)


    you will see the ban includes ‘cleaning a motor-vehicle or a private leisure boat’, so no distinction between Private and Company vehicles. All vehicle cleaning using a hosepipe connected to mains water is banned (unless you have a company boat… apparently)

    • Hi Mark

      That page shows a general list of things you can’t do but if you look at the individual Veolia area websites they have more detailed descriptions. For instance a quick look at Veolia Water Central gives this quote:

      cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe; as well as a private boat! No reference to company vehicles at all, implying they can be washed which is the general rule.

      I would agree though that the information we have so far is not necessarily perfect as things have changed over the last two weeks as the water companies complete their consultation process and tweak their ˜rules’. We hope to have a much more comprehensive list of rules published in the next few days.

  63. Hi, I have a well in my garden. I currently lower an electric powered pump into the well to water the garden. Will I still be able to do this when the hosepipe ban comes into force.

  64. I live in north herts and have two young children, will I be able to fill a paddling pool using buckets instead of a hosepipe?

  65. ‘Filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool, except by using a hand held container filled directly from a tap’
    So, I can fill my pool by using buckets?

    that’s a bit daft.

  66. I dont get it, I have a company car, and its ok for me to wash it using either a jetwash or hosepipe!?

  67. Will taxi and car hire firmsetc be allowed to use hosepipes and or sprinklers in the south east area.If they are when the rest of us are suffering then why ?

  68. Sorry I am confused. Can I use my hose to water my tubs, but not the rest of the garden?

  69. A recent map on tv showed Chichester as not in the hose pipe ban area and yet it is is Southern Water area.
    Is there a ban in Chichester and north to the Downs

  70. Hi

    What about filling a birth pool inside the house with a hosepipe? Is effectively a temporary bath and not exactly for recreational use!


    • Hi Mumtobe

      That’s a new one! Never have I seen any reference to filling anything indoors, never mind something as specific as a birth pool so I would suggest you would be perfectly OK to do this.

      Good luck with the new arrival.

  71. So it is ok to fill an above ground domestic pool with a hosepipe before the 5th of April? You just can’t fill it (by either hosepipe or anything else) beyond that? Talking about southern waters. Crazy, if they focussed on fixing the leaks we wouldn’t be anywhere

  72. Mumtobe, thank you for rasing that qu I was thinking exactly the same. Glad I can still fill my birthing pool 🙂

  73. why are all these road side ex garage forcourts car washes exempt from the ban, they use so much water more than anyone else i would think. it really is maddening to think of the wast just to wash a 4×4 that hasnt seen a bit of mud since it was built. seems like one rule for them and another for the rest of us.!!!!!!!

  74. I’m supplied by South East Water and their restrictions on paddling pools seem to imply they can’t be filled at all even by bucket, does anyone know if this is right?

    • Hi Marion

      You’re right that South East Water appears to say you can’t fill a paddling pool by any method. Doesn’t seem quite right as you can do other things with buckets. We will try to clear this up with them and include in our dedicated page on South East Water’s restrictions that is coming soon.

  75. Hi Hose,

    I run an equestrian business with a sand and rubber arena, which we normally water in the evenings during the dry summer months, if we don’t it becomes to deep to ride valuable competition horses safely in. We are a commercial operation, will I be allowed to continue to water this? We are South East Water.

    • Hi Gemma

      As a business you can carry on as normal during the hosepipe ban. The only way this could change is if the drought becomes severe enough that water companies decide to stop their exemption of businesses.

  76. Hi

    I have just paid £1,000s of pounds to have top soil put down and my garden re-seeded. If I cannot not use a hosepipe to water it will all go to waste.

    I saw somewhere there was an exemption for 28 days, does that just apply to turf laying and how do they prove the start point and who do I need to contact if the excemption can be got?

    If not that’s seems very unfair – can I sue Veolia (live in Herts).

    Sorry for all the Q’s.



    • Hi Mike

      The 28 days exemption was something that the landscape gardeners industry was trying to have put in place. At the time of writing we don’t think this has succeeded.

      Personally I’d contact Veolia and ask them if anything can be done. It’s completely at their discretion if they wish to help in individual cases.

  77. Hi

    Great news about pots, tubs and hanging baskets.
    One question – does a growbag count as a pot – especially if it’s in your greenhouse? If not, I might just grow my tomatoes in pots this year!!!

  78. Hi. I see that under the hose pipe ban proposals, I will not be able to top up or maintain fish ponds by hose. I look after 2 ponds which contain Koi carp and need topping up occasionally after cleaning the filters, and when water levels fall below the skimmer which feeds the filters.It concerns me that the health of the fish might suffer in the future given their obvious value. I am a self employed gardener in the south east water area.

  79. hi. thanks for that. Just been going over some of the other comments I did’nt see earlier and thought it might be covered by animal welfare.

    It does seem a bit strange to me though, that a ban has been called for when all winter, I have driven to work passing one fractured main, or water leak after another with little sign of the said leaks being repaired. Or at least until they froze then bacame a hazard to motorists! Industry uses and wastes huge amounts of water every day, I cannot understand how banning all the Mr and Mrs general public from using a hosepipe is going to come anywhere near saving water levels. As for private sources, are there private sources?? Wells sunk into the ground will draw off an underground water source but is’nt that water part of the water table? an underground stream also part of the water table or does our clean water ONLY come from reservouirs? Oh well, back to my flower beds!

  80. hi
    I live in Thames water area and have a hottub is this included within the hosepipe ban for this area

  81. Hi

    we have two dogs and do not have a grass area from them just the patio. Will I be allowed to hose down and disinfect the patio as they both use this to toilet. We do this now on a regular basis as if we didnt it would get very smelly and not very nice for my neighbours who do not have pets. We live in Bastingstoke.
    thank you.

    • Hi M Baird

      You can use a hosepipe for reasons of human safety and animal welfare, so I’d suggest you’re OK to carry on as normal as you probably fall into both categories there.

  82. I just want to be sure sure that im understanding this hose pipe ban. So i can water my garden as long as i’m using a watering can that i haven’t filled using a hose, so using water from my water butt would be ok. Can i fill this water butt before this hose pipe ban cames into place? Im assuming i can. Is that right?

  83. Hi,

    I am a bonsai enthusiast with over 60 bonsai mostly at the bottom of the garden. Can I use the hosepipe to fill the watering can at the bottom of the garden to save me lugging the full watering can up and down the garden?

    • Hi Sally

      Depends where you live. Some water companies are saying you can’t use a hosepipe to fill any type of container, some aren’t. Try finding your water company from our front page to see if what is written helps.

      • Hi Hose,

        I’ve just checked back on previous comments and Judith Tucker asked if you could use a hosepipe for tubs, and you replied yes for tubs pots and hanging baskets. My bonsai are all in pots, so presumable I can use a hosepipe to water them?

  84. i run a nationwide valeting business , i’m based in the midlands but most of my customers are down south, in and around the M25.
    can i fit a water tank to my van , fill it with water from my house which is a non hose pipe ban area , then drive to work and use that water freely ?

  85. If I use water recycled from my bath and from my waterbutt am I able to use my pressure washer on my cars? I have a siphon kit for my Karcher which works really well.

  86. We have horses. ducks. geese. chickens etc in North Lincolnshire. Are we allowed to continue to fill the horses water containers in the paddocks with a hose and can we fill the water birds’ water containers / small pond under animal welfare?

  87. This time of year most swimming pool owner are just getting ready to setup their pools for the summer which includes topping up are their affected ?

  88. I live near Winchester. Is this area covered by the hosepipe ban?

  89. i asked if pots with fruit trees are allowed to be watered with hose thx
    u said

    Hi Trev

    Yes pots and hanging baskets can be watered using a hosepipe this year.

    ive spoken to anglian water and they say pots are classed as a allotment so they say i cant use a hose could u please clarify? thx

    • Hi Trev

      Some water companies are allowing this and we gave a general answer on this page. It should also be noted that some water companies have altered their rules since we gave that answer.

      Whatever Anglian Water say is what you must stick to.

  90. i also found this statement on anglians water website under what cant i do in a hosepipe ban
    Watering plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe.
    so im confused as to how u say i can use a hosepipe to water pots and hanging baskets

  91. If someone has a pond in their garden and runs a solid pipe from the house and puts an outside tap on it then proceeds to fill the pond, is this illegal?

  92. As a self employed driving instructor it is important that my car is clean for my business. Can I use a hosepipe with a hand ‘gun’ attached to it or will I have to use a bucket and sponge ?

  93. Ok we have had sun for a week .

    hello this is the uk it will pzzz down next week and flood you new lawn , get a watering can, leave washing the car or take it to the valeting boys for about a fiver.

    If you feel you are missing out by not standing outside your house holding a hose pipe as an excuse to have a good nose , get a deck chair , ( and a life )

    I pay my water rates and will use as much as i like , you dont have to use a hose.

    I now feel as sad as all the other posties on this site but hey ho who gives a ……..

  94. can i use a hose pipe to fill up water containers for my chickens in my garden

  95. can i use a hosepipe and jet wash to blast through my blocked drain outside ??

  96. We are installing a small swimming pool for a client. Will we be able to fill it when first installed?

  97. I’ve only just come across this page and really fed up to find that the ban hasn’t started yet. If I’d known that, I would have cleaned my patio, etc last week ready for the Summer! lol You say that pressure washers aren’t banned as such, only restricted by being hose fed from the mains. So when is a hose not a hose? If I plumbed in my pressure washer permanently to my house water supply with copper pipe, would it then be legal to use? I’d obviously need a rather long lance extension. Just a rhetorical question, but I do wonder how far the applicable legal definitions can be pushed!

  98. So is the following OK?

    – Fill up a bucket/container from the tap (no hose involved).

    – Carry the bucket/container to where it needs to be used.

    – Use a pressure washer that draws water from the bucket/container.


  99. I’m a mobile car valeter in herts. I have a water tank that is sealed in my van and can only be filled with a hose. Will I still be able to fill this in the ban as I am a business.

    • Hi Garry

      If filling the tank from commercial premises there should be no problem. If filling say, from your home you’d be best advised to ask your local water company to make sure you’re OK.

  100. Do you anticipate any alterations or additions to any of the water companies bans to appear before midnight on the 4th, or do we take the existing statements as gospel??

    • Hi Jez

      Nothing can be taken for gospel even after the deadline as they can still change things. Hopefully what we have by the deadline will be accurate for months to come.

  101. As we are inconvenienced by the limited amount of water we can use, is there any chance we could get a reduction in our water bills, Im wondering ??

    • YES! we should ask the water companies to reduce the charges as per art76(6)
      ART76(6) A water undertaker which issues a prohibition must make arrangements for a reasonable reduction of charges which are made in respect of prohibited uses (including arrangements for repayment or credit where charges are paid in advance).

  102. I understand the reasons for the ban, and generally support it. But the ban on car washing makes no sense. I use a hosepipe with a trigger for rinsing only, which takes about 30 seconds to a minute, tops. To fill a bucket with the hosepipe takes much longer and so uses more water! The other alternative is to take it to a car wash: guess what? That uses much more water too. What about relaxing this for car washing?

  103. Can I pressure wash my patio still?

    • Only if there’s a health and safety reason to do so. For instance if it was covered in slippery moss or perhaps you had dogs that did their ‘business’ on it.

  104. Can i use a watering can/handheld water pump to wash my car?

  105. Hi I operate a chauffeur airport transfer service to executive clients whom obviously expect an immaculate clean car, am i exempt from ban if using a hose sparingly to clean business car? Thank you.

  106. We have our own water storage tank collecting the runoff from the roof. The water is then pumped up and out via a hosepipe. Is this banned as well bearing in mind that we are not using mains water?

  107. As I understand it, the issue is using a hosepipe to water the garden. if I were to install fixed copper piping with holes drilled in it around the perimeter of my flower beds then I would not be contravening the ban?

    • If you look at the more technical dos and don’ts it defines anything made to imitate the way a hosepipe works as well. You can use an irrigation system though as long as it meets allowed specifications.

  108. We run a company which involves pressure washing canopies and floor surfaces for petrol stations. Will this hosepipe ban affect how we can operate or are the restrictions purely domestic?

  109. I have my hosepipe connected to an electric pump in a waterbutt. As this is re-cycled or rain water, am I still able to use the hosepipe?

  110. Can I use a hosepipe to fill a water butt and then fill a watering can from this.

  111. I notice there is no mention of the problem everyone first raises when discussing the ban – the scandalous level of leakage from all water companies’ pipes through lamentable levels of investment since privatisation. Big infrastructure projects – funded by customers – get plenty of publicity, but the workaday effort of maintaining the pipe network is glossed over. Not just poor maintenance – slow response when informed of bursts and leaks, as I know from first hand experience. Once again, the idea that private companies do anything except what will boost their profits is shown to be baseless.

    • June, I assure you that I, and hundreds of other leakage technicians, work our backsides off trying to keep leakage under some sort of control. Your post has made me feel all unloved 🙁

  112. Can I fill my 25 litre tank on my coffee van?

  113. Can you use a hose pipe for building work at home, ie making cement??

  114. i wouldnt mind so much but having read the latest reports on leakage and waste due to lack of investment and maintenance of the delivery of water to our homes what we save in hose pipes will be thrown away in leaks all over the affected areas. this is yet another cost the decent tax and bill paying people in the UK have to burden and it wont matter a jot. it will mean millions of pounds of plants and lawns and yet another summer with neighbours stabbing eachother in th back . water companies start sorting the mess out or its time to start hitting your profits with fines.

  115. Is there any truth in the rumour that the over 65’s are exempt from the hosepipe ban

    • It was originally going to be allowed by some water companies but they changed their mind. Definitely no exemption for over 65s.

  116. i work for a window cleaning company which uses a water fed pole system ..does the ban effect me?.. if so are the water companies going to compensate me for loss of earnings?

  117. My house is also my registered business premises. I have been planning to hire a pressure-washer to wash the external walls & tiling & help clear downpipes etc. Can I do this?

  118. Right – I have a marine aquarium at home (obviously not directly effected) but I have a plumbed in Reverse Osmosis Water Purification system that generates waste water as it filters impurities (about 50% of the water is discarded – usually down the drain) the purified water is used to maintain the aquarium obviously

    If I divert the waste drain (usually plumbed straight into drain) would I be alright to use it to top up my water butt, or fill my watering cans?

  119. Is there an actual time that the ban takes effect? ie midnight on the 5th

  120. As a pressure washer uses a lot less water, can I use on to clean my car?

  121. We use a hose to fill ouor horse water buckets in their stables. can we still do this?

  122. I would also be interested to know if the hosepipe ban will stop me from mixing concrete using a hose-pipe to make the mix?


  123. My post code is rg40 4jh am I effected by the hose pipe ban

  124. Well, whose fault is it that we have a ban? And will we get cheaper water bill if we carry on with this ban coz we are usin less water?

  125. I have a man who runs a car valet service coming here on Tuesday to do the monthly valet, can he use a hose at our house? His is a legitimate business but runs it on a mobile basis so I cannot take my car to his premises.

  126. Can i use a neighbour (disabled blue badge) to use his hose pipe and water my lawn?

  127. so how do I know there is a hosepipe ban – I dont watch TV, dont read a newspaper . should the water company have informed me officially ? obviously I do know as I am on this website but legally….they have not informed me, as a customer, of the ban. any views on this ?

  128. I live in Birmingham and water is supplied by Severn Trent, so as this is not one of the named companies imposing a ban, do I take it that at present we are not banned from using a hosepipe?

  129. As my outside tap is a long way from the bottom of the garden can i fix my hosepipe to the tap then unwind it so that the end is at the bottom of the garden and use this to fill my watering can. This will be a lot safer and better for nthe back than lifting a watering can from the tap to the bottom of the garden

  130. My garden is all patio, i have 2 rottweilers and chickens does that mean i cannot wash down their feces.

  131. Hi iv heard that disabled persons or blue badge holders can still use a hosepipe rather than a bucket is this to water the garden and to clean off the patio after the dogs

  132. im i allowed a hose pipe for a duck bath

  133. My garden is totally paved, i have seven dog’s and sometimes have foster dogs as i run a dog rescue, am i still allowed to disinfect and hose down the garden? or jet wash it? for hygiene? if i can, then how can i be assured i will not be fined? how often would i be permitted to do it?

  134. I am in the middle of a major refurbishment of a property I have purchased and is uninhabitable. I need to use a hosepipe for various tasks which it would be impractical (if not impossible) to do without a hosepipe. Can I still use it or will my water company pay for me to extend my time in rented?

  135. am i allowed to use a hose pipe for a duck bath

  136. a duck bath is like a pond

  137. I am a 70 year old wheelchair user. Severely disabled and unable to walk. I don’t think I can carry water in a bucket as I use an electric wheelchir outdoors. I don’t have a blue badge because I’m too disabled to drive.

    I have a patio with two small flower beds and a patio tap, and I cannot get out there unless the access path and central paved area is clean. Is there anything I can do?.

    • You should contact your local water company and ask if they’re willing to give you an exemption. It is within their power to do so.

  138. I have a portable battery powered pressure washer. It of course has a hose and spray gun attachment but is supplied from a 13 litre integral tank that can be filled directly from the tap without using a hosepipe. Can that be used to wash a private vehicle in the hosepipe ban?

    • No you can’t do that. The water companies have said that taking water from the tap, putting it into a container and then using that water with a hosepipe/pressure washer or similar, is not allowed.

      • But if I use rainwater from a water butt, that would be okay, wouldn’t it?

        • Yes you can do that.

          • Thanks for confirming that. However, it seems to me it is rather a grey area, as I see from your reply to the question from Mark at 2:16pm on 4 April, that you can use handheld water pump to wash a car as long as you fill it from a tap, not a hosepipe. Although mine (a Nomad pressure washer) is not ‘handheld’ exactly, it can be picked up with one hand and in operation is all one unit that can be carried about using the shoulder strap – the water tank only separates for filling it up. I can’t see it being a battery powered rather than a manual pump sprayer would make any difference – both are pressure washers. A nonsense really as throwing buckets of water over the car will probably use more water.

  139. Am I allowed to use a water irrigation system? i.e drip feeders on a timer?

  140. Can I fill the paddling pool without the hosepipe or is it banned completely?

    Also, my ornamental fountain would work perfectly on rain water as it re-uses it all the time there is no need to add any more water from the hosepipe. Could I then use it at all?

  141. I have a well in my garden and the water level is some 7ft. to 8ft. below ground level . I lower an electric pump into my well for filling a small pond and watering the garden. Is this permitted?

    • Should be OK but probably a good idea to check with your local water company as they may have limits on how much you can draw from a well when under water restrictions.

  142. Can I use a hose pipe in the production of home brewed beer?

    (I use water in a heat exchanger to cool the boiled beer down to fermenting temperature. This water is saved and then used for car cleaning or garden watering)

  143. I would like to clean the roof of my client`s conservatory. I am using jet wash connected to the hosepipe to do this. This is part of my work? Can I do it?

  144. I have a large shepherd dog and she sleeps in a large shed overnight (if I leave her outside she barks all night at everything and the neighbours complain). To keep the germs and smell in control, I disinfect and clean the floor of the shed with a hosepipe. Can I still do that? My supplier is Veolia Central.

  145. My water company’s website says “persons who are frail or have a disability preventing them from using a water can” are able to apply for an exemption. Can pregnant women from the second trimester get an exemption? I have been warned to avoid lifting and not to put strain on my back since I needed physioteraphy after my previous pregnancy due to severe pain caused by carrying the baby. With this second pregnancy I am in my second trimester now and I was advised not to lift and avoid putting strain on my back. Can this be classified as “frail” as per the water company’s statement hence I can apply for exemption?

  146. Can I use a hosepipe from a tap at the back of the house to fill a watering can used at the front of the house?

  147. I have a road legal enduro motorcycle that often gets used on byways, this can often get quite muddy. can I use a hosepipe to clean it? a build up of mud on the brakes & drive chain may make it un safe?

    • Generally speaking you’re not allowed to use a hosepipe to clean any motor vehicle under a ban. But if you can’t do what you need to do with a bucket of water then you can do it with a hosepipe if it’s a health and safety issue.

  148. I am a beekeeper. Can I use a hosepipe to wash out equipment eg honey extractor? Equipment is shared so washing is important to avoid spread of bee diseases. I also have concerns about food standards and hygiene if proper cleaning is not carried out.

  149. I am moving house next week and the property has a large deck that gets very slippery in the rain. Can I pressure wash this clean to prevent slipping?? Do I need to notify anyone before doing so? Thanks

  150. Great many thanks

  151. It is ironic that some of the biggest users of water, commercial and professional, are the ones least affected by the ban.

    Surely if the drought is THIS bad, restricting those who use the greater proportion of water is preferable, leaving stocks for domestic use.

    Simply put, are the water companies prioritising their customers? If water does run out, how many people would die of dehydration because the water companies felt that the boss needed to wash his Mercedes every day, or that those windows were just too dirty.

    If there is a genuine need for a hosepipe ban, then it must encompass everyone, or no one at all. The whole point of a ban is to preserve water stocks for everyone, and exempting professional and commercial users just smacks the face of the nameless masses known as the consumer, who have yet again become the targets for rationalisation.

    (I do feel sorry for anyone who needs water to run their business, but it is preferable to keep stocks of water to hydrate the masses, and since stocks are SO low, maybe this extreme action is required).

    Alternatively, has anyone suggested to the water companies that they fix their leaks? Maybe. I know my father, who worked for Thames Water for many years told me that the priority was to always give a good return for the investments the shareholders had made, and that wasting money on fixing leaks was simply not the done thing, unless that leak was threatening to health or safety.

    • “I know my father, who worked for Thames Water for many years told me that the priority was to always give a good return for the investments the shareholders had made, and that wasting money on fixing leaks was simply not the done thing, unless that leak was threatening to health or safety.”

      Absolute *****.

      • Oh dear, I’ve been moderated – and it now looks like I’m agreeing with you.

        I should have used the word ‘rubbish’ instead of *****. :-/

    • Great point Steve! If you were in Charge you’d be just as tough on the Commercial sector as the Domestic Sector? Just “so the boss won’t be able wash his Mercedes everyday” (sic)

      So that the next time you drink your pint on a Friday night down town it would be washed with rain water? Or the place you bought your chicken breast from would have cut the meat using unwashed utensils. Or the clothes you buy will be unwashed from colour treatment.

      I really don’t think that the masses will die from dehydration if they didn’t drink from a hose. The water companies haven’t put a stop on you using your tap yet or even a bottle of Evian from the shop. Essentially alot of companies have a genuine need for water to keep things clean for public use. Which is lot more important than Joe Public being able to water his flower bed or wash his Ford at home.

    • stop the leak // May 2, 2012 at 6:50 pm // Reply

      what drought!!!! this is crazy rivers are overflowing and we have to watch the water use, seems to me the companies should stop coining it in and start investing in the outdated infrastructure in the UK.This country is becoming a joke the UK people need to stand up and demand action ,plus why do we pay a full standing charge we should get a discount for less service. no excuses or con jobs just sort the infrastructure out. I will be using my hose if i need to full stop!!

  152. Why don’t the people who (with outstanding incompetence) run the water companies get fired?
    I’ve had a string of these bans for half my life “ that should have been enough time to fix the problem “ unless your incapable!

    • because they make the company make a lot of money and keep the shareholders financially happy … 🙂 this is what this country is all about … look at banks, they had to be helped by the government and yet they still get their yearly millions of pounds bonuses.

  153. When I had a leak from my water supply pipe I rang and was told by the water supplier not to be to worried if it was only turning the meter reading slowly. I kept a note of the reading and it was using 1 cubic metre per day but obviously it is in the water companies interest to turn a blind eye to these types of leaks because it if in their financial benefit. There must be millions of customers who have leaks but these leaks that register on the meter are a big profit maker and its not in the interest of the suppliers to repair. Many leaks make big profits.

    • That’s over 40 litres per hour!

      If it is turning your meter, then it’s your leak and your water. Those pipes were laid by the builders, not the water companies, and you have to repair it. If you don’t the following is likely to happen:

      (a) You will be issued a notice under section 75 of the Water Industry act ordering you to carry out the repair. If you refuse the water company have the right to enter your property (with Police assistance if required), repair the leak and sue you for the cost.

      (b) The water will undermine your foundations and your house will fall down.

      (c) You will have an enormous water bill.

      Are you sure you were reading your meter correctly?

  154. has anyone been notified in writeing that there is a hose pipe ban? as im not sure you can rely on everyone knowing there is one simply because its been on the tv and radoi after all other legal matter are always delt with through a written request arent they?

    • Water companies are legally obliged to publish details of imminent hosepipe bans in two local newspapers and on their website – that’s all.

  155. Does the ban include the using of a pressure washer ?

  156. We are planning to build an extension. Will the builders be allowed to use a hose pipe to clean down each day and also use it for any water supply they may need to mix concrete/cement.

  157. Does the hose pipe ban include private water supplies in area. Not connected to mains a have well

    • You should be OK using a private water source how you wish, but please contact your local water company for more advice as restrictions on how much you can use may or may not exist.

  158. well said steve,it is always jo public,that takes the can back (this time the watering can)
    Highest taxes,lowest pensions,last in the queue for “hand outs”bottom of the list for housing,,need i go on? The English are known to be a nation of gardeners! so if we are lucky enough to have one, are we to watch it all die before our eyes!

  159. a company car is not a private motor-vehicle so does the ban applies to this as well?

  160. A “friend” is considering filling their hot tub with the hose as they have heard in the press about a “yellow card” warning policy. They reckon if they fill the tub just once in one go, the worst that can happen is a warning letter and after that they’ll respect the ban and avoid the fine. I’m not sure this is a sensible idea on the part of my friend – does anyone know if the warning letter thing is a genuine policy or a concoction of the tabloids?

    • First of all, any “yellow card” scenario would be at the discretion of the water company. It’s not a legal requirement so they may give a warning first and they may not.

      With regards hot tubs it would appear they are exempt from the ban anyway, but it’s a grey area and your “friend” should phone their local water company and ask them if it considers them exempt.

  161. I am using a hose pipe to wash my car, but connected to my Water Butt:(via pressure washer) I guess that’s OK?

    • As long as your water butt isn’t filled from your mains supply. For instance it’s OK if that’s rainwater or recycled bath water.

      • I think you will find that we can fill the water butt from our home supply as long as we don’t use a hosepipe……

  162. I understand my pressure washer can run off of a supply from my water butt. Is there any restriction on using my washer provided the supply is from the water butt which is fed by rain water from my gutters. (Thames Water area).

  163. As part of some ongoing building works our builders are going to repoint our patio but have said it would be better if it was pressure washed first so that the slabs are clean. We can’t afford to pay the builders to do jobs that we can do ourselves perfectly well but does the ban mean that the builders would be able to do it but we wouldn’t? Seems a bit of a grey area as my husband has been working with the builders all through the build on various parts of it.

    • Not easy to give a definite answer on this so I’d suggest you contact your local water company for clarification.

  164. Can you still wash a private car by using buckets of water but keeping this to a minimum ?

    I note an earlier question and reply that you can still use a hosepipe to wash company cars, is this the same if you have taken up the ‘Car Allownace opton’ as effeictively, it is still a company car?

  165. This privatisation of water companies is not working. These companies put the share holders on top. A national company would put all the profit in updating the whole system of pipework. Wait till the gov nationlise the NHS. Look what trouble we going to get than. All these fat cats are only interested in there big fat bonuses, they don’t care for the ordinary people. This present gov is the same, all the members of parliament sit looking like overfeed baboons. They are suppose to fight for us as common people but they are only interested in linning there own pockets.

  166. My car is a company car used for work only but the car is registered in my name but paid by my own company can I use a hose to wash my car

    • Pretty sure it needs to be registered in the name of a company, which is the standard definition of a company vehicle, though you might wish to verify with your local water company.

  167. So i can use a jug and fill up any size vessel i want and then just let it go in my garden, but i can’t use a hosepipe to clean my car……but if i use a car cleaning company thats ok to…..and if I’m disabled i can use a hosepipe…. these rules are completely wrong so i spend a fortune on my garden but then i have to let it die because i can’t use the water that i pay for……Thames water are completely wrong, i work in the construction industry and deal with thames water connections on a regular basis. They have no organisation and waste so much money and water. Every site we build now has water intinuation unit that now hold the water on site and this a directive by water companies. We have had the wetist 5 weeks in 2 years but still the ban is in place. My final statement get your house in order before you bitch about us wasting water that we pay for……

  168. my name is lee alan jones my company is called leealanjones does this been i can wash my car.

  169. I am aware of a couple of water features that are still running in housing developments in the Putney area. They are probably on a loop reusing the water but I suspect they will need to be topped up from time to time. Is this legal or should they be turned off?

  170. Hi, can fill my watering can from the outside tap, but not if the hose pipe is attached to the tap?

  171. Ivan Stevenson // May 23, 2012 at 4:55 pm // Reply

    Dose severn trent water have a hose pipe ban.
    Many thanks in advance, Ivan.

  172. So I cannot wash my car with a hosepipe with the nastiest and hardest water of all, supplied by Anglian Water, and charged at an extortionate rate, but someone with a company car can use one? Where is the fairness in that? If there is a ban, it should affect everyone and everything

  173. I can’t clean my car at home with a hosepipe but I can at work?

  174. Anglian Water Hosepipe Ban Restrictions 2012 – when does the ban end?

    • When they think there’s no need for it any more. Previous predictions have gone as far as saying into next year.

  175. I was planning to siphon grey water from my bathtub through a hosepipe to water my garden. Could you please advise if this is OK within the guidelines? Many thanks.

    • Yes you can use grey water as you wish.

      • Hi Hose thanks for your quick reply.

        do i have a problem ?

        i have a very old water butt full of very old water (years)

        can i still use it for the garden ( not on anything to eat ) or not ?? If NOT how do i empty it ??

  176. regarding my fish pond.

    i need to do a pre summer total clean out. to do this i need to remove the fish to a holding pond which unfortunatly is a small paddling pool. can i fill the paddling pool to hold the fish while i clean the main pond.
    best regards.

  177. Is there a hosepipe ban in Oldham, i can’t seem to find it. Unied Utilities are our supplier. Thanks.

  178. Hosepipe ban Blue badge owners, Can they hose their gardens?R J Baron

  179. It is very difficult for some one with replacement knees
    to carry anything heavy like a watering can.

  180. I have a section of decking that is covered in green algae (from the very wet few months we had here over xmas and start of year) and very slippery. I heard that if there is a danger to animal and human welfare, i.e. a slip hazard, then I am allowed to use a hosepipe (jetwash) to clear it up.
    Is this true?

  181. Great that millwall fc decide to strip off perfectly good turf and re-seed entire ground and have sprinklers on during evening

  182. So southeast water won’t lift their hosepipe ban as groundwater reserves are still below optimum levels say the bosses. Well, instead of spending so much money lining their pockets, use the money to drill boreholes and replace or repair underground reserves in order to keep undergound reservoirs full. REPAIR THE LEAKS QUICKLY. The answer is right under the nose. I sometimes wonder what ‘bright’ sparks we have in charge of the water supplies. Madeleine Lloyd

  183. Hello i just wondered whether you are allowed to use a hose to fill up a domestic pond that has fish/frogs/newts and other wildlife? Appreciate a response. oh and i’m nearby london. Thanks

  184. re

    June 28, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Hello i just wondered whether you are allowed to use a hose to fill up a domestic pond that has fish/frogs/newts and other wildlife? Appreciate a response. oh and i’m nearby london. Thanks)

    i thought that the chlorine in the water would kill them????

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